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The Adelphi series is The International Institute for Strategic Studies' flagship contribution to policy-relevant, original academic research.

Six books are published each year. They provide rigorous analysis of contemporary strategic and defence topics that is useful to politicians and diplomats, as well as academic researchers, foreign-affairs analysts, defence commentators and journalists.

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The ASEAN Regional Forum

The ASEAN Regional Forum

1st Edition

By Michael Leifer
July 31, 1996

Leifer's assessment posts a warning sign for those who see no reason to worry about the stability of East Asia. He warns that "the ARF is embryonic, one-dimensional approach" to the major changes taking place in the security environment of the vital East Asian region....

Russian Foreign Policy Beyond Putin

Russian Foreign Policy Beyond Putin

1st Edition

By Eugene B. Rumer
July 22, 1980

Russia’s resurgence as an assertive actor in the global diplomatic arena after a long period of introspection and preoccupation with domestic troubles, and the economic revival that underpins it, are among the most striking developments in international relations of recent years. But what ...

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