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Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

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The objective of this series is to cover newer manufacturing techniques such as nano-structured materials, functional and functionally graded materials, micro-electro manufacturing systems, additive manufacturing and single molecule sensing systems. Aimed at senior undergraduate students, graduate students and professionals, the proposed series will focus on the advanced manufacturing techniques and its applications. Some of the emerging application areas include aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering, defense and marine construction.

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Magnetic Field Assisted Finishing Methods, Applications and Process Automation

Magnetic Field Assisted Finishing: Methods, Applications and Process Automation

1st Edition

By Dilshad Ahmad Khan, Zafar Alam, Faiz Iqbal
December 27, 2021

This comprehensive reference text discusses the concepts of the magnetic field assisted finishing processes that range from working principles, material removal mechanisms, process parameters and equipment involved, to the industry-specific applications. The book discusses various aspects of ...

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