1st Edition

Advanced Molecular Biology A Concise Reference

By Richard Twyman Copyright 1998
    512 Pages
    by Garland Science

    Advanced Molecular Biology emphasises the unifying principles and mechanisms of molecular biology, with frequent use of tables and boxes to summarise experimental data and gene and protein functions. Extensive cross-referencing between chapters is used to reinforce and broaden the understanding of core concepts. This is the ideal source of comprehensive, authoritative and up-to-date information for all those whose work is in the field of molecular biology.

    Preface 1.?Biological Heredity and Variation, 2.?The Cell Cycle 3.?Chromatin 4.?Chromosome Mutation 5.?Chromosome Structure and Function 6.?Development, Molecular Aspects 7.?DNA Methylation and Epigenetic Regulation 8.?The Gene 9.?Gene Expression and Regulation 10.?Gene Transfer in Bacteria 11.?The Genetic Code 12.?Genomes and Mapping 13.?Mobile Genetic Elements 14.?Mutagenesis and DNA Repair 15.?Mutation and Selection 16.?Nucleic Acid Structure 17.?Nucleic Acid-Binding Properties 18.?Oncogenes and Cancer 19.?Organelle Genomes 20.?Plasmids 21.?The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) 22.?Proteins: Structure, Function and Evolution 23.?Protein Synthesis The components of protein synthesis The mechanism of protein synthesis The regulation of protein synthesis 24.?Recombinant DNA and Molecular Cloning 25.?Recombination 26.?Replication 27.?RNA Processing 28.?Signal Transduction


    Richard Twyman

    ' ... this is a very useful book that provides a clear insight into a fascinating area of science.' - Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy

    ' ...In short this is a very useful book that provides a clear insight into the fascinating area of science.' - JAC

    'It is the ideal source of condense up-to-date information for those who work on the field of molecular biology.' - Biologia Planatarium

    ' the publication is a rich and clearly arranged source of information in the area of advanced molecular biology.' - Acta Physiologie Plantarum