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1st Edition

Adhesion Molecules

ISBN 9781578086719
Published April 8, 2010 by CRC Press
548 Pages

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Book Description

This book covers the structure and classification of adhesion molecules, immunohistochemical localization, junctional, functional and inflammatory adhesion molecules and molecular imaging. It discusses adhesion molecules in relation to signaling pathways, gene expression, arginine, stem cells, neutrophil migration, leukocytes decompression sickness, ischemia reperfusion injury, diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, weight loss, hypoxia, kidney disease, smoking, osteoprotegerin, tumors, bioinformatics, high-throughput technologies, chemotherapy, hematopoiesis, lipoproteins, fatty acids, atrial fibrillation and heart disease, and the brain and dementia.

Table of Contents

Feature, Structure and Classifi cation of Adhesion Molecules: An Overview, Deirdre R. Coombe and Danielle E. Dye
Immunohistochemical Localization of Adhesion Molecules, H. Wayne Sampson and Alan R. Parrish
Junctional Adhesion Molecules (JAMs), Klaus Ebnet, Volker Gerke and Michel Aurrand-Lions
Molecular Imaging of Endothelial Adhesion Molecules, Alistair C. Lindsay, Martina A. McAteer and Robin P. Choudhury
Deleterious Roles of Infl ammatory Adhesion Molecules during Aging, Yani Zou, Byung Pal Yu and Hae Young Chung
The PI3K/Akt-NF-kappa B Signaling Pathway and Hypoxia-induced Mitogenic Factor in Vascular Adhesion Molecule 1 Gene Expression, Dechun Li
Arginine and Adhesion Molecules, Sung-Ling Yeh
Adhesion Molecules in Stem Cells, Hiroko Hisha, Xiaoli Wang and Susumu Ikehara
Adhesion Molecules and Neutrophil Migration, Beth A. McCormick
Adhesion Molecules in Leukocytes and Their Reactivity, Maria Bokarewa and Piotr Mydel
Adhesion Molecules in Decompression Sickness and Ischemia Reperfusion Injury, Nancy J. Bigley and Barbara E. Hull
Endothelial Adhesion Molecules in Diabetes, Yiqing Song, Cuilin Zhang and Simin Liu
Adhesion Molecules in Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome, Michelle A. Miller
Weight Loss and Adhesion Molecules, Jennifer B. Keogh and Peter M. Clifton
Hypoxia Reperfusion Injury and Adhesion Molecules, Kamran Ghori
Adhesion Molecules in Kidney Diseases, Maurizio Li Vecchi and Giuseppe Montalto
Adhesion Molecules and Smoking, Matthew J. Garabedian and Kristine Y. Lain
Osteoprotegerin and Adhesion-Molecules, Catherine Rush and Jonathan Golledge
Adhesion Molecules in Skin, Robert C. Fuhlbrigge and Ahmed Gehad
Expression of Cell-Cell Adhesion Molecules in Matrical Tumors of Hairs, Nails, Teeth and Pituitary Gland, Alejandro Peralta Soler and James L. Burchette
Bioinformatics Analysis to Identify Cell Adhesion Molecules in Cancer, Anguraj Sadanandam, William J. Gibb and Rakesh K. Singh
Endothelial Cell Adhesion Molecules and Cancer Progression, Kimberly C. Boelte, Hanako Kobayashi and P. Charles Lin
Adhesion Molecule Phosphorylation in Cancer Chemotherapy, Geraldine M. O’Neill
Adhesion Molecules in Normal Hematopoiesis and Leukemia, Mirela de Barros Tamarozzi and Eduardo Magalhães Rego
Carbamylated Low-density Lipoprotein and Adhesion Molecules, Eugene O. Apostolov, Sudhir V. Shah, Ercan Ok and Alexei G. Basnakian
Adhesion Molecules and Oxidized Low-density Lipoprotein,
Masaaki Matsumoto
Adhesion Molecules in Atrial Fibrillation, Matthias Hammwöhner, Alicja Bukowska, Rüdiger C. Braun-Dullaeus and Andreas Goette
Apolipoproteins and Cell Adhesion Molecules, Chunyu Zheng, Frank M. Sacks and Masanori Aikawa
Marine n-3 Polyunsaturated FattyAcids and Cellular Adhesion Molecules in Healthy Subjects and in Patients with Ischaemic Heart Disease, Ole Eschen, Jeppe Hagstrup Christensen and Erik Berg Schmidt
Soluble Adhesion Molecules in Brain Infarction, Toshitaka Umemura, Takahiko Kawamura, Toshimasa Sakakibara, Nigishi Hotta and Gen Sobue
Adhesion Molecules in Dementia,a Sabina Janciauskiene, Sun Yong-Xin and Jia Jianping
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