1st Edition

Advanced Nanocatalysts for Biodiesel Production

Edited By Bhaskar Singh, Ramesh Oraon Copyright 2023
    318 Pages 20 Color & 54 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    318 Pages 20 Color & 54 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Advanced Nanocatalysts for Biodiesel Production is a comprehensive and advanced book on practical and theoretical concepts of nanocatalysts dealing with future processing techniques towards environmental sustainability. The book critically discusses on latest emerging advanced nanocatalysts for biodiesel production aimed at reducing complexities and cost in the quest to meet future energy demands. Efforts have been made at clarifying the scope and limitations of biodiesel production in large-scale commercialization. The book discusses the size-dependent catalytic properties of nanomaterials and their working mechanisms in biodiesel production. Life cycle assessment of optimized viable feedstock from domestic as well as industrial waste is also addressed to improve the efficiency of biodiesel production.

    The book will be a valuable reference source for researchers and industrial professionals focusing on elementary depth analysis of nanocatalyst multifunctional technological applications in seeking key ideas for mimicking biodiesel production towards ecology and the economy.

    Key Features

    • Provides a comprehensive environmental assessment of advanced nanocatalysts for biodiesel production to meet tha world’s energy demands
    • Discusses the green platform-based nanocatalysts like metal oxides/sulphides, 2D layered material synthesis and their relevance for biodiesel production.
    • Presents a pathway for cheaper, cleaner and more environmentally friendly processing techniques for biodiesel production

    Energy: Present and Future Demands

    Mayank Pandey, Deepak Gusain

    Biodiesel from first-generation feedstocks: Scope and limitations

    Madhu Agrawala, Pushpendra Kushwahaa, Karishma Maheshwaria

    Biodiesel from second-generation feedstock: Role of fat, oil and grease (FOG) as a viable feedstock

    Amjad Ali, Km Abida, and Himmat Singh

    Role of Catalyst and Their Mechanism in Biodiesel Synthesis with Reference to Nanomaterials

    Steven Lim, Sim Jia Huey, Shuit Siew Hoong, and Pang Yean Ling

    Metal oxide/sulphides based nanocatalysts in biodiesel synthesis

    Juan S. Villarreal and José R. Mora

    Magnetic nanomaterials and their relevance in transesterification reactions

    António B Mapossa, and Michael Daramola

    Biomaterials Based Nanocatalysts in Biodiesel Synthesis

    Wanison A. G. Pessoa Jr., Ingrity Suelen Costa Sá, Mitsuo L. Takeno, Silma de S. Barros, Marcia S. F. Lira, Ana E. M de Freitas, Edson Pablo Silva, and Flávio A. de Freitas

    Two Dimensional (2D) Layered Materials as Emerging Nanocatalyst in Production of Biodiesel

    Inbaoli A, Sujith Kumar C S, and Jayaraj S

    Size dependent catalytic properties of nanomaterials, their suitability in terms of efficiency, cost-effectiveness and sustainability

    Sunita Singh, Jitamanyu Chakrabarty

    Utilization of biodiesel by-products in various industrial applications

    Rituraj Dubey and Laxman Singh

    A Life Cycle Assessment of Biodiesel Production

    Mariany C. Deprá, Patrícia Arrojo da Silva, Paola Lasta, Leila Q. Zepka, and Eduardo Jacob-Lopes

    Role of nanocatalysts in Biofuels Production and comparison with Traditional catalysts

    Kamlesh Kumari, Ritu Yadav, Durgesh Kumar, Vijay Kumar Vishvakarma, Prashant Singh, Vinod Kumar, and Indra Bahadur


    Dr. Bhaskar Singh received his Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) India in 2010. Bhaskar Singh also holds an M. Phil. from Pondicherry University, India, with a Gold Medal (2006). He is currently serving as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Environmental Sciences, Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi, India. Dr. Singh is currently engaged in teaching in the thrust areas of Environmental Sciences. Dr. Singh works on various aspects of biodiesel development for its commercial applications. He recently featured in the list of world’s top 2% scientists as per Stanford-Elsevier report. He has published more than 50 research and review papers in peer-reviewed and high-impact international journals.

    Dr Ramesh Oraon is assistant professor in Dept. of Nanoscience and Technology, Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi, India. He obtained his PhD from IIT(ISM) Dhanbad India in 2018. He has been awarded with several fellowships (Brain Korea postdoctoral BK21, DST National Post-doctoral Fellowships NPDF, etc.) and projects (DST EMEQ, BSR start up grant). His research area includes development of hybrid electrode materials for energy and environment applications. He has over 25 publications which includes edited books, book chapters, research paper and review articles of international repute. He teaches various subjects of materials science like self-assembly and molecular engineering, polymer engineering, nanocomposites, etc.