1st Edition

Adolescents and Their Families Structure, Function, and Parent-Youth Relations

    First published in 1999. The adolescent period is marked by changes in the biological, psychological, cognitive, and social dimensions of the individual, as well as by changes in the adolescents' multilevel context (i.e., the peers, family, school, and other institutions in his or her ecology). Adolescence is a dynamic period, one which exemplifies the importance of understanding the relations between the developing individual and his or her changing context. The articles included in this volume represent the current range of scholarship pertaining to adolescents and their families, and exemplify the use of such an approach. The articles underscore the continual importance of the family across adolescence.

    Introduction; Adolescents and Their Families: A View of the Issues; THE FAMILY AS A CONTEXT AND FAMILY PROCESS 1 Ecology of the Family as a Context for Eluman Development: Research Perspectives; The Influence of Parenting Style on Adolescent Competence and Substance Use; Parental Religiosity Family Processes, and Youth Competence in Rural, Two-Parent African American Families; Development During Adolescence: The Impact of Stage-Environment Fit on Young Adolescents' Experiences in Schools and in Families; Family Ecologies of Ethnic Minority Children; Patterns of Interaction in Family Relationships and the Development of Identity Exploration in Adolescence; Changes in Adolescents' Daily Interactions with Their Families from Ages 10 to 18: Disengagement and Transformation; Authoritative Parenting and Adolescent Adjustment Across Varied Ecological Niches; 148 Stress Levels, Family Help Patterns, and Religiosity in Middle- and Working-Class African American Single Mothers; 175 Strengths of Black Families: A Black Community's Perspective; Parental Ethnic Socialization and Adolescent Coping With Problems Related to Ethnicity; VARIATIONS IN FAMILY STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION Presidential Address: Families, Lies, and Videotapes; Conceptions of Parental Authority in Divorced and Married Mothers and Their Adolescents; Maternal Role Satisfaction, Mother-Child Interaction, and Child Temperament: A Process Model; Caught Between Parents: Adolescents' Experience in Divorced Homes FAMILY AND ECONOMIC STRESS Socialization and Development in a Changing Economy: The Effects of Paternal Job and Income Loss on Children; Kinship Support and Maternal and Adolescent Well-Being in Economically Disadvantaged African-American Families; Linking Family Economic Hardship to Adolescent Distress; Changes in Parents' Work Status and Adolescents' Adjustment at School TEENAGE PARENTING Characteristics of Married and Unmarried Adolescent Mothers and Their Partners; The Effects of Maternal Age-at-Birth on Children's Cognitive Development


    Richard M. Lerner Tufts University, Domini R. Castellino University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill