Advanced Calculus : An Introduction to Modern Analysis book cover
1st Edition

Advanced Calculus
An Introduction to Modern Analysis

ISBN 9780367452018
Published December 2, 2019 by CRC Press
696 Pages

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Book Description

Advanced Calculus: An Introduction to Modem Analysis, an advanced undergraduate textbook,provides mathematics majors, as well as students who need mathematics in their field of study,with an introduction to the theory and applications of elementary analysis. The text presents, inan accessible form, a carefully maintained balance between abstract concepts and applied results ofsignificance that serves to bridge the gap between the two- or three-cemester calculus sequence andsenior/graduate level courses in the theory and appplications of ordinary and partial differentialequations, complex variables, numerical methods, and measure and integration theory.The book focuses on topological concepts, such as compactness, connectedness, and metric spaces,and topics from analysis including Fourier series, numerical analysis, complex integration, generalizedfunctions, and Fourier and Laplace transforms. Applications from genetics, spring systems,enzyme transfer, and a thorough introduction to the classical vibrating string, heat transfer, andbrachistochrone problems illustrate this book's usefulness to the non-mathematics major. Extensiveproblem sets found throughout the book test the student's understanding of the topics andhelp develop the student's ability to handle more abstract mathematical ideas.Advanced Calculus: An Introduction to Modem Analysis is intended for junior- and senior-levelundergraduate students in mathematics, biology, engineering, physics, and other related disciplines.An excellent textbook for a one-year course in advanced calculus, the methods employed in thistext will increase students' mathematical maturity and prepare them solidly for senior/graduatelevel topics. The wealth of materials in the text allows the instructor to select topics that are ofspecial interest to the student. A two- or three ll?lester calculus sequence is required for successfuluse of this book.

Table of Contents

1. Preliminaries 2. Introduction to Linear Algebra and Ordinary Differential Equations 3. Limits and Metric Spaces 4. Continuity, Compactness, and Connectedness 5. The Derivative: Theory and Elementary Applications 6. A First Look at Integration 7. Differentiation of Functions of Several Variables 8. Sequences And Series 9. Elementary Applications of Infinite Series 10. An Introduction to Fourier Analysis 11. An Introduction to Modern Integration Theory 12. An Introduction to Complex Integration 13. The Fourier and Laplace Transforms 14. A Sampling of Numerical Analysis

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