1st Edition

Administrative Reform and National Economic Development

Edited By Kuotsai Tom Liou Copyright 2000

    This was first published in 2000:  Economic development has become one of the popular public policies in many developing and economic-transforming countries for the past few decades. Public policy makers and researchers have recognized that an effective administrative system is critical to the success of economic development and administrative reform is necessary to promote economic development. This book studies economic development policy by focusing on the relationship between administrative reform and economic development.

    Contents: Linking administrative reform to economic development: issues and the national experience, Kuotsai Tom Liou; Administrative reform and the Arab world economic growth, Jamil E. Jreisat; Continuities in dependency: from comparative administration to economic globalization - Australian perspectives, Alexander Kouzmin, Alan M.G. Jarman and Nada Korac-Kakabadse; Privatization strategies adopted for public sector reform in India: determinants and constraints, Alka Sapat; Administrative reform and national economic development in Latin America and the Caribbean (post-dictatorships), Carl E. Meacham; Administrative reform in Nigeria’s post-independent economic development, Alex Sekwat; Administrative reform and economic development in South Africa, Victor G. Hilliard; Man of efficiency and man of ethics: can China’s administrative reform produce both for her economic development?, Stephen K. Ma; Administrative reform and economic development in Croatia, Keith M. Henderson; Administrative reform and economic development in Mongolia, 1990-1997: a critical perspective, Frederick I. Nixson and Bernard Walters; Administrative reform in Russia’s economic development, Lev Jakobson; Political, social and administrative change in the Balkans: Bulgaria 1989-1998, Raymond A. Sharpek, Todor Tanev and Albena Taneva; Index.


    Liou, Kuotsai Tom