1st Edition

Advanced Engineering Mathematics A Second Course with MatLab

By Dean G. Duffy Copyright 2022
    466 Pages 142 B/W Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

    466 Pages 142 B/W Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

    Through four previous editions of Advanced Engineering Mathematics with MATLAB, the author presented a wide variety of topics needed by today's engineers. The fifth edition of that book, available now, has been broken into two parts: topics currently needed in mathematics courses and a new stand-alone volume presenting topics not often included in these courses and consequently unknown to engineering students and many professionals.

    The overall structure of this new book consists of two parts: transform methods and random processes. Built upon a foundation of applied complex variables, the first part covers advanced transform methods, as well as z-transforms and Hilbert transforms--transforms of particular interest to systems, communication, and electrical engineers. This portion concludes with Green's function, a powerful method of analyzing systems. 

    The second portion presents random processes--processes that more accurately model physical and biological engineering. Of particular interest is the inclusion of stochastic calculus. 

    The author continues to offer a wealth of examples and applications from the scientific and engineering literature, a highlight of his previous books. As before, theory is presented first, then examples, and then drill problems. Answers are given in the back of the book.

    This book is all about the future: The purpose of this book is not only to educate the present generation of engineers but also the next.

    "The main strength is the text is written from an engineering perspective. The majority of my students are engineers. The physical examples are related to problems of interest to the engineering students." --Lea Jenkins, Clemson University

    List of Definitions
    Chapter 1: Complex Variables
    Chapter 2: Transform Methods
    Chapter 3: The Z-transform
    Chapter 4: The Hilbert Transform
    Chapter 5: Green’s Functions
    Chapter 6: Probability
    Chapter 7: Random Processes
    Chapter 8: Itô’s Stochastic Calculus
    Answers to Odd Numbered Problems


    Dean G. Duffy is a former mathematics instructor at the US Naval Academy and US Military Academy. He spent 25 years working on numerical weather prediction, oceanic wave modeling, and dynamical meteorology at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Prior to this, he was a numerical weather prediction officer in the US Air Force. He earned his Ph.D. in meteorology from MIT. Dr. Duffy has written several books on transform methods, engineering mathematics, and mixed boundary value problems including Advanced Engineering Mathematics with MatLab, fifth edition and Green’s Functions with Applications, Second Edition, published by CRC Press.