1st Edition

Advanced Nanotechnology in Plants Methods and Applications

Edited By Jen-Tsung Chen Copyright 2023
    289 Pages 36 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Nanotechnology uses nanomaterials/nanoparticles that can penetrate plant cells and interact with intracellular organelles and metabolites impacting plant growth, development, physiology, and biochemistry. Advanced Nanotechnology in Plants: Methods and Applications explores emerging plant nanotechnology, covering advanced methods and applications with an emphasis on the mitigation of plant diseases and environmental stressors. This technology can lead to the improvement of crop quality and yield to face the challenge of global climate change with an expanding global population.


    • Summarizes advanced methods and current applications of nanotechnology to mitigate plant stress
    • Supports the Paris Agreement, which tackles three main objectives for sustainably increasing agricultural productivity and incomes, adapting and building resilience to climate change, and reducing and/or removing greenhouse gas emissions
    • Discusses potential uses and future directions in green nanotechnology for smart and sustainable agriculture
    • The content fits the goals of the UN SDGs contributing to goals 12 and 15 for responsible consumption and production and sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems
    • Provides current research findings of engineered nanoparticles for phytoremediation

    This book is a reference for students, researchers, and scientists in the field of plant sciences and nanotechnology. It is also useful for those in green chemistry, and environmental sciences, and can be a practical handbook for academics, including teachers, students, and agricultural experts.

    Chapter 1 Nanotechnology in Plant Sciences and Agriculture: An Overview

    Masudulla Khan

    Chapter 2 The Application of Nanotechnology to Accelerate Plant Adaptation to Abiotic Stresses

    Saira Zaheer, Junaid Shehzad, Sunbal Khalil Chaudhari, and Ghazala Mustafa

    Chapter 3 Methods for Nanotechnology in Plant Biotic Stress Management

    Sagnik Nag, Subhrojyoti Ghosh, Anuvab Dey, Sourav Majhi, Abhijit Mondal, Anamika Mishra, Oishi Mitra, and Faheem Ahmad

    Chapter 4 The Use of Nanopesticides in Crop Protection

    Anam Choudhary, Nasreen Musheer, Rabiya Basri, Arshi Jamil, and Sabiha Saeed

    Chapter 5 Synthesis and Application of Nano-biofertilizers in Plants

    Battana Swapna, Srinivasan Kameswaran, and Mandala Ramakrishna

    Chapter 6 Biofortification with Zinc: The Use of Nanoparticles as an Alternative to Improve the Nutritional Quality of Crops   

    Alejandro Palacio-Márquez, Carlos A. Ramírez-Estrada, Esteban Sánchez, and Celia Chávez-Mendoza

    Chapter 7 Green Synthesis of Nanoparticles and Applications

    Arshi Anees, Rishil Gupta, P V Phanindra, Oluwatoyin Adenike Fabiyi, Uday Kumar Thera, Tesleem Taye Bello, and Faheem Ahmad

    Chapter 8 Green Nanotechnology for Remediation of Heavy Metal–Contaminated Soils: Current Status and Future Scope     

    Kanika Khanna, Nandni Sharma, Jaspreet Kour, Arun Dev Singh, Sandeep Kour, Tamanna Bhardwaj, Neerja Sharma, Puja Ohri, and Renu Bhardwaj

    Chapter 9 In vitro Production of Plant Bioactive Compounds Enhanced by Nanoparticle Elicitation

    Gilberto Velázquez-Juárez, Janet María León-Morales, José Juvencio Castañeda-Nava, Soledad García-Morales

    Chapter 10 Green Synthesis of Nanoparticles using Endophytes

    Mehreen Shah

    Chapter 11 Phyto-carrier Systems Based on Nanoparticles

    Adina-Elena Segneanu

    Chapter 12 Silver Nanoparticles in Agriculture: Synthesis and Applications

    Iqra Munir, Sunbal Khalil Chaudhari, Madiha Manzoor, Sundas Asghar, and Ghazala Mustafa

    Chapter 13 Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Plant Extracts for Photocatalytic and Antibacterial Activity

    Muhammad Nazim Lakhan, Abdul Hanan, Irfan Ali Soomro, Anisa Ratnasari, Altaf Hussain, Kishore Chand, and Mukhtiar Ahmed

    Chapter 14 Physiological Responses of Plants to Nanoparticles and Chelating Agents

    Soleyman Dayani, Maryam Mazaheri-Tirani, and Ramin Hosseini

    Chapter 15 The Exploitation of Marine Seaweeds for Nanoparticle Biosynthesis and Applications

    Pragya Tiwari, Muhammad Adil, Subir Kumar Bose, Jen-Tsung Chen, and Laurent Dufosse

    Chapter 16 Recent Methods for Producing Alginate Nanoformulations to Alleviate Climate Change Effects

    Fatima El Amerany and Mohammed Rhazi

    Chapter 17 The Application of Nanoparticles in Phytoremediation of Soil and Water Pollution

    Amna Mustafa, Hajra Abid, Khawaja Shafique Ahmad, Ansar Mehmood, Fahim Nawaz, Muhammad Asif Shehzad, Saiqa Nazir, and Sajjad Hussain


    Jen-Tsung Chen is currently a professor at the National University of Kaohsiung in Taiwan. He teaches cell biology, genomics, proteomics, medicinal plant biotechnology, and plant tissue culture. Dr. Chen’s research interests include bioactive compounds, chromatography techniques, plant tissue culture, phytochemicals, and plant biotechnology. He serves as an editorial board member in Plant Methods, Biomolecules, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, and a guest editor in Frontiers in Plant Science, Frontiers in Pharmacology, Journal of Fungi.