1st Edition

Adolescence, Sexuality, and the Criminal Law Multidisciplinary Perspectives

By Vern L Bullough Copyright 2006
    200 Pages
    by Routledge

    200 Pages
    by Routledge

    Gain an understanding of the threat to freedom that is posed by state regulation of adolescent sexual behavior

    Sexual autonomy encompasses both the right to engage in wanted sexual activity and the right to be free and protected from unwanted sexual aggression. Only when both aspects of adolescents’ rights are recognized can human sexual dignity be fully respected. In Adolescence, Sexuality, and the Criminal Law, experts from several disciplines use case studies, legal analysis, empirical examinations, and tables and figures to provide you with an insightful contribution to the debate surrounding child sexual abuse.

    Much has been written about the undisputedly essential fight against child sexual exploitation. In Adolescence, Sexuality, and the Criminal Law, experts investigate for the first time what distinguishes the sexual contacts of adolescents from those of children and why they should be treated separately. This updated version of the papers delivered to the International Association for the Treatment of Sex Offenders in 2002 is an essential guide for lawmakers, sexologists, psychologists, and lawyers interested in an interdisciplinary approach to adolescent sexuality and the criminal law. This resource carefully examines child sexual abuse laws that fail to distinguish between children and adolescents. The text includes discussions of the history of the age of consent, adolescent sexuality, relations between adolescents and adults, and adolescent prostitution and pornography that will leave you better informed about the sexual rights of adolescents and the criminal politics of youth protection.

    Adolescence, Sexuality, and the Criminal Law examines adolescent sexuality and the various policies that threaten adolescents’ autonomy, including:

    • the question of youthful sexuality and how society has attempted to deal with it
    • recent attempts to deny youthful sexuality through abstinence or changes in the law
    • intergenerational sexual interaction
    • child pornography
    • and much more!
    As the debate surrounding child sexual abuse laws escalates, the value of this authoritative and timely text will continue to increase. Whether you are a lawmaker, a sexologist, a social worker, a lawmaker, or a lawyer, Adolescence, Sexuality, and the Criminal Law is a resource that you’ll return to again and again as you work to understand the importance of adolescent sexual rights.

    • Introduction (Helmut Graupner and Vern L. Bullough)
    • The 17-Year-Old Child: An Absurdity of the Late 20th Century (Helmut Graupner)
    • Age of Consent: A Historical Overview (Vern L. Bullough)
    • Adolescent American Sex (David Weis and Vern L. Bullough)
    • An Empirical Examination of Sexual Relations Between Adolescents and Adults: They Differ from Those Between Children and Adults and Should be Treated Separate (Bruce Rind)
    • 14 to 18 Year Olds as “Children” by Law? Reflections on Developments in National European Law (Lilian Hofmeister)
    • Sexuality, Adolescence and the Criminal Law: The Perspective of Criminology (Michael Baurmann)
    • Adolescence, Sexual Aggression and the Criminal Law (Lorenz Böllinger)
    • Prostitution of Young Persons: A Topic of Social Work and/or Penal Legislation? (Thomas Moebius)
    • Sexual Consent: The Criminal Law in Europe and Outside of Europe (Helmut Graupner)
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Vern L Bullough