454 Pages 97 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    454 Pages 97 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Advanced Korean provides a wide range of topical reading texts and practice material for students making the transition to advanced level proficiency in Korean.

    Sequenced to address a one-year university program, each chapter comprises:

    • The main reading passage
    • New words and expressions with practice sets
    • Grammar lessons and practice sets
    • Speaking and writing activities
    • Project activities for applying linguistic knowledge
    • Self-evaluation rubrics

    With a range of online resources including an answer key, vocabulary lists, and downloadable activity sheets, this is an ideal text for students reaching Advanced level on the ACTFL proficiency scale and CEFR levels B2-C1. The wide range of vocabulary and abundant examples make this the perfect preparation for the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK).

    1. 왜 한국어 수업을 들으세요?  2. 나의 한국 생활 경험  3. 이런 속담 들어보셨어요?  4. 대학 생활과 친구  5. 전주의 매력에 흠뻑 빠지다  6. 귀가 가렵다고요?  7. ‘비빔빵’을 만드는 사람들  8. 남한말과 북한말  9. 흥부전  10. 세종대왕  11. 영화 비평: 웰컴 투 동막골  12. 김애란 소설: 칼자국


    Jaemin Roh is Senior Lecturer in Korean at Boston University, USA.

    Mijeong Kim is Teaching Professor of Korean Language at Washington University in St Louis, USA.