1st Edition

Advanced Consciousness Training for Actors Meditation Techniques for the Performing Artist

By Kevin Page Copyright 2018
    266 Pages
    by Routledge

    266 Pages
    by Routledge

    Advanced Consciousness Training for Actors: Meditation Techniques for the Performing Artist explores theories and techniques for deepening the individual actor’s capacity to concentrate and focus attention. Going well beyond the common exercises found in actor training programs, these practices utilize consciousness expanding "technologies" derived from both Eastern and Western traditions of meditation and mindfulness training as well as more recent discoveries from the fields of psychology and neuroscience. This book reviews the scientific literature of consciousness studies and mindfulness research to discover techniques for focusing attention, expanding self-awareness, and increasing levels of mental concentration; all foundational skills of the performing artist in any medium.



    Chapter 1: A Brief History of Consciousness and Actor Training in the West

    Chapter 2: The Actor’s Instrument

    Chapter 3: Consciousness Explorers—Postmodern Practitioners on the Leading Edge

    Chapter 4: Why do Actors Need Advanced Consciousness Training or A.C.T.?

    Chapter 5: The Distracted Actor—Techno-cultural Proliferation of Mobile-digital Technology

    Chapter 6: What Does Meditation Actually Do?

    Chapter 7: Guided Consciousness Exercises

    Chapter 8: Mantra, Movement, Chanting

    Chapter 9: Core Practice—Focused Awareness and Open Monitoring Exercises

    Chapter 10: Conscious Considerations

    Chapter 11: A.C.T Program Design and the Enlightened Actor


    Kevin Page is a seasoned professional actor/writer/theorist with a background in psychology, meditation practices, and consciousness research.