1st Edition

Administration, Ethics and Democracy

By Øjvind Larsen Copyright 2000

    This title was first published in 2000:  Administration, Ethics and Democracy is concerned with the disciplines of philosophy, political science and sociology. Øjvind Larsen's book provides a deeper analysis of the relations between administration, ethics and democracy. In modern society, it is no longer sufficient to be the obedient administrator Max Weber speaks about. The time is ripe to re-evaluate the overriding responsibilities of the administration. Today, responsible administration demands an independent position to be taken. Øjvind Larsen views the administration from the continuous complex demands it is required to meet and proposes that the professional role is not exempt from personal responsibility or position. Therefore it is crucial that the administrator has freedom of expression and the opportunity to discuss his problems with others. Ethics are a common concern and also a political problem in democratic society. This is why there is a close connection between administration, ethics and democracy.

    Contents: Introduction; Modern society; Modern politics and administration; The modern administrator; Ethics and administration; Freedom of expression, the public space and democracy; The obedient administrator; Bibliography.


    Øjvind Larsen