1st Edition

Adlerian Lifestyle Counseling Practice and Research

By Warren R. Rule, Malachy Bishop Copyright 2006
    384 Pages
    by Routledge

    380 Pages
    by Routledge

    A rare balance of both practical application and empirical research investigation, Adlerian Lifestyle Counseling provides mental health practitioners with an invaluable resource on the theories of counseling pioneer Alfred Adler. Warren R. Rule and Malachy Bishop, both reputed authorities on rehabilitation counseling and Adlerian theory, present useful practitioner consideration and applications, preparing the reader for a wide variety of counseling situations. Research studies also included in this volume - on topics scanning career choice, parental behavior, personal characteristics, and more - ground these practices in a basic theoretical framework. Adlerian theory is a popular and powerful approach that respects the uniqueness and creative potential of the individual. This comprehensive collection on the topic is a significant addition to the counseling research canon.

    Rule, Introduction. Rule, Structured Processes and Techniques of Lifestyle Counseling. Practice. Part I: Dealing with Resistance. Rule, Lifestyle Self-awareness and the Practitioner: Understanding and Reframing Resistance Using Angels and Devils as Metaphor. Rule, Corrective Reations to Client Negativism Using a Combined Facilitative and Adlerian-based Approach. Part II: Mental Health Therapy. Rule, The Earliest Recollection: A Clue to Present Behavior. Rule, Life-style Interpretation Using Imagination of the Ideal of Social Self. Rule, Pursuing the Horizon: Striving for Elusive Goals. Rule, Lifestyle, Self-awareness and the Practitioner. Part III: School Counseling. Rule, Adlerian Methods in School Psychology. Ovide, Rule, Adlerian Methods: Case Study. Part IV: Rehabilitation. Rule, Lifestyle and Adjustment to Disability. Rule, A Holistic Group Approach to Offender Rehabilitation. Part V: Leisure Counseling. Rule, Avocational Counseling for Lifestyle Adjustment. Rule, Stewart, Enhancing Leisure Counseling Using an Adlerian Technique. Part VI: Counseling Uses of Humor. Rule, Increased Internal-control Using Humor with Lifestyle Awareness. Rule, Increasing Self-modeled Humor.  Research. Part I: Empirical Considerations. Rule, Self-actualization: A Person in Positive Movement of Simply an Esteemed Personality Characteristic. Part II: Therapeutic Relationships. Bauserman, Rule, Contextual Influences on Production of Early Recollections. Rule, Associations Between Personal Problems and Therapeutic Interventions as Reflected by Variables in Early Recollections and Gender. Part III: Career Choice. Murawski, Miederhoff, Rule, Birth Order and Communication Skills of Pharmacy Students. Rule, Comer, Family Constellation and Birth Order Variables Related to Vocational Choice of Dentistry. Part IV: Parental Behavior. Rule, Personal Adjustment Variables in Early Recollections and Recalled Parental Strictness-permissiveness. Rule, Birth Order and Sex as Related to Memory of Parental Strictness-permissiveness. Rule, Comer, Childhood Memory of Parental Authority as Related to Family Constellation Variables. Rule, Comer, Parental Strictness-permissiveness and Long-term Memory. Part V: Personal Characteristics. Rule, Jarrell, Intelligence and Earliest Memory. Rule, Birth Order and Earliest Memory. Rule, Traver, Early Recollections and Expected Leisure Activities. Part VI: Group Behavior. Rule, McKenzie, Life-style Characteristics: Early Recollections and Observable Group Behavior. Rule, McKenzie, Early Recollections as a Variable in Group Composition and in Facilitative Group Behavior. Part VII: Social Factors. Traver, Rule, Early Recollections: Predictors of Stress in an Analogue Social Situation. Altman, Rule, The Relationship Between Social Interest Dimensions of Early Recollections and Selected Counselor Variables. Conclusion. Bishop, Adler's Approach: Present Contributions and Future Implications.


    Warren R. Rule, Ph.D., is Emeritus Professor of Rehabilitation Counseling, Virginia Commonwealth University. Dr. Rule is a consulting editor to the Journal of Personality Assessment, and has served on the editorial boards of the Individual Psychologist (now The Journal of Adlerian Theory, Research, and Practice) and Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin.
    Malachy Bishop, Ph.D., CRC, is Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation Counseling, University of Kentucky. Dr. Bishop is an editorial consultant for the Journal of Rehabilitation and the Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling.

    'What Drs. Rule and Bishop have provided is an excellent compendium of articles whose foremost contribution is the manner in which they guide the professor, the student and the practitioner to apply the Individual Psychology of Adler to a diverse array of topics relevant to rehabilitation counseling, as well as to a broad spectrum of psychological practice.' - Francis X. Walton, Ph.D. Psychologist, Past President of the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology, USA

    'This extraordinary book of readings provides both the scholar and the practitioner with an in-depth look at the contributions of Alfred Adler. Applications to mental health, school, career, rehabilitation, parent, and leisure counseling and numerous related topics make this text an invaluable resource for all those interested in Individual Psychology. Drs Rule and Bishop have created a resource that will be widely used in both academic and professional networks. I think this compendium is informative, engaging and essential reading for members of the helping professions.' - David Capuzzi, Ph.D., John Hopkins University, Professor Emeritus, Portland State University, Past President of the American Counseling Association