1st Edition

Adolescence and Work Influences of Social Structure, Labor Markets, and Culture

Edited By David Stern, Dorothy Eichorn Copyright 1989

    This volume illustrates connections between the concerns of vocational psychology and the adjoining disciplines of sociology, cultural anthropology, and labor economics. The intent is to suggest how vocational psychology and career counseling might recognize more explicitly the ever-changing social influences and institutional constraints that affect individual as they begin,or contemplate beginning, their adult work.

    Contents: Part I:Introduction. D. Stern, D. Eichorn, Overview. W.N. Grubb, Preparing Youth for Work: The Dilemmas of Education and Training Programs. Part II:Schools and Vocational Development. A.B. Wilson, Dreams and Aspirations in the Status Attainment Model. D.A. Hansen, V.A. Johnson, Classroom Lesson Strategies and Orientations Toward Work. J.U. Ogbu, Cultural Boundaries and Minority Youth Orientation Toward Work Preparation. J.O. Crites, Career Development in Adolescence: Theory, Measurement, and Longitudinal Findings. Part III:Work Experience and Adolescent Vocational Development. E.E. Werner, Adolescents and Work: A Longitudinal Perspective on Gender and Cultural Variability. D. Stern, Y. Nakata, Characteristics of High School Students' Paid Jobs, and Employment Experience After Graduation. P. Osterman, The Job Market for Adolescents. Part IV:Social Change and Vocational Development R. Helson, T. Elliott, J. Leigh, Adolescent Personality and Women's Work Patterns. J.W. Connor, G.A. De Vos, Cultural Influences on Achievement Motivation and Orientation Toward Work in Japanese and American Youth. S. Mainquist, D. Eichorn, Competence in Work Settings.


    David Stern, Dorothy Eichorn

    "...The skillful blending of psychological, sociological, economic, and cultural perspectives makes this well-written and empirically based volume useful to social scientists interested in the social psychology of attainment, minority and cross-cultural differences, and the functioning of the youth labor market."
    Contemporary Sociology

    "...Readers concerned with education and the future will find their thoughts stimulated by this book."
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