1st Edition

Adolescent Psychiatry, V. 20
Annals of the American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry

Edited By

Richard C. Marohn

ISBN 9780881631944
Published March 1, 1995 by Routledge
456 Pages

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Book Description

Launched in 1971, Adolescent Psychiatry, in the words of founding coeditors Sherman C. Feinstein, Peter L. Giovacchini, and Arthur A. Miller, promised "to explore adolescence as a process...to enter challenging and exciting areas that may have profound effects on our basic concepts."  Further, they promised "a series that will provide a forum for the expression of ideas and problems that plague and excite so many of us working in this enigmatic but fascinating field."  For over two decades, Adolescent Psychiatry has fulfilled this promise.  The repository of a wealth of original studies by preeminent clinicians, developmental researchers, and social scientists specializing in this stage of life, the series has become an essential resource for all mental health professionals working with youth.

Volume 20 of the series serves as a tribute to editor emeritus Sherman C. Feinstein.  In addition to an appreciation of, and contributions by, Dr. Feinstein, it contains heretofore unpublished papers by two other major figures in adolescent psychiatry, founding father William Schonfeld and a Viennese colleague transplanted to America, Siegfried Bernfeld.  With sections on general considerations of adolescence, specific syndromes, and treatment modalities, volume 20 presents the work of many of today's preeminent minds in adolescent psychiatry. 

Table of Contents

Editor's Preface - Richard C. Marohn
Reflections of the Editor Emeritus - Sherman C. Feinstein
I. A Tribute to Sherman Feinstein
1. Sherman C. Feinstein, M.D.: Editor, Adolescent Psychiatry, 1973 to 1994 - Allan Z. Schwartzberg
2. Adolescent Affective Disorders -  Sherman C. Feinstein
3. Assimilating Piaget: Cognitive Structures and Depressive Reaction to Loss - Sherman C. Feinstein and David J. Berndt
II. History
4. Depression in Adolescents - William A. Schonfeld
5. Reflectoins on the History of Adolescent Psychiatry - Herman D. Staples
6. Vienna Psychoanalytic Society Minutes - February 15, 1922 - (trans. Julie Winter and Richard C. Marohn); Concerning a Typical Form of Male Puberty- Dr. Siegfried Bernfield (trans. Julie Winter and Richard C. Marohn); Comments on Dr. Siegfried Bernfeld's Paper, "Concerning a Typical Form of Male Puberty - Richard C. Marohn
7. Adolescent Psychiatry: Present Status and Future Trends - Adrian D.Copeland
III. General Considerations of Adolescence
8. Adolescence and society - Aaron H. Esman
9. Trauma and Adolescent Rites of Initiation - Vivian M. Rakoff
10. Childhood Trauma Revisited: Interruption of Development - Clarice J. Kesetenbaum
11. Facets of Adolescent Sexuality - Max Sugar
IV. Specific Syndromes
12. Seeking Help from Informal and Formal Resources During Adolescence: Sociodemographic and Psychological Correlates - Kimberly A. Schonert-Reichl, Daniel Offer, & Kenneth I. Howard
13. Anxiety, Depression, and Psychosomatic Disorders: Developmental Arrhythimias in Adolescent Mothers - Paul V. Trad
14. Dissociative Disorders in Adolescence - William P.Fleisher and Geri Anderson
15. The Child and Adolescent Literature about the Death of a Parent - Benjamin Garber
16. Diagnostic Assessment and Therapeutic Approaches to Borderline Disorders in Adolesents - Derek Miller
17. Paradise Lost-Bulimia, A Closet Narcissistic Personality Disorder: A Developmental, Self, and Object Relations Approach - James F. Masterson
18. A Review of Eating Disorders in Adolescents - Lynn E. Ponton
V. Treatment Modalities
19. Forming a Therapeutic Alliance with Teenagers - Baroness Ghislaine D. Godenne
20. Thoughts on Short-Term and Single-Session therapy - Bertram Slaff
21. Brief Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy with Adolescents - Harvey Golombek and Marshall Korenblum
22. The Psychotherapeutic Treatment of Suicidal Adolescents - Philip Katz
23. The Adolescent in the Schools: A Therapeutic Guide - Irving H. Berkovitz
24. Family Therapy and Some Personality Disorders in Adolescence - Claude Villeneuve and Normand Roux
25. Adolescent Partial Hospitalization: A Develomental Perspective - Dennis C.Grygotis and Eitan D. Schwarz
26. Residential Treatment of Severely Disturbed Children - Jacquelyn Seevak Sanders

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Richard C. Marohn, M.D., has held various offices within the American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry since 1973, including the presidency in 1983-84.  He has chaired ASAP's Future Diretions Task Foce and the Committee on Certification and has been a Vice-President of the American Board of Adolescent Psychiatry since its founding in 1990.  He has also served on the Group for Advancement of Psychiatry's Committee on Adolescence and on the National Council for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology since 1988.