1st Edition

Advanced Modern Chinese 高级汉语读本 Learning through Contemporary Film 当代中国电影赏析

By Yujia Ye, Shu Zhang Copyright 2023
    226 Pages
    by Routledge

    226 Pages
    by Routledge

    Advanced Modern Chinese: Learning through Contemporary Film aims to develop advanced-level Chinese students’ language skills through movies and broaden their knowledge about China, while also developing their appreciation of the artistic characteristics of film.

    This textbook is based on the principles of content-based instruction and ACTFL Foreign Language Proficiency Guidelines for the "advanced" level. The authors carefully selected ten movies, of which eight were released after 2015, by filmmakers from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United States. Rich themes are covered in this book and placed in ascending order from easy to difficult. The authors provide an informative movie critique in each lesson, followed by exercises on new words and grammar, pre-class preparation questions, in-depth classroom discussion points and after-class exercises on reading and writing. The authors also provide commentary on film cinematography covering topics such as film type, lens type, sound, editing and light in order to allow students to explore and analyze the artistic characteristics of film more systematically.

    This textbook is specially designed for advanced-level Chinese students to learn Chinese through movies.

    目录 Contents

    前言 Preface

    第一单元:美国人镜头下的中国 China through the Lens of Americans


    Chapter 1: The Farewell: The Story Behind a Lie


    Chapter 2: Mulan: Be True to Yourself

    第二单元:爱的启示 Love and Inspiration


    Chapter 3: Go Away!Mr. Tumor: A Year to Battle Cancer


    Chapter 4: Dear Ex: Is Love a Poison or an Antidote?

    第三单元:校园与社会 Campus and Society


    Chapter 5: Last Train Home: A Journey of No Return

    第六课:《少年的你》: 愿你被世界温柔相待

    Chapter 6: Better Days: May You Be Treated with Tenderness 

    第四单元:道德与法律 Ethics and Law


    Chapter 7: Dearest: Love and Hatred on the Road to Find Lost Children


    Chapter 8: Dying to Survive: The Redemption of Underprivileged People

    第五单元:动画与科幻 Animation and Science Fiction


    Chapter 9: The Wandering Earth: Taking Humans to Wander 


    Chapter 10: Ne Zha: Born to Be a Devil to Rewrite Fate

    电影专业术语表 Film Terms Glossary


    Yujia Ye is an assistant instructional professor in the department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations at the University of Chicago, USA.

    Shu Zhang is an instructor in the department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at Duke University, USA. She has co-authored Test Syllabus Interpretation for International Chinese Language Teacher Certificate.

    "The textbook incorporates the most recent Chinese films (after the 2010s) into the advanced Chinese language teaching and learning, which is innovative and informative. The textbook answers the call of involving more culturally and socially embedded topics into the day-to-day Chinese language teaching and learning practice."

      Dr. Shasha Wang, School of Arts, Culture and Language, Bangor University, Wales, UK