1st Edition

Advanced Placement Classroom Romeo and Juliet

By R. Brigham Lampert Copyright 2008
    226 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    Part of Prufrock's new series for the upper level classroom, Advanced Placement Classroom: Romeo and Juliet is a user-friendly guide to teaching one of Shakespeare's classic plays. Featuring more than 50 reproducible pages to supplement student projects, debates, and writings, this guide teaches students to consider new perspectives on the traditional tale. Teachers can implement day-to-day study of the play with intriguing journal prompts, introduce challenging critical thinking with lessons that put Juliet's nurse and Friar Lawrence on mock trial for their role in bringing together the lovers, and much more.

    Prufrock's new line of innovative teaching guides is designed to engage students with creative learning activities that ensure Advanced Placement success. The Teaching Success Guide for the Advanced Placement Classroom series helps teachers motivate students above and beyond the norm by introducing investigative, hands-on activities including debates, role-plays, experiments, projects, and more, all based on Advanced Placement and college-level standards for learning.

    Grades 7-12

    Acknowledgments Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Why Shakespeare? Chapter 3 Why Romeo and Juliet? Chapter 4 Reading Romeo and Juliet Lesson 1: Tchaikovsky’s Symphonic Version of Romeo and Juliet Chapter 5 Understanding Romeo and Juliet Lesson 2: Art? Not Art? Lesson 3: Apothecary’s Cabinet Chapter 6 Performing Romeo and Juliet Lesson 4: Interpretive Group Performances Lesson 5: Courtroom Drama Chapter 7 Talking About Romeo and Juliet Lesson 6: The Play as a Consideration of Government and Law Lesson 7: Art Museum Field Trip Chapter 8 Writing About Romeo and Juliet Glossary Appendix A References Resources for Further Study About the Author Common Core State Standards Alignment


    A National Board Certified Teacher and a Virginia Department of Education Teacher-as-Leader, Lampert has been nominated for several national commendations, including a 2008 Nobel Educator of Distinction selection by the National Society of High School Scholars and a 2006 Disney Teacher Award.

    As part of a new series for upper level classroom instruction, Advanced Placement Classroom: Romeo and Juliet is a teaching guide for presenting Shakespeare's classic play in an engaging, innovative format. Author R. Brigham Lampert has created more than 50 supplemental activities for Romeo and Juliet, including debates, journal writing prompts and critical thinking tasks, in order to encourage higher level analysis by the students. Also included are multiple interpretations of the play and photos of Renaissance-era constructions used to develop the students' understanding of the time period when this story took place. Each activity is based on Advanced Placement and college-level standards for learning. This guide will encourage creative and critical thinking as well as in-depth investigation of one of the most well-known plays in history.,Gifted Child Today, 12/1/09
    The intellectually rigorous quality of the materials make the book valuable. Even instructors focusing on other Shakespearean plays will likely find inspiring and innovative ideas to borrow from Lampert's rich set of pedagogical practices.,Megan Lynn Isaac,VOYA, 12/1/09