Adhesive Joints: Formation, Characteristics and Testing : Volume 2 book cover
1st Edition

Adhesive Joints: Formation, Characteristics and Testing
Volume 2

Edited By

Kash L. Mittal

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ISBN 9789067643719
Published September 1, 2002 by CRC Press
398 Pages

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Book Description

This volume documents the proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Adhesive Joints: Formation, Characteristics and Testing held in Newark, NJ, May 22-24, 2000. Since the first symposium, held in 1982, there had been tremendous research activity dealing with many aspects of adhesive joints. This volume contains a total of 21 papers, which were all properly peer reviewed, revised and edited before inclusion. Therefore, this book is not merely a collection of unreviewed manuscripts, but rather represents information which has passed peer scrutiny. Furthermore, the authors were asked to update their manuscripts, so the information contained in this book should be current and fresh. The book is divided into three parts: 1) General Papers; 2) Evaluation, Analysis and Testing; and 3) Durability Aspects. The topics covered include: molecular brush concepts in enhancing strength of adhesive joints; factors affecting performance of adhesive joints; substrate preparation and modification; interfacial/interphasial aspects; determination of locus of failure; analysis and evaluation of adhesive joints using various techniques; testing of adhesive joints; stress analysis; application of fracture mechanics; durability aspects; accelerated environmental degradation of adhesive joints; solvent uptake; and adhesives with special characteristics. This volume represents a commentary on the current R&D activity in this arena and it should be of great value and interest to anyone interested in adhesive bonding / adhesive joints. Furthermore, this volume contains a number of excellent review/overview articles, which should be of particular value.

Table of Contents

Preface PART 1: GENERAL PAPERS Molecular brush concepts in surface engineering of polymers for enhanced adhesion of adhesives and polymeric coatings W.S. Gutowski, S. Li, L. Russell, C. Filippou, M. Spicer and P. Hoobin Fracture of polymer interfaces: Interfacial structure and crack tip plasticity C. Creton The effects of surface modification of steel on wettability and joint strength E. Sancaktar and R. Gomatam Photocuring induced adhesion evolution in marine environments P.I. Dolez, R. Anderson, M. Marek and B.J. Love A new class of adhesion promoters for addition curable silicone adhesives J. Stein, B.E. Eichinger, T. Early and C.D. Wood Contamination insensitive UV curable adhesives R. Crook and D. Guilfoyle X-ray diffraction investigation on the fatigue behavior of a transversely loaded carbon fiber reinforced composite T. Nishino, D. Hirokane and K. Nakamae PART 2: EVALUATION, ANALYSIS AND TESTING Ultrasonic evaluation of adhesive joints: An overview J.L. Rose Interpreting adhesive joint tests K.L. DeVries and P.R. Borgmeier Structural bonded joint analysis: An overview D.M. Gleich, M.J.L. van Tooren and A. Beukers A rational adhesive joint strength analysis by non-linear fracture mechanics PJ. Gustafsson, E. Serrano and H. Wernersson Effect of geometrical non-linearity on the stress and deformation states of adhesive joints M. Kemal Apalak Three-dimensional finite element analysis of stress response in adhesive scarf joints subjected to impact tensile loads T. Sawa, I. Higuchi and J. Shimura Axisymmetric stress analysis and strength of bonded shrink-fitted joints subjected to push-off forces and torsional loads T. Sawa, M. Yoneno, K. Shimotakahara and Y. Motegi PART 3: DURABILITY ASPECTS Durability of a thermoplastic adhesive bonded polymeric composite/galvanized steel joint C. Xu, K. Ramani and G. Kumar Strength and durability of adhesively repaired and bonded joints H. Aglan, Q.Y. Wang and M. Kehoe Durability of structural adhesives and their bonded joints for high speed aerospace applications H. Parvatareddy, S. Xu and D. Dillard Ultrasonic characterization of accelerated environmental degradation of adhesively bonded joints S.I. Rokhlin, A. Baltazar, B. Xie and J. Chen Aging effects of environmentally-friendly cleaners on adhesive bond integrity L.L. Biegert, G.L. Anderson, K.B. Evans, B.D. Olsen and B.L. Weber Moisture effects on adhesively bonded tubular single lap joints J.W. Kwon and D.G. Lee Monitoring the solvent uptake in adhesive bonded joints using a novel non-destructive technique by applying high frequency dielectrics G.S. Armstrong, R.A. Pethrick, W.M. Banks and R.L. Crane

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