1st Edition

Adolescent Girls in Approved Schools

By Helen J. Richardson Copyright 1969
    312 Pages
    by Routledge

    310 Pages
    by Routledge

    This is Volume I of twenty-eight in the Sociology of Education series. Originally published in 1969, Adolescent Girls in Approved Schools looks at the subject of delinquency in relation to women and girls.

    1. Introduction, 2. Historical Summary, 3. Classification, 4. Sampling, 5. The Setting for the Research, 6. Staffing, Routine, and Work Conditions, 7. The Girls 1, 8. The Girls 2, 9. Admissions to the Classifying School, 10. Where They Came From, 11. The Parents and Others. Present and Absent, 12. Earliest Abnormal Environmental Experiences, 13. Relations with Siblings, 14. Study of Home Relationships, 15. The Institution Child in Adolescence, 16. Relations with the Outside World, 17. Maladjustment, 18. Sexual Aberrance, 19. Psychological and Psychiatric Assessments at the Classifying School, 20. Allocation to Training Schools, 21. Training, Licence, Supervision and Success and Failure, 22. Outlook, Appendix, Notes, Index


    Helen J. Richardson