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The Adelphi series is The International Institute for Strategic Studies' flagship contribution to policy-relevant, original academic research.

Six books are published each year. They provide rigorous analysis of contemporary strategic and defence topics that is useful to politicians and diplomats, as well as academic researchers, foreign-affairs analysts, defence commentators and journalists.

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Iraq’s Sunni Insurgency

Iraq’s Sunni Insurgency

1st Edition

By Ahmed S. Hashim
July 30, 2009

From 2003 to 2008, the Sunni Arab insurgency in Iraq posed a key challenge to political stability in the country and to Coalition objectives there. This paper explains the onset, composition and evolution of this insurgency. It begins by addressing both its immediate and deeper sociopolitical ...

The Iranian Nuclear Crisis Avoiding worst-case outcomes

The Iranian Nuclear Crisis: Avoiding worst-case outcomes

1st Edition

By Mark Fitzpatrick
May 01, 2009

This paper explains how Iran developed its nuclear programme to the point where it threatens to achieve a weapons capability within a short time frame, and analyses Western policy responses aimed at forestalling that capability. Key questions are addressed: will the world have to accept an Iranian ...

Asia’s Naval Expansion An Arms Race in the Making?

Asia’s Naval Expansion: An Arms Race in the Making?

1st Edition

By Geoffrey Till
December 27, 2012

The navies of China, India and to a lesser extent Japan are expanding rapidly at present. This has the potential to alter the US-dominated naval balance in Asia-Pacific but it also raises a question: are the region’s powers involved in a naval arms race? Naval development is and always has been a ...

Ending Terrorism Lessons for defeating al-Qaeda

Ending Terrorism: Lessons for defeating al-Qaeda

1st Edition

By Audrey Kurth Cronin
June 06, 2008

Like all other terrorist movements, al-Qaeda will end. While it has traits that exploit and reflect the current international context, it is not utterly without precedent: some aspects of al-Qaeda are unusual, but many are not. Terrorist groups end according to recognisable patterns that have ...

Joining al-Qaeda Jihadist Recruitment in Europe

Joining al-Qaeda: Jihadist Recruitment in Europe

1st Edition

By Peter R. Neumann
April 15, 2009

In Britain alone, several thousand young Muslims are thought to be part of violent extremist networks. How did they become involved? What are the mechanisms and dynamics through which European Muslims join al-Qaeda and groups inspired by al-Qaeda? This paper explains the processes whereby European...

Sanctions as Grand Strategy

Sanctions as Grand Strategy

1st Edition

By Brendan Taylor
June 22, 2010

Economic sanctions are becoming increasingly central to shaping strategic outcomes in the twenty-first century. They afford great powers a means by which to seek to influence the behaviour of states, to demonstrate international leadership and to express common values for the benefit of the ...

Transforming Pakistan Ways Out of Instability

Transforming Pakistan: Ways Out of Instability

1st Edition

By Hilary Synnott
September 29, 2009

This book argues that any strategy for dealing with Pakistan requires an understanding of the country’s complex and turbulent history and of the weaknesses of its political and other institutions. It describes how, in the absence of an inherent national identity, successive military and civilian ...

Weary Policeman American Power in an Age of Austerity

Weary Policeman: American Power in an Age of Austerity

1st Edition

By The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS)
October 11, 2012

As another presidential election looms, the America’s role in global affairs and security has emerged as one of the campaign’s great battle lines. The struggle not just to define but also to preserve American power is no modern phenomenon: questions of intervention and projection have dominated the...

Latin America and the Illusion of Peace

Latin America and the Illusion of Peace

1st Edition

By David R. Mares
August 16, 2012

This book explores interstate conflict and its dynamics in the context of Latin America’s contemporary conflict management experience. The myth of Latin America as a region of peace means that each time the use of force rises to the level of global attention (e.g., Ecuador-Peru 1995 or ...

Drugs, Insecurity and Failed States The Problems of Prohibition

Drugs, Insecurity and Failed States: The Problems of Prohibition

1st Edition

By Nigel Inkster, Virginia Comolli
June 21, 2012

The world’s wealthiest nations have expended vast blood and treasure in tracking and capturing traffickers, dealers and consumers of narcotics, as well as destroying crops and confiscating shipments. Yet the global trade in illicit drugs is thriving, with no apparent change in the level of ...

Nuclear Politics and the Non-Aligned Movement Principles vs Pragmatism

Nuclear Politics and the Non-Aligned Movement: Principles vs Pragmatism

1st Edition

By William Potter, Gaukhar Mukhatzhanova
April 03, 2012

The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) is the largest and most diverse political grouping of states engaged on issues related to nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament. Drawing on the authors’ first-hand experiences as members of NAM observer-state delegations in NPT and IAEA negotiations, as well as ...

Afghanistan: to 2015 and Beyond

Afghanistan: to 2015 and Beyond

1st Edition

Edited By Toby Dodge, Nicholas Redman
February 13, 2012

As the international security forces prepare to depart from Afghanistan, this Adelphi turns attention to the ability of a ravaged country to tackle its myriad security problems, overcome crippling poverty and corruption and somehow revive its devastated economy. The government faces daunting ...

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