Adhesion Aspects of Thin Films, volume 2 : Adhesion Aspects of Thin Films, volume 2 book cover
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Adhesion Aspects of Thin Films, volume 2
Adhesion Aspects of Thin Films, volume 2

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ISBN 9789067644211
Published May 5, 2005 by CRC Press
232 Pages

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Book Description

This volume documents the proceedings of the International Symposium on Adhesion Aspects of Thin Films (including Adhesion Measurement, and Metallized plastics) held in Orlando, FL, December 15-16, 2003. This volume is divided into three parts. Part 1 “General Papers”; Part 2 “Metallized Plastics”; and Part 3 “Adhesion Measurement”. The topics covered include: Factors influencing adhesion of thin films; relevance of stresses in film adhesion; surface effects on intrinsic thin film stresses; adhesion improvement; hemocompatibility of DLC coatings; thin films of various materials on a host of substrates; thin polymer films; surface modification of polymers; adhesion of metal films on polymers; investigation of metal-polymer interactions; adhesion measurement; scratch test; microscratch test; and abrasion and durability of thin films.

Table of Contents

Preface Part 1. General Papers Surface effects on intrinsic thin-film stresses, R. C. Cammarata Adhesion properties of functionally gradient diamond-like carbon nanocomposite films, R. J. Narayan Adhesion improvement of magnetron-sputtered amorphous carbon coating on cemented carbide, S. Zhang and X. L. Bui Characterization of polyethylene–metal composite thin films deposited by evaporation, S. Iwamori, F. Tateishi, Y. Ono and Y. Yamada Selection of efficient coatings for milling Inconel 718 based on their adhesion properties, O. Knotek, E. Lugscheider, K. Bobzin, C. Piñero, F. Klocke, D. Lung and J. Grams Investigation of tissue compatibility and hemocompatibility of DLC and CNx coatings, D. J. Li and L. F. Niu A study on structural characterization of and cell attachment to Ti-containing coatings, Y. Liu, S. Liu, Q. X. Liu and D. J. Li Adhesion issues with polymer/oxide barrier coatings on organic displays, D. W. Matson, P. M. Martin, G. L. Graff, M. E. Gross, P. E. Burrows, W. D. Bennett, M. G. Hall, E. S. Mast, C. C. Bonham, M. R. Zumhoff, N. M. Rutherford, L. M. Moro, M. Rosenblum, R. F. Praino and R. J. Visser Part 2. Metallized Plastics Surface modification of polymers by ion-assisted reactions: An overview, J. S. Cho, S. Han, K. H. Kim, Y. G. Han, J. H. Lee, C. S. Lee, J. W. Sung, Y. W. Beag and S. K. Koh Contribution of chemical interactions between Al atoms and different types of functional groups to the adhesion of Al–polymer systems, R. Mix, G. Kühn and J. Friedrich Deposition of aluminum on three-dimensional polymeric substrates , O. Knotek, E. Lugscheider, K. Bobzin, M. Maes and A. Krämer Improvement of metal adhesion to silicone films: A ToF-SIMS study, A. Delcorte, S. Befahy, C. Poleunis, M. Troosters and P. Bertrand Mechanical stability of a TiO2 coating deposited on a polycarbonate substrate, M. Ignat, S. Gétin, B. Latella, C. Barbé and G. Triani Part 3. Adhesion Measurement Advances in adhesion measurement good practice: Use of a certified reference material for evaluating the performance of scratch test instrumentation, N. M. Jennett, R. Jacobs and J. Meneve Film hardness effect on adhesion strength of TiO2 film on a glass substrate measured by the scratch test, A. Kinbara, E. Kusano and H. Nanto Two critical events observed on Cu films on glass substrate in the microscratch test, S. Baba, Y. Yamaguchi, M. Ogawa and T. Nakano Abrasion life and scratch durability of sputtered PTFE thin film, S. Iwamori, Y. Nagayama, Y. Yamagata and Y. Yamada

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Mittal\, Kash L.


'Papers are well documented and illustrated with photos, charts and data, and references. For those researchers involved with thin films this book is RECOMMENDED.' Adhesives & Sealants Newlsetter, 2005.