Advanced Electroporation Techniques in Biology and Medicine  book cover
1st Edition

Advanced Electroporation Techniques in Biology and Medicine

ISBN 9781138116344
Published September 12, 2017 by CRC Press
540 Pages 173 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

A reflection of the intense study of the effects of electromagnetic fields on living tissues that has taken place during the last decades, Advanced Electroporation Techniques in Biology and Medicine summarizes most recent experimental findings and theories related to permeabilization of biomembranes by pulsed electric fields. Edited by experts and including contributions from pioneers in the field, the book focuses on biophysical mechanisms of electroporation and applications of this phenomenon in biomedical research and medicine.

The field of electroporation is now mature enough to move from journal pages to book covers. The book leads readers from the basics and history of electroporation, through mechanisms of membrane permeabilization in lipid bilayers and living cells, to electrically-mediated gene delivery and cancer therapy in animals and humans. This book is an interdisciplinary compilation intended broadly for biomedical and physical scientists, engineers, and clinicians. It can also be used as a textbook for students in advanced courses in biomedical engineering, molecular and cell biology, as well as in biophysics and clinical medicine.

Table of Contents

Basics of Electroporation
Physical Chemical Theory of Membrane Electroporation and Electrotransfer of Biogenic Agents, E. Neumann and S. Kakorin
Bioelectric Effect of Intense Nanosecond Pulses, K.H. Schoenbach
Induced Transmembrane Voltage—Theory, Modeling, and Experiments, T. Kotnik and G. Pucihar
Electroporation: A Review of Basic Problems in Theory and Experiment, M.S. Markov

Mechanisms of Electroporation in Lipid Systems
Electrodeformation, Electroporation, and Electrofusion of Cell-Sized Lipid Vesicles, R. Dimova
Fluorescent Methods in Evaluation of Nanopore Conductivity and Their Computational Validation, M. Kotulska, W. Dyrka, and P. Sadowski
Electroporation of Lipid Membranes: Insights from Molecular Dynamics Simulations, M. Tarek and L. Delemotte
Nanoscale Restructuring of Lipid Bilayers in Nanosecond Electric Fields, P.T. Vernier

Mechanisms of Electroporation of Cells
Nanopores: A Distinct Transmembrane Passageway in Electroporated Cells, A.G. Pakhomov and O.N. Pakhomova
Model of Cell Membrane Electroporation and Transmembrane Molecular Transport, D. Miklavčič and L. Towhidi
Kinetics of Pore Formation and Disappearance in the Cell during Electroporation, G. Saulis
The Pulse Intensity-Duration Dependency for Cell Membrane Electroporation, D. Miklavčič, G. Pucihar, A.M. Lebar, J. Krmelj, and L. Towhidi

Mechanisms of Electroporation in Tissues
Drug-Free, Solid Tumor Ablation by Electroporating Pulses: Mechanisms That Couple to Necrotic and Apoptotic Cell Death Pathways, A.T. Esser, K.C. Smith, T.R. Gowrishankar, and J.C. Weaver
Gene Electrotransfer: From Basic Processes to Preclinical Applications, J.-M. Escoffre, A. Paganin-Gioanni, E. Bellard, M. Golzio, M.-P. Rols, and J. Teissié

Technical Considerations
Modeling Electric Field Distribution In Vivo, N. Pavšelj, A. Županič, and D. Miklavčič
Concepts of Electroporation Pulse Generation and Overview of Electric Pulse Generators for Cell and Tissue Electroporation, M. Reberšek and D. Miklavčič
Generation of Ultrashort Pulses, J.F. Kolb
Nanosecond Pulsed Electric Field Delivery to Biological Samples: Difficulties and Potential Solutions, A. Silve, J. Villemejane, V. Joubert, A. Ivorra, and L.M. Mir

Applications of Electroporation
Translation of Electroporation-Mediated DNA Delivery to the Clinic, L.C. Heller and R. Heller
Clinical Electrochemotherapy: The Italian Experience, C.R. Rossi and L.G. Campana
Tumor Blood Flow–Modifying Effects of Electroporation and Electrochemotherapy—Experimental Evidence and Implications for the Therapy, T. Jarm, M. Cemazar, and G. Sersa
lectrochemotherapy as Part of an Immunotherapy Strategy in the Treatment of Cancer, J. Gehl
ombined Electrical Field and Ultrasound: A Nondrug-Based Method for Tumor Ablation, P.F. Forde, C. Twomey, G.C. O’ Sullivan, and D. M. Soden
Combined Modality Therapy: Electrochemotherapy with Tumor Irradiation, G. Sersa, S. Kranjc, and M. Cemazar
Irreversible Electroporation in Medicine, B. Rubinsky
Food and Biomaterials Processing Assisted by Electroporation, N. Lebovka and E. Vorobiev
In Vivo Electroporation: An Important Injury Mechanism in Electrical Shock Trauma, I. Barakat, J. Gallaher, H. Chen, and R.C. Lee

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