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Advanced Materials Processing and Manufacturing

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The CRC Press Series in Advanced Materials Processing and Manufacturing covers the complete spectrum of materials and manufacturing technology, including fundamental principles, theoretical background, and advancements. Considering the accelerated importance of advances for producing quality products for a wide range of applications, the titles in this series reflect the state-of-the-art in understanding and engineering the materials processing and manufacturing operations. Technological advancements for enhancement of product quality, process productivity, and sustainability, are on special focus including processing for all materials and novel processes. This series aims to foster knowledge enrichment on conventional and modern machining processes. Micro-manufacturing technologies such as micro-machining, micro-forming, and micro-joining, and Hybrid manufacturing, additive manufacturing, near net shape manufacturing, and ultra-precision finishing techniques are also covered.

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Advanced Joining Technologies

Advanced Joining Technologies

1st Edition


Edited By Manjaiah M, Shivraman Thapliyal, Adepu Kumar
March 13, 2024

This book covers advances in fusion and solid-state welding processes including basics, welding metallurgy, defect formation, and the effect of process parameters on mechanical properties. Details of the microstructural and mechanical behaviors of weldments are included. This book covers challenges...

Advanced Materials Processing and Manufacturing Research, Technology, and Applications

Advanced Materials Processing and Manufacturing: Research, Technology, and Applications

1st Edition

By Amogelang Sylvester Bolokang, Maria Ntsoaki Mathabathe
October 02, 2023

This book describes the operations and industrial processes related to the production of advanced materials including ingot and powder metallurgy processing routes. It outlines the deformation processing mechanisms inducing failure at both ambient and high temperatures. Further, it embodies ...

Thin-Films for Machining Difficult-to-Cut Materials Challenges, Applications, and Future Prospects

Thin-Films for Machining Difficult-to-Cut Materials: Challenges, Applications, and Future Prospects

1st Edition

By Ch Sateesh Kumar, Filipe Daniel Fernandes
May 11, 2023

This book presents a balanced blend of fundamental research such as principles and characteristics of machining of difficult-to-cut materials and coating techniques and in-depth practical information on coatings techniques and classifications, the effect of coating parameters on machining responses...

Advanced Materials Characterization Basic Principles, Novel Applications, and Future Directions

Advanced Materials Characterization: Basic Principles, Novel Applications, and Future Directions

1st Edition

By Ch Sateesh Kumar, M. Muralidhar Singh, Ram Krishna
May 04, 2023

The book covers various methods of characterization of advanced materials commonly used in engineering including understanding of the working principle and applicability of devices. It explores the techniques implemented for advanced materials like superalloys, thin films, powders, nanocomposites, ...

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