1st Edition

Adjuvants for Agrichemicals

By Chester L. Foy Copyright 1992

    Based on a conference, this book is intended to promote a better understanding of the effects of adjuvants on pesticide penetration, translocation, photodegradation and stability, spray deposition and dissipation, and the fate of herbicides in the environment.

    Section 1: 1. Research and Development of Agro-Adjuvants 2. Analysis of Effects of Surfactants on Permeability of Plant Cuticles 3. Relationship Between Surfactant Properties and Wettability of Rice Leaf Surfaces for Several Nonionic Surfactants 4. Surfactant-Induced Ethylene Evolution and Pigment Efflux from Beet Root Tissue 5. Influence of Two Polymeric Adjuvants on Bioavailability of Glyphosate in Vision Formulation- Relevance to Rainwashing of Deposits from Foliar Surfaces 6. A Foliar Uptake Model of Triclopr 7. Influence of an Ethopropoxylated Fatty Amine on the Penetration of Glyphosate across Isolated Tomato Fruit Cuticles 8. Influence of the Type and Concentration of Surfactant on Glyphosate Absorption- Relevance of Drop Spreading and Drying Time 9. The Effect of a Range of Nonylphenol Surfactants on Cuticle Penetration, Absorption, and Translocation of Water-Soluble and Non-Water-Soluble Herbicides 10. Influence of Ethylan and Ammonium Sulfate on Glyphosate Phytotoxicity to Quackgrass - Elytigria Repens 11. Influence of Adjuvants on Cuticular Penetration and Metabolism of Aminocarb Following Topical Application of Matacil 180F Formulations to Spruce Budworm 12. The Characterization of Uptake and Transport with a Radiolabeled Aryloxyphenoxypropionate Herbicide as Influenced by Adjuvants 13. Activation of the Foliar Uptake of Two Water-Soluble Compounds by Alcohol Polyoxyethylene Surfactants 14. Effect of Polysorbate Surfactants with Various Hydrophylic-Lipophilic Balance Values on Leaf Surface Ultrastructure and Mobility of Methazole in Plants and Soil 15. Chlorophyll Fluorescence � A Noninvasive Technique for Rapid Investigation of the Effects of Adjuvants on Herbicide and Plant Growth Regulator Uptake by Leaves 16. Photodegradation and Absorption of Sethoxydim as Adjuvany-Influenced Surface Effects 17. The Influence of Ultravioelt Light on the Phytotoxicity of Sethoxydim Tank Mixtures with Various Adjuvants 18. Stability and Activity of Clethodim as Influenced by Ph, UV Light, and Adjuvant 19. Comparison of the Cyclic Ether-Alcohol Tetrahydrofurfuryl Alcohol to Other KnownSolvents Section 2: 20. Regulation of Pesticides and Inert Ingredients in Pesticide Products 21. Regulatory Issues and Adjuvants 22. The Importance of Adjuvants to the Agricultural Chemical Industry 23. Adjuvants- Key Aspects of New Technology Development for Crop Protection Products 24. Influence of Temperature and Relative Humidity on the Performance of Thifensulfuron with Various Surfactants 25. Effects of Humectants on the Pesticide Uptake Through Plant Leaf Surfaces 26. The Influence of Adjuvants and Environment on Absorption and Translocation of Imazaquin in Pitted Morningglory 27. Disposition and Dissipation of Droplets Applied Aerially Using Penetrator 28. Spray Atomization Responses to Agricultural Formulation Adjuvants 29. The Influence of Adjuvants on the Performance of a Glyphosate/2,4-D Mixture. 30 The Relationship Between Spray Retention and Herbicidal Efficacy of Diclofop-Methyl 31. The Effect of Adjuvants on the Location of Herbicide Deposits on Wild Oats 32. Effect of a Synthetic Polymer on Absorption and Leaching of Herbicides in Soil 33. Influence of Certain Surfactants on the Mobility of Selected Herbicides in Soil 34. ACA-160, a New Class of Wetting Agents for Soilless Mixes 35. A Mechanistic Study of the Wetting, Spreading and Solution Properties of Organosilicone Surfactants 36. Pathways and Mechanisms of Foliar Uptake as Influenced by Surfactants 37. Spray Formulation with Silwet Organosilicone Surfactants 38. Effect of Plant Age and Adjuvant on the Foliar Penetration and Translocation of Glyphosate in Pampas Grass 39. Comparison of Statistical Methods for Evaluating Silicone Adjuvants for Na-Acifluorfen 40. Species-Specific Sensitivity to Organosilicone Surfactant-Enhancement of Glyphosate Uptake 41. Influence of a Mineral Oil Adjuvant on the Antagonism of Sethoxydim, Cycloxydim, and Clethodium by Bentazon 42. The Effect of Adjuvants on the Rainfastness of Thifensulfuron and Tribenuron 43. The Evaluation of Ten Emulsifiers for Use with a Mineral Oil Adjuvant 44. Relative Wax Solubility and Phytotoxicity of Oil Green Foxtail 45. Phytotoxicity of Bentazon with Oils, Surfactants, and Fertilizer Salts Section 3: 46. The Rationale of Adjuvant Use with Agrichemicals 47. Concerns within the Pesticide Industry Relating to Spray Adjuvants 48. A Review of the Methodology Employed in the Laboratory Evaluation of Spray Adjuvants 49. The Influence of Adjuvants on Herbicidal Activity of Alloxydim-Sodium Fluazifop-Butyl, and Tribenuron 50. Nonionic Surfactant Property Effects on Thifensulfuron Methyl, Performance in Soybeans 51. The Use of Dowfax Surfactants to Improve the Efficacy of Herbicide Products 52. Effects on Brush Control from the Addition of Adjuvants to Glyphosate 53. Regulating Vegetative Growth of Deciduous Fruit Trees in the Nursery by Adjuvant Mediated Uptake of Gibberellin Biosynthesis Inhibitors Applied as Trunk Paints 54. Relationship of Chemical Classification and Hydrophilic-Lipophilic Balance of Surfactants to Upper Leaf-Surface Penetration of Growth Regulators in Apples 55. Possible Methods to Increase Efficacy of Gibberellix Acid Applied to Navel Orange Trees 56. Daminozide-Induced Effect on Vica faba L. and the Importance of Spray Adjuvants 57. The Use of Spray Adjuvants in Barley-Growing Programs in Scotland 58. The Influence of an Adjuvant on the Response of Winter Barley to the Growth Regulator Chlormequat 59. The Influence of Adjuvant Type on the Response of Oats to the Growth Regulator Chlormequat 60. Ecological Aspects of the Biocide Emulsifiers- Emulsogen ITN and Emulsogen ITL 61. Influence of Surfactant-Oil Combinations on the Activity of Foliar-Applied Fungicides 62. Study on the Prevention and Control of red Leaf Disease on Corn and Millet by TA TS Mixture 63. Effects of the Virucide, TS, in Preventing and Curing Tomato Mosaic Virus Disease 64. Effect of Pinolene as an Adjuvant to Iprodione for Control of Sclerotinia Blight 65. Adjuvant Effects of Soyoil 937 on Fungicides for Control of early Leafspot and Sclerotinia Blight in Peanuts 66. Spray Deposition Enhancement and the Control of Botrytis spp 67. Effectiveness of Baculoviruses as Influenced by Different Additives


    Foy, Chester L.