1st Edition

Advanced Power Electronics Converters for Future Renewable Energy Systems

    358 Pages 279 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book narrates an assessment of numerous advanced power converters employed on primitive phase to enhance the efficiency of power translation pertaining to renewable energy systems. It presents the mathematical modelling, analysis, and control of recent power converters topologies, namely, AC/DC, DC/DC, and DC/AC converters. Numerous advanced DC-DC Converters, namely, multi-input DC-DC Converter, Cuk, SEPIC, Zeta and so forth have been assessed mathematically using state space analysis applied with an aim to enhance power efficiency of renewable energy systems.

    The book:

    • Explains various power electronics converters for different types of renewable energy sources
    • Provides a review of the major power conversion topologies in one book
    • Focuses on experimental analysis rather than simulation work
    • Recommends usage of MATLAB, PSCAD, and PSIM simulation software for detailed analysis
    • Includes DC-DC converters with reasonable peculiar power rating

    This book is aimed at researchers, graduate students in electric power engineering, power and industrial electronics, and renewable energy.

    1. Three-Port DC-DC Converters for Integration of Solar PV and Energy Storage Devices with LVDC Distribution System. Modelling a Battery and SOC Calculation using Coulomb Counting Technique and Simulation of Equalising Techniques used in Battery Management Systems 3. Design and Control of Bidirectional SEPIC/Zeta Converter 4. Solar Powered Gearless Elevator Drive Control using Four Quadrant DC to DC Converter System 5. Non-Isolated Quadratic Bidirectional DC-DC Converters for Renewable Energy Systems 6. Modeling and MPPT Control of a PMSG based Wind Turbine System 7. DC/AC power converters for hybrid renewable energy based applications 8. Single-Stage Grid-connected Solar Inverter MPPT based on Direct DC-Link Voltage Control using Hiking-PSO Algorithm 9. A Review on Cascaded H-Bridge and Modular Multilevel Converter: Topologies, Modulation technique and Comparative Analysis 10. Review Analysis of Cascaded H-Bridge and Modular Multilevel Inverters 11. Development of BESS with PV Output Characteristics for Direct PV String DC Coupling using Half-Bridge Bidirectional DC-DC Converter 12. A New Hybrid Islanding Detection Technique for Microgrid using Virtual Synchronous Machine 13. Behavioural Analysis of Multi-Source DC to DC Converter for Integrating Renewable Energy and Sourcing to Residential Loads 14. Analysis, Modelling and Design of DSP TMS320F2812 based Digital PI controller for DC-DC Buck converter


    Neeraj Priyadarshi, C. Bharatiraja