Advanced Materials and Structural Engineering : Proceedings of the International Conference on Advanced Materials and Engineering Structural Technology (ICAMEST 2015), April 25-26, 2015, Qingdao, China book cover
1st Edition

Advanced Materials and Structural Engineering
Proceedings of the International Conference on Advanced Materials and Engineering Structural Technology (ICAMEST 2015), April 25-26, 2015, Qingdao, China

ISBN 9781138027862
Published January 28, 2016 by CRC Press
1016 Pages

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Book Description

The ICAMEST 2015 Conference covered new developments in advanced materials and engineering structural technology. Applications in civil, mechanical, industrial and material science are covered in this book. Providing high-quality, scholarly research, addressing developments, applications and implications in the field of structural health monitoring, construction safety and management, sensors and measurements. This volume contains new models for nonlinear structural analysis and applications of modeling identification. Furthermore, advanced chemical materials are discussed with applications in mechanical and civil engineering and for the maintenance of new materials. In addition, a new system of pressure regulating and water conveyance based on small and middle hydropower stations is discussed.
An experimental investigation of the ultimate strength and behavior of the three types of steel tubular K-joints was presented. Furthermore, real-time and frequency linear and nonlinear modeling performance of materials of structures contents were concluded with the notion of a fully brittle material, and this approach is implemented in the book by outlining a finite-element method for the prediction of the construction performance and cracking patterns of arbitrary structural concrete forms.

This book is an ideal reference for practicing engineers in material, mechanical and civil engineering and consultants (design, construction, maintenance), and can also be used as a reference for students in mechanical and civil engineering courses.

Table of Contents

Advanced material and application

Production of external thread by means of enveloping with hob cutter
E.V. Glushko, N.T. Morozova & N.A. Glushko

Comparing between OECD member countries based on S&T innovation capacity
S.R. Lee & S.S. Chun

Dependence of the coercive force on the size of the core/shell nanoparticles magnetite/titanomagnetite
M. Shmykova, L. Afremov & I. Iliushin

The interaction between contacting barrier materials for containment of radioactive wastes
H.C. Chang, C.Y. Wang & W.H. Huang

Structural and technological patterns of formation of surface nanostructured layers TiNiZr by high-speed flame spraying
P.O. Rusinov & Zh.M. Blednova

Determination of a constitutive relation for damage of Al-Si-Cu alloy (ADC12)
Y.M. Hu, H.R. Zheng, Z.F. Li, X.Q. Jin & Y.E. Zhou

Study on phase transition of metallic materials by Specific Volume Difference Method
K.J. Liu, W.Y. Fu & S.L. Ning

A review on research and application development of Super Absorbent Polymer in cement-based materials
W.Q. Bai, J. Lv, Q. Du & H.H. Wu

The effect of reducing agents on GO/manganese oxide composites for super-capacitors
F.F. Ding, N. Zhang & C. Zhang

The properties of cementitious materials in prolonged curing
X.T. Yu, P. Gao, X. Wang & Y.D. Liao

Dynamic tensile behavior of Flattened Brazilian Disc of TiB2-B4C composites
Y.B. Gao, W. Zhang, T.G. Tang & C.H. Yi

Dibenzothiophene adsorption on Activated Carbons and its water effect
Z.J. Li, S.L. Jin, S.M. Zhang, N. Jiang, X. Shao, M.L. Jin & R. Zhang

The preparation and desulfurization performance of carbon aerogels in-situ loaded with copper for fuel oils
S.M. Zhang, Z.J. Li, N. Jiang, H.F. Zhang & R. Zhang

Synthesis of Ni-loaded carbon aerogels by in-situ and incipient wetness methods and their adsorption performance for dibenzothiophene in model fuel oil
N. Jiang, S.L. Jin, X. Shao, H.F. Zhang, Z.J. Li, S.M. Zhang, M.L. Jin & R. Zhang

An experimental technique to investigate gas-turbine blades dry-friction dampers efficiency
M. Nikhamkin, N. Sazhenkov, S. Semenov & I. Semenova

A nonlinear compressive response of polypropylene
H. Zheng, Y.G. Liao, K. Zhao & Z.P. Tang

Comparative investigation into the catalytic efficiency of Ni and Fe in the formation of carbon coils
H.J. Kim, G.H. Kang, J.K. Lee & S.H. Kim

The effect of orifice head loss coefficient on the discharge of throttled surge tank
S. Palikhe & J.X. Zhou

Effect of an enclosed cage structure on the chain characteristics of TSP-POSS/PU hybrid composites
R. Pan, L.L. Wang & Y. Liu

The preparation, characterization and properties of La2O3/TPU nano-composites
C.F. Wang & R.P. Jia

Analysis on the thermal decomposition process for the preparation of cobalt-doped zinc oxide from oxalate
J.W. Li & S.X. Guo

Compensating the shrinkage and expansive stress of CaO-based Expansive Additives treated by thermoplastic polyacrylic esters
R. Wang, W. Xu, Q. Tian & J.Y. Jiang

Effect of the pH level of the electrolyte on the photocatalytic performance of TiO2 nanotubes
C.S. Chen, S.Z. Yi & C. Wang

Forming limit prediction of 5182-O aluminum alloy sheet using finite element analysis
R. Kurihara, S. Nishida, H. Kamiyama & R. Okushima

Fabricating polymer films on a super-hydrophobic surface by the blow film method
Y. Ma, J.L. Zhao, K. Li, J.J. Zhang, C.M. Kang, H.Z. Zhang & X.Y. Zhang

Microelectrode-based sensor for detecting viability and activity of cells
X. Zhu

Impact of the microstructure and texture on the elastic modulus in an electron beam-welded near-α titanium alloy joint
X.Z. Li, S.B. Hu & J.Z. Xiao

Considering air compressibility in analyzing gap pressure in the partially porous aerostatic journal bearing
T.Y. Huang, S.Y. Hsu & B.Z. Wang

Structural and optical studies of thermally evaporated NiPc thin films
V. Mekla & C. Saributr

Effect of carbon content on the properties of LiFePO4/C synthesized by hydrothermal stripping technique
G.Q. Wan, P.F. Bai, J. Liu, X.M. Zu, L. Chen & X.Y. Wang

Optimization of ultrasound-assisted extraction conditions for active substances with anti-tyrosinase activity from tomatoes
J. Han & G.M. Gong

Purification and properties of nitrite reductase from lactobacillus plantarum
Y. Zhou & G.M. Gong

The influence of on semi-flexible airport pavement material working performance by porosity
B. Yang, X. Weng, J. Liu, L. Jiang, J. Zhang, P. Liu & X. Wen

Electrochemical detection of baicalin at a carbon nanosphere-modified electrode
Z.F. Wang, L. Shi, G.Z. Gou, A.P. Fan, C. Xu & L. Zhang

Pt/C catalyst for methanol electro-oxidation and oxygen electro-reduction in DMFC
Z.F. Wang, L. Shi, G.Z. Gou, A.P. Fan, C. Xu & L. Zhang

Pt/C-modified Glass Carbon Electrode for the determination of Dopamine, Uric Acid and Ascorbic Acid
Z.F. Wang, L. Shi, G.Z. Gou, A.P. Fan, C. Xu & L. Zhang

Electrochemical sensor based on Polyaniline-modified Graphene Nano-composites for dopamine determination
L. Shi, Z.F. Wang, G.Z. Gou, Q.S. Pan, X.L. Chen & W. Liu

Electrochemical sensor for ascorbic acid based on graphene-polyaniline nano-composites
L. Shi, Z.F. Wang, G.Z. Gou, Q.S. Pan, X.L. Chen & W. Liu

Influence of low firing temperature on the characteristics of Positive Temperature Coefficient of Resistance and the Ni internal electrode of multilayer Ba1.005(Ti1-xNbx)O3 ceramics
X.X. Cheng, B.W. Li, Z.X. Zhao & X.X. Li

Effects of interstitial impurity content on the plastic deformation behavior in austenitic steel monocrystals
S. Barannikova, A. Malinovsky & D. Pestsov

An experimental method of the cutting force coefficient estimation of grey cast iron FC25
N.T. Nguyen, M.S. Chen, S.C. Huang & Y.C. Kao

Changes in the state of stress in enclosing panels after additional thermal insulation
C. Radim, B. Kamil, M. Petr & L. Jana

Slag from Biomass Combustion (BCS)—chemical properties in accordance with BCS utilization in cement concrete
F. Khestl, P. Mec, M. Turicová & V. Šulková

Fundamental thermo-elastic solutions for 2D hexagonal Quasicrystal
T. Wang

Effect of induction heating power on zinc-coating quality
F. Fang, Y.M. Chen & L.X. Wang

High-temperature deformation and strain measurement for aircraft materials using digital image correlation
A.P. Feng, J. Liang, H. Hu & X. Guo

Material selection of auto-body plates based on simplified models
Y.W. Luo, A. Cui, Q. Xu & S.Z. Zhang

MFC/NFC aerogel-Ag composite and its application
J.H. Yan, G.B. Kang & R.M. Xu

Nanopaper with Ag composite and its application
J.H. Yan & R.M. Xu

Effective thermal conductivity of multiple-phase transversely isotropic material having coupled thermal system
S.A. Hassan, A. Israr, H.M. Ali & W. Aslam

Using optical methods to determine high resolution Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of materials
S.A. Hassan, H.M. Ali, M.A.A. Khan, W. Aslam & M.H. Ajaib

Study on the properties of W-C infiltrated strengthening layer on H13 steel surface formed by plasma alloying
H.P. Zou & M.W. Chen

Petrographic and chemical assessment of siliceous limestone for cement production suitability
N. Bouazza, A. El Mrihi & A. Maâte

Structural and civil engineering

A study on the fatigue strength of a truck in railway applications
S.C. Yoon

A method for constructing a simplified model of wire strand cable
Y.M. Hu, X. Tan, B.W. Zhou & J.S. Li

Synergistic interaction of scaling and abrasion on the fly ash concretes
A. Nowak-Michta

Performance comparison analysis of SUP-13 Lucobit asphalt mixture
Y.M. Zhang, M.L. Zheng & K. Wang

Quantitative inspection of ferroconcrete damage by using ground-penetrating radar
C.W. Chang, C.H. Lin, C.C. Jen, C.A. Tsai, H.Y. Chien & P.S. Huang

Properties of the advanced sulfur-bituminous pavements
E.V. Korolev, V.A. Gladkikh & V.A. Smirnov

Application research on concrete recycled aggregate of construction waste in the road base
T.Z. Ming, K. Wang & G.W. Hu

Design an angle-inserting joint for steel sandwich panel
X.J. Wu, F.L. Meng & X.G. Meng

Green Building Development system modeling and simulation
J.Y. Teng, L.M. Zhang, J.B. Zhong, C.Y. Du & H.Y. Chen

Corrosion measurement of galvanic cell-type concrete sensor
J.A. Jeong & J.M. Ha

The analysis of air flows near the windbreak constructions on offshore structures
I.V. Dunichkin

Research on the construction technique for integrated control of embankment settlement due to extending of pile platform into subgrade
X.Q. Wang, Y.L. Cui, S.M. Zhang, B.C. Qian & F.L. Li

Research on the construction technology of self-water stopping pit support structure of pre-stressed pipe piles
X.Q. Wang, Y.L. Cui, S.M. Zhang, J. Song, M.G. Zhang & R.G. Lin

Incentive contract design of construction engineering time based on the principal-agent model
L. Yan & X.J. Tang

Studying of the influence to property of road base with cement stabilized gravel by the iron tailings sand
L. Hongbin & Z. Jiannan

Durability of concrete to sulfate attack under different environments
B.H. Osman, E. Wu, B. Ji & A. Ishag

Experimental study on particle drift velocity in single-stage double-vortex collecting plate ESP
C.W. Yi, Y.N. Huang, J. Zhang, H.J. Wang & C.X. Lu

Synthesis and modification of polyurethane type track
X.H. Zeng, J.P. Luo & H.Q. Hu

Recognition of traffic signs using local feature multi-layer classification
Y. Ye & X. Hao

Detection of traffic signs based on multi-feature high credibility regions
Y. Ye & X. Hao

The role of cementitious materials in building materials
F.Q. Zhang

Time-domain buffeting analysis of suspension bridge under non-stationary typhoon excitation
Y.L. Qiu, W.H. Guo & J.Q. Wang

Mechanism analysis for punching shear strength of hollow flat slabs
K.H. Yang, S.H. Yun & S.T. Park

Establishing a Decision Support Module for bridge maintenance in Taiwan
N.J. Yau & H.K. Liao

Strut-and-Tie Model for shear capacity of squat shear walls
J.H. Mun, W.W. Kim & K.H. Yang

Abnormal vibration analysis of a metro vehicle
H.Q. Liu & H.Y. Dai

Structure health monitoring using the matched chaotic excitation
D.D. Yang, H.G. Ma & D.H. Xu

Evaluation of consulting firms for Mass Rapid Transit projects
N.J. Yau & C.H. Sun

Flexural behavior of hollow deck-plate slabs with simplified construction procedure
K.H. Yang, M.K. Kwak, S.H. Yun & S.T. Park

Diffusion model and damage development of concrete exposed to freeze-thaw cycles
L. Jiang, X.Z. Weng, B.H. Yang, R.Y. Zhang, J.Z. Liu & X.C. Yan

Fundamental properties of lightweight foam soil concrete using high volume Supplementary Cementitious Materials
K.H. Lee & K.H. Yang

Fatigue stress–strain relationship of normal- and light-weight concrete mixtures under axial compression
J.S. Mun, K.H. Yang & S.J. Shin

Performance parameters of concrete and asphalt-concrete surfaces
J. Rajczyk, M. Rajczyk & J. Kalinowski

Pedestrian-induced vibrations in footbridges: A Fully Synchronized Force Model
M.A. Toso & H.M. Gomes

Shrinkage of phosphoaluminate cement concrete
W.J. Long, X.W. Xu, J.G. Shi, S.F. Zhao & X.L. Fang

Road surface micro- and macrotexture evolution in relation to asphalt mix composition
T. Iuele

Effect of welding speed on the micro-hardness and corrosion resistance of similar laser welded (304/304) stainless steels and dissimilar (304/A36) stainless and carbon steels
M.M. Tash & K.M. Gadelmola

Mechanical and industrial engineering

Reliability of detection of Glass Break in Intrusion and Hold-Up Alarm Systems
V. Nidlova & J. Hart

A system utility analysis of Multiple Launcher Rocket System
H.F. Wang, C.W. Han & C. Zhao

The influence of sintering temperature on microstructure and electrical performances of (1-x)BCZT-xCuO lead-free ceramics
J.J. Jiang, P. Xu & Q.B. Liu

Effect of Li on the microstructure and electrical properties of BCZT-xLi lead-free piezoelectric ceramics
L.L. Yao, X.Q. Huang & Q.B. Liu

The key controlling factors of tight sandstone reservoir of the lower Shihezi formation in Linxing area in eastern Ordos Basin
D. Zhao, H. Xu, D.Z. Tang, L. Li,T.X. Yu & S.Z. Meng

Q&P process in manufacture of hollow products
B. Masek, K. Opatova & I. Vorel

Generalized-K (GK) distribution: An important general channel model for mobile fading channels
Y. Li

Thin-layer element modeling method of aero-engine bolted joints
X.Y. Yao, J.J. Wang & X. Zhai

The effect of controlled cooling after hot rolling on the microstructure and mechanical properties of LX72A
M. Jia & J. Liu

A finger-interaction-based LED control system
S.W. Jang, K.H. Seok & Y.S. Kim

Development of a SMPS system using LLC resonant converter for high efficiency LED driver
J.H. Ko & Y.S. Kim

Numerical test derivation of the computational formula for the composite modulus of high-speed rail substructure composite foundation
H.R. Wei & G.L. Zhang

Thermal diffusivity and electrical resistivity measurements of a 30CrMnSiA rolled steel sheet under different thermal conditions
W.Q. Khan & Q. Wang

Microstructure and mechanical property of TiC/Ti composite layer fabricated by laser surface alloying
J.J. Dai, J.Y. Zhu, S.Y. Li, L. Zhuang, A.M. Wang & X.X. Hu

Specification of aeroelastic model design for further aerodynamic experiments
O.O. Egorychev & O.I. Poddaeva

An approach to view factor calculation for pool fires in the presence of wind
J.L. Zhao, H. Huang, M. Fu & B. Su

How construction industry safety climate affect migrant workers’ safety performance: A structural equation model-based analysis
Q. Liu, Y.H. Wang, L.M. Zhang, C.Y. Du & H.Y. Chen

A study on a turbine blade riveting device design by using finite element analysis and experiments
G.J. Kang & B.Y. Moon

Single-machine scheduling with past-sequence-dependent setup times and sum-of-logarithm-processing-times-based learning considerations
X.G. Zhang & Q.L. Xie

A strategy for assembly using active compliant for industrial robots with F/T sensor
T. Zhang, B. Wang & J.J. Lin

Longitudinal contact analysis of gear pair with alignment error
J. Xiao, X.C. Gui, Q. Sun & Y.H. Sun

The study on mechanical properties of Carboxymethyl Chitosan hybrid PVA hydrogels
J.P. Luo, H.Q. Hu & X.H. Zeng

The study on mechanical properties of semi-IPN hydrogels consisting of crosslinked PNIPA network and linear Carboxymethyl Chitosan
J.P. Luo, H.Q. Hu & X.H. Zeng

The study of the transmission mechanism of landslide-generated waves and the research of the landslide surge effect on dam
S.L. Wu, H. Peng, J.L. Zhang, M. Li, J. Deng, G.D. Ma & Q.Q. Jiang

Mechanical behaviors of three-dimensionally free-form titanium mesh plates for bone graft applications
M. Watanabe, J. He & S. Suzuki

Research on the basic mechanical properties of an axial pre-compressed piezo-electric bimorph actuator
K.M. Hu & L.H. Wen

Automatic control system for strengthening and polishing equipment
J.H. Tao, Z.F. Huang, Z.H. Guan, J.H. Zhang, Y.W. Bao & C.P. Jin

Research on the dynamic simulation of armored vehicle’s steering control based on man-machine interface matching
W.P. Liu, B.H. Fu & J.F. Nie

Design and development of an expert system for rural biogas engineering
M. Zhou & Z.Y. Zou

Research of an intelligent dynamic reactive power compensation device based on a single chip microcomputer
G.S. Zhang, M.R. Zhou & Y.N. Zhu

Research on the magnetic vibration control method of the electric hammer
H. Zhang

Flutter analysis of the rotating missile’s variable cross-section empennage by the Differential Quadrature Method
B.B. Zhao, R.Z. Liu, R. Guo, L. Liu & X.C. Xu

Impact and screw-holding strength of four bamboo-based panels
J.B. Li & M.J. Guan

The effect of carbonized treatment on the wettability of poplar veneer and the shear strength of plywood
M.G. Xue & M.J. Guan

Nonlinear undamped vibration frequency of rectangular pretension orthotropic membrane under impact force
Y.H. Zhang, C.J. Liu & Z.L. Zheng

Response to acoustic pressure of microstructured optical fibers: A comparison study
A. Abdallah, C.Z. Zhang & Z. Zhong

Study on heat transfer and recuperator effectiveness for microturbine application: Channel of rectangular with semicircular ends
S. Rilrada, M. Thanate & N. Udomkiat

Role of the hydration force in the swelling pressure of montmorillonite
Z.Q. Huang & X.C. Huang

A study on the experimental teaching reform of digital electronic technology offered by schools run in the model of Chinese-foreign cooperation
Y.L. Li & J. Gao

Methodology of the analysis of kinetic energy dispersion
J. Rajczyk, M. Rajczyk & J. Kalinowski

Portable system for measuring torsional vibration in turbo-generators
J.Z. Liu & T. Zhao

Design of a yaw damper for the aircraft model
M.X. Shen, X.L. Li & X.Y. Ruan

Design of mechanical pre-stressing system for strengthening reinforced concrete members with pre-stressed NSM FRP bars
S.S. Abdulhameed, E. Wu & B. Ji

A new shearer monitoring system based on ZigBee and wireless sensor network technology
W.H. Li & L.H. Zhou

Fast spiral scanning based on Switched Capacitor Charge Pump
J. Zhang, L.S. Zhang & Z.H. Feng

Experimental investigation on the ultimate strength of partly welded tubular K-joints
R. Cheng, W. Chen, Y. Chen & B. Zhou

The influence of cooling intensity on structure of blow molded products
P. Brdlik & M. Borůkva

Research on the monitoring measurement of using a shallow tunnel to expand to a large section multi-arch tunnel in situ
Y.D. Zhou, Y.L. Jia, Y.X. Xia & F. Ye

Research on product development gene oriented to process reuse
Z.H. Wang, S.R. Tong & J. Li

Computer aided for engineering application

Operation of functional parameters of video-verification integrated into I&HAS
J. Hart & V. Nidlova

Model for selecting project members to minimize project uncertainties
C.C. Wei, H.J. Tsai, Y.F. Lin & C.S. Wei

Real-time simulation research on an electric drive system
Y.Y. Zhang, X.J. Ma, C.G. Liu & Z.L. Liao

A research on the optimization of an anti-whiplash injury seat system
S.W. Zhou, S. Han, C. Sun, Y.R. Shi & C. Zhang

Calculation of a thick-walled inhomogeneous cylinder of a nonlinear-elastic material
V.I. Andreev & L.S. Polyakova

Nonlinear modeling of the kinetics of thermal stresses in polymer rods
V.I. Andreev & R.A. Turusov

The research of TD-Music location algorithm based on a virtual planar array model of space distributed nodes
P. Zhao, H.F. Yao, J. Liu, W.Z. Shi, W.H. Wang, K. Zhang, Y.H. Ma & B. Li

Effect of the grid discrete error on the symmetry of topological optimization results
J. Fan, Z.Y. Yin, J.J. Wang, Y. Xiao & C. Chen

Design of 16-QAM system based on MATLAB
J.H. Huang

Wavelet analysis of the inter-annual change of typhoons striking Guangdong Province
Q.Y. Zhang, S.B. Zhong & Q.Y. Huang

Detection of radome defects with a new Holographic Subsurface Imaging Radar system
S.Z. Xu, M. Lu, C.L. Huang & Y. Su

The database design for the remote monitoring of an injection molding plant
O. Paudel & C.S. Gao

Hybrid method for prediction of centrifugal pump noise and optimization
G.Q. Liu, T. Zhang, W. Zhao & Y.O. Zhang

A new recognition algorithm of the lunar mare area based on the DEM contrast
X.L. Tian, A.A. Xu, T.L. Xie, H.K. Jiang & J.L. Wang

The finite element analysis on a roll system of a 20-high Sendzimir mill based on ABAQUS
M.M. Zhang, X.B. Liu & F.Q. Feng

Study on life cycle cost for the wheel re-profiling strategy
C.Y. Ren, C. Liang & M. Zheng

A condition warning method of primary equipment considering daily load regularity
J.S. Li, Y.C. Lu, C. Wei, F.B. Tao, P. Wu & M. Yu

Optimization design of automotive shroud part to reduce warpage in injection molding by using the finite element method
G.J. Kang & B.Y. Moon

Parametric analysis of an airfoil aeroelastic system with hysteresis using precise integration method
C.C. Cui, J.K. Liu & Y.M. Chen

A prediction method of dynamic cutting force in the milling process of S45C by flat-end mill cutter
N.T. Nguyen, M.S. Chen, S.C. Huang & Y.C. Kao

The development and philosophical thought for three generations of Artificial Neural Networks
Q. Liu, X.P. Yang, S.W. Han & X.S. Ma

Single Degree of Freedom (SDOF) and finite element analysis of steel column subjected to blast load
M.M. Abdallah & B.H. Osman

Improved Genetic Algorithm for solving large square jigsaw puzzles: An initial exploration
Y.D. Zhang, S.H. Wang, G.L. Ji, S.W. Chen, Q. Wang & C.M. Feng

Structure design and knotting tests of a type of anthropopathic dual-finger knotter
W. Zhang & J. Yin

Die forming of hollow pipe for wall thickness increasing and FEM analysis
H. Kamiyama, S. Nishida, R. Kurihara & M. Fujita

Equivalent strain analysis of piercing process in Diescher’s mill using finite element method
L. Lu & E. Xu

Logistics service quality evaluation model of B2C mode network shopping based on the AHP-BP neural network
C. Deng, P. Sun & R. Pan

Study and application of variation propagation of multi-station assembly processes with compliant autobody parts
A. Cui, S. Zhang, H. Zhang & Y. Luo

Numerical simulation of the whole failure process of rock under various confining pressures
J. Jia, B.L. Xiao & C.R. Ke

Computation and analysis of the caisson wharf
Y. Shi, Q.C. Ning, X. Yang, R. Chen & K. Cui

Numerical simulation of particles’ acting force on the blades of the rotary valve
X.S. Zhu & L.W. He

Behavior of prestressed composite steel-concrete beam during assembly: Numerical modeling
M. Karmazinova & T. Vokaty

Study on EME denoising based on adaptive EEMD and Improved Wavelet Threshold
Z. Yang, J. Cai, G.F. Liu, X. Li & D.D. Ye

Mathematical approaches to evaluating plastic hinge region of flexure-governed shear walls
K.H. Yang

Design of an IOT-based intelligent control system for flower greenhouse
Z. Zhiyong & Z. Man

Probabilistic loss estimates of non-ductile reinforced concrete frames
C.L. Ning

A simplified swelling pressure models for expansive soils based on a nonlinear fitting function
C.W. Yan, Z.Q. Huang & X.C. Huang

The basic study of introduction for the certification system of infill in South Korea
E.K. Hwang, S.R. Park & S.A. Kim

Analysis of geometric nonlinear free vibration of pretensioned rectangular orthotropic membrane structure
Y.H. Zhang, C.J. Liu & Z.L. Zheng

Virtual reconstruction: A brief analysis on the architecture developments of the digital technology era
Y.H. Zhang & Q. Yan

Identifying resolution controlling parameters in the design of Coefficient of Thermal Expansion measurement tool
S.A. Hassan, H.M. Ali, W. Aslam, M.A.A. Khan, M.H. Ajaib & H. Moin

Summary of intelligent power grid fault diagnosis methods
Z. Yu & C. Chen

A novel modified UWB model for multiple cluster
M.X. Shen, X.L. Li & X.Y. Ruan

Contribution to quality research: A literature review of the SERVQUAL model from 1998 to 2013
Y.L. Wang, T.Y. Luor, P. Luarn & H.P. Lu

Civil material and hydrology science application

Waterproof curtain stability analysis of deep foundation pit near lakes or rivers
F.T. Lu, Y.J. Zheng, L.X. Li & S.L. Zhang

Explicit method of solving critical water depth and critical slope of the triangular channel section
H.Y. Gu, Y.C. Han, T.Q. Peng, S.H. Wang & L. Fu

Simulation and analysis of the liquid cargo replenishment of the ship
W. Deng, D.F. Han & W. Wang

The study on swelling behavior of semi-IPN hydrogels consisting of crosslinked PNIPA network and linear Carboxymethyl Chitosan
Y. Chen, W.Y. Liu, G.S. Zeng & J.H. Yang

Analysis on installation accuracy system of fluid floating coupling
Z. Li & W.C. Wang

Study on the two-dimensional magnetic buoyancy force fields inside ferrofluids
X.Q. Jiang & R.L. Jiang

Effect of drop size on the rheology of water-in-oil emulsion
W.Y. Wang & C.W. Liu

Optimization of viscosity model for water-in-oil emulsions
W.Y. Wang

Effect of sintering conditions on performances of LiFePO4 cathode material obtained by liquid-phase method
X.M. Zu, P.F. Bai, J.J. Ma, X.Y. Wang & W.R. Zhao

Viscosity measurement of Newtonian fluids using an in-plane torsional piezoceramic discal resonator
G.J. Xiao, C.L. Pan, Y.B. Liu & Z.H. Feng

Research on the clamping device of the underwater wire rope cutter
Z. Hui

A new type system of pressure regulating and water conveyance based on small and middle hydropower station
S. Feng, Z.M. Su, Y.Z. Yan & F.H. HuangFu

A study on the characteristics and trends of domestic long-life housing research in South Korea
S.R. Park, E.Y. Kim & E.K. Hwang

Explicit normal water depth formulae and optimal economical section of the triangular channel
H.Y. Gu, Y.C. Han, T.Q. Peng & Y. Gao

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Prof. Jong Wan Hu received his MS degrees from (1) G.W.W. School of Mechanical Engineering and (2) School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, respectively, in Georgia Institute of Technology. He then received his Ph.D. degree from School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology. Dr. Hu has been Post-Doctorate Research Fellow at Structural, Mechanics, and Material Research Group in Georgia Institute of Technology. Dr. Hu also worked as an Associate Research Fellow at the Korea Institute of S&T Evaluation and Planning (KISTEP) and an Assistant Administrator at the National S&T Council (NSTC) for two years. He is currently an Assistant Professor in Incheon National University and has been active in the member of ASME and ASCE. He has two professional licenses such as Civil and Structural Professional Engineers (PE). His research interests lay in the area of smart structures, seismic design, composite structures, and finite element modeling. He has been publishing over 50 SCI-indexed and peer-reviewed journal papers.