This book covers the phase composition, structure and properties of aluminum alloys containing scandium. It is intended for specialists of research institutes and industrial plants involved in the study and production of aluminum alloys and students and post-graduate students.

    1. Peculiarities of Physico-Chemical Interaction Between Aluminum and Some Transition Metals 2. Physico-Chemical Interactions in Aluminum-Scandium Alloys. Phase Diagrams 3. Decomposition of Supersaturated Solid Solutions and Precipitation Hardening in Aluminum Alloys Containing Scandium 4. Recrystallization of Aluminum Alloys Containing Scandium 5. Structure and Properties of Aluminum Alloys Containing Scandium. Mechanisms of Hardening 6. Conclusion


    L S Toropova, Dmitry G. Eskin, M. L. Kharakterova, T.V. Dobatkina