1st Edition

Advanced Analysis of Steel Frames Theory, Software, and Applications

By W.F. Chen Copyright 1994

    The development of the limit state approach to design in recent years has focused particular attention on two basic requirements: accurate information regarding the behavior of structures throughout the entire range of loading up to the ultimate strength, and simple practical procedures to enable engineers to assess this behavior. This book satisfies these requirements by providing practical analysis methods for the design of steel frames. The book contains a wide range of second-order analyses: from elastic to inelastic, rigid to semi-rigid connections, and simple plastic hinge method to sophisticated plastic-zone method. Computer programs for each analysis are provided in the form of a floppy disk for easy implementation. Sample problems are described and user's manuals are well documented for each program developed in the book.

    1. Trends Toward Advanced Analysis 2. Second-Order Elastic Analysis of Frames 3. Semi-Rigid Connections 4. Second-Order Plastic Hinge Analysis of Frames 5. Second-Order Plastic-Zone Analysis of Beam-Columns and Portal Frames 6. Plastic-Zone Analysis of Beam-Columns and Portal Frames 7. Plastic-Zone Analysis of Frames 8. Benchmark Problems and Solutions


    W.F. Chen