1st Edition

Advanced Common Core Math Explorations Numbers and Operations (Grades 5-8)

By Jerry Burkhart Copyright 2014
    192 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Students become mathematical adventurers in these challenging and engaging activities designed to deepen and extend their understanding of concepts from the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics. The investigations in this book stretch students' mathematical imaginations to their limits as they investigate the numeration systems of creatures from another planet, create and solve stories and problems with extreme numbers, use place value to design their own new divisibility strategies, and play with a strange kind of number line specially designed to multiply numbers without a calculator. Each activity comes with detailed support for classroom implementation including learning goals, discussion guides, detailed solutions, and suggestions for extending the investigation. There is also a free supplemental e-book offering strategies for motivation, assessment, parent communication, and suggestions for using the materials in different learning environments.

    Grades 5-8

    A Note to Students Introduction Connections to the Common Core State Standards Exploration 1: Triangle Sums Exploration 2: Torran Math Exploration 3: Number Line Magnifiers Exploration 4: Million, Billion, Trillion Exploration 5: Discovering Divisibility Tests Exploration 6: Visualizing Decimal Multiplication Exploration 7: Think Like a Torran! Exploration 8: Extreme Calculations Exploration 9: Multiplication Slide Rules Exploration 10: Factor Blocks and Radicals Appendix: The Building Blocks Model References About the Author Common Core State Standards Alignment


    Jerry Burkhart has been teaching and learning math with gifted students in Minnesota for nearly 20 years. He has degrees in physics, mathematics, and math education. He provides professional development for teachers and is a regular presenter at conferences around topics of meeting the needs of gifted students in mathematics...

    Advanced Common Core Math Explorations: Numbers & Operations by Jerry Burkhart contains a nice variety of explorations that focus on helping students improve their understanding of numbers and operations. The explorations are in the text, with each one beginning with an Introduction, followed by Student Handout pages, and then a Teacher's Guide . . The Teacher's Guide is very useful, since it provides not only solutions, but also many teacher notes and suggested questions to ask that encourage class discussion . . . The connections to the Common Core's math standards make this book a valuable resource for mathematics teacher educators, middle school teachers, and preservice teachers.,Carol J. Bell,Northern Michigan University, 4/27/16