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Sol-Gel Materials Chemistry and Applications

Sol-Gel Materials: Chemistry and Applications

1st Edition

By John D. Wright, Nico A.J.M. Sommerdijk
December 21, 2000

Sol-Gel processing methods, first used historically for decorative and constructional materials, were extensively developed in the last century for applications such as glasses, ceramics, catalysts, coatings, composites and fibres. Today they are reaching their full potential, enabling the ...

Chemistry of the f-Block Elements

Chemistry of the f-Block Elements

1st Edition

By Helen C. Aspinall
May 15, 2001

This book, based on a lecture course which is given to final year undergraduates at Liverpool, illustrates the main features of f-block chemistry, along with some of the important applications, outlining the spectroscopic techniques which are commonly applied to complexes of the f-block elements....

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