1st Edition

Adult Obesity A Paediatric Challenge

Edited By Linda Voss, Terry Wilkin Copyright 2003

    While it is increasingly clear that adult obesity begins in childhood, preventing this condition is a major challenge for the pediatrician.

    Adult Obesity: A Paediatric Challenge highlights the causes and consequences of obesity, bringing a modern understanding to the treatment of a heavily stigmatized problem. This collection of essays, based on presentations made at a national symposium on obesity, focuses on managing the condition and its outcomes. World renowned authors offer a wide-ranging perspective of obesity as a global problem and explore its devastating metabolic, social, and political impact.

    Clarifying a number of important issues, this compilation provides answers to many of the questions surrounding this dangerous condition. It offers sound advice on confronting obesity and conveys the urgency that this problem demands and deserves.

    Obesity: A Global Problem, Philip James
    Over-nutrition or Under-activity?, Ken Fox
    Do Our Genes Make Us Fat?, Philippe Froguel
    The Seeds Are Sown in Childhood, Terence Wilkin
    Social Inequalities and Obesity, Suzi Leather
    Self-image and Self-perception, Andrew Hill
    The View from Primary Care, Ian Campbell
    Adult Obesity: A Pediatric Challenge, David Hall


    Linda Voss, Terry Wilkin

    "This book is to be thoroughly recommended."
    - in Clinical Nutrition

    "The volume achieves its goal quite well. A focus on childhood, when much of obesity originates, is an appropriate target for the United Kingdom as well as for the rest of the world. The list of comorbidities, the complex world that has led to the blossoming of the problem, and the lack of efficacy of most treatments lead to the inexorable conclusion that prevention is the best approach on a population-wide basis. Some countries have accepted this tenant more vigorously than others. This volume, in company with many other works, surely supports such an approach."
    -American Journal of Clinical Nutrition