1st Edition

Advanced Drug Formulation Design to Optimize Therapeutic Outcomes

    This title demonstrates how advanced formulation designs and delivery technologies can be used to improve drug efficacy and treatment outcomes in particular therapeutic categories or disease states. It discusses nanoparticle systems for cancer treatments, and also presents cutting edge immono-regulation agents for transplantation and the local targ

    Short Contents
    Part 1: Infectious Diseases. Introduction. Pulmonary Infections. Oral Infections. Systemic Infections. Ophthalmic Infections. Part 2: Oncology. Introduction. Targeted Nanoparticle Systems for Cancer Therapy. Systemic Delivery of Anti-cancer Agents. Cancer and the Blood Brain Barrier. Part 3: Transplantation. Immunosuppression for Transplantation Patients. Systemic Delivery of Immunosuppressants. Targeted Delivery of Immunosuppresants. Part 4: Other Therapies. Trans-Mucosal Delivery. CNS Diseases. Endocrinological Diseases


    Robert O. Williams, David R. Taft, Jason T. McConville