1st Edition

Advanced Quality Function Deployment

ISBN 9781574443219
Published December 13, 2001 by CRC Press
208 Pages 51 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

A versatile manual that can be used to stimulate product innovation, benchmarking analysis, and engineering design, this book goes beyond theory to provide relevant advanced methods and techniques that readers can apply in their work for both short- and long-term results. The author links Quality Function Deployment (QFD) with other quality design techniques and discusses processes for improving its effectiveness. He also highlights methods for selecting a product's technical features. Real implementation case studies and numerous examples illustrate the concepts, including the Qualitometro method for designing and measuring quality in the service sector.

Table of Contents

Quality and Innovation: A Conceptual Model of their Interaction
Quality and Innovation
Lean and Integrated System
Tools and Supporting Techniques for Design Quality
Design and Supporting Tools
Quality Function Deployment (QFD)
Interest Aroused by QFD
The QFD Approach
The Stages of Development
The House of Quality
The Organizational Structure
Benefits Obtainable from QFD Usage
Applying QFD
The Customer
Creating the Relationship Matrix
Expected Quality Deployment
Technical Comparison
Correlations Among Characteristics
The Supporting Tool of QFD
Assigning Levels of Importance to Customer Requirements
Prioritizing the Technical Characteristics
Normalizing the Coefficients of the Relationship Matrix
QFD and Value Analysis
Selecting a Product's Technical Features
Problem Formulation
The Product-Pencil Example
Discussion of the Results and Observations
APPENDIX - Qbench Algorithm
The Prioritization of Technical/Engineering Design Characteristics
The Conversion if Relationship Matrix Coefficients
QFD and Multiple Criteria Decision Aid
The IDRR Algorithm for the Prioritization of Product's Technical Design Requirements
The Ranking of Technical Design Characteristics
The Algorithm IDRR (Interactive Design Requirements Ranking)
An Example of Application
Discussion and Observations
How to Improve the Use of QFD
House of Quality Supporting Tools
An Application Example
Comments and Observations
Setting up Sizable Projects: The Constraints of Quality
The "Traditional" Set Up of Designs
The Design of a PLC Using QFD
QFD Developments
Designing and Measuring Quality in the Service Sector
Particular Characteristics of the Service Sector
The Quality Status of Art in Services
A Conceptual Model of Service Quality
The Service Quality Determinants
The "Qualitometro" Method
APPENDIX - the Qualitometro form
An Application of Quality Function Deployment to Industrial Training Courses
Different Customers with Different Needs
Customer Satisfaction Analysis
Demanded Quality Chart
Service Characteristics Chart
Prioritization of Service Quality Characteristics
Some Results
Final Considerations about Case Study

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