1st Edition

Adsorption on Silica Surfaces

ISBN 9780824700034
Published April 5, 2000 by CRC Press
774 Pages

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Book Description

"Progresses from theoretical issues to applications. Contains a historical overview, in-depth considerations of various scenarios of silica adsorption, and results from the latest research. Invaluable for broad coverage of the expanding field of silica research."

Table of Contents

"Brief Historical Review and Current State-of-the-Art of Silica Klaus Unger and Dipika Kumar The Silica Surface Infrared and NMR Characterization of the Silica Surface Barry A. Morrow and Ian D. Gay Silica Surface Chemical Properties Gamal M. S. El Shafei Adsorption on Silica Surfaces Vladimir Ya. Davydov Nanoscale and Mesoscale Morphology of Silica Surfaces Henri Van Damme Thermogravimetric Approach for Determining Porosity of Silica Gels Jacek Goworek Surface Energetics of Silica Investigated by Inverse Gas Chromatography Eugène Papirer, Henri Balard, and Caroll Vergelati Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Polyatomic Molecules in Model Silica Pores Aleksander Bródka The Silica--Water Interface Water Behavior at Silica Surfaces Jonathan P. Icenhower and Patricia M. Dove Surface and Interface Structure of Silicas Jacques Persello Surface Charge and Zeta Potential of Silica in Mixtures of Organic Solvents and Water Marek Kosmulski Adsorption from the Gas Phase Adsorption on Ion-Bombarded Silica Gianfranco Cerofolini, L. Meda, and N. Re Adsorption on Silica from Aqueous Solutions Sorption of Heavy Metal Cations on Silica Marek Kosmulski Modification of Silica--Water Interfacial Behavior by Adsorption of Surfactants, Polymers, and Their Mixtures P. Somasundaran and L. Zhang Polymer and Polyelectrolyte Adsorption---Stability of Silica Suspensions Erwin Killmann Adsorption and Chemisorption of Enzymes and Other Natural Macromolecules on Silicas V. A. Tertykh and V. V. Yanishpolskii Adsorption on Silica from Organic Solutions Adsorption on Silica Surfaces from Solution and Its Impact on Chromatographic Separation Techniques Klaus Unger, Dipika Kumar, V. Ehwald, and F. Grossmann Adsorption from the Melt Adsorption of Polydimethylsiloxane Chains on Plane Silica Surfaces Liliane Léger, Hubert Hervet, and Martial Deruelle Adsorption of PDMS on Bare Fumed Silica Surfaces Jean-Pierre Cohen Addad Adsorption in Relation with Silica Toxicity Modulation of Silica Pathogenicity by Surface Processes Bice Fubini and William E. Wallace Application in Industry and Environment Designing Surface Chemistry in Mesoporous Silica Glen E. Fryxell and Jun Liu Fumed Silica as a Host for Study of Large Surface-to-Volume Ratio Problems in Finely Divided Aqueous Systems: Implications for the Atmosphere A. Bogdan "

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