1st Edition

Advanced Mathematical Techniques in Engineering Sciences

Edited By Mangey Ram, J. Paulo Davim Copyright 2018
    352 Pages
    by CRC Press

    352 Pages 117 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The goal of this book is to publish the latest mathematical techniques, research, and developments in engineering. This book includes a comprehensive range of mathematics applied in engineering areas for different tasks. Various mathematical tools, techniques, strategies, and methods in engineering applications are covered in each chapter.

    Mathematical techniques are the strength of engineering sciences and form the common foundation of all novel disciplines within the field. Advanced Mathematical Techniques in Engineering Sciences provides an ample range of mathematical tools and techniques applied across various fields of engineering sciences. Using this book, engineers will gain a greater understanding of the practical applications of mathematics in engineering sciences.


    • Covers the mathematical techniques applied in engineering sciences

    • Focuses on the latest research in the field of engineering applications

    • Provides insights on an international and transnational scale

    • Offers new studies and research in modeling and simulation

    Application of the Laplace transform in problems of studying the dynamic properties of a material system and in engineering technologies. Fourier series and its applications in engineering. Soft computing techniques and applications. New approach for solving multi-objective transportation problem. An application of dual-response surface optimization methodology to improve the yield of pulp cooking process. Time-dependent conflicting bifuzzy set and its applications in reliability evaluation.  Recent progress on failure time data analysis of repairable system. View-count based modeling for YouTube videos and weighted criteria–based ranking. Market segmentation-based modeling: An approach to understand multiple modes in diffusion curves. Kernel estimators for data analysis. A new technique for constructing exact tolerance limits on future outcomes under parametric uncertainty. Design of neural network–based PID controller for biped robot.while ascending and descending the staircase. Modeling fertility in Murrah bulls with intelligent algorithms. Computational study of the Coanda flow for V/STOL. Introduction to collocation method with application of B-spline basis functions to solve differential equations. Rayleigh’s approximation method on reflection/refraction phenomena of plane SH-wave in a corrugated anisotropic structure.


    Mangey Ram, J. Paulo Davim