1st Edition

Advanced Reading Instruction in Middle School A Novel Approach (Grades 6-8)

By Janice I. Robbins Copyright 2016
    200 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    Addressing the needs of academically advanced young adolescents in reading is a tall order. Advanced Reading Instruction in Middle School offers teachers a structured process for guiding students in preparing for collaborative discussions about books. Structured discussions enable students to examine the author's work together as they respond to essential questions, using evidence from the reading. Students are directed to make personal connections to story characters, plots, and settings. They are asked to explore the writer's craft through the examination of selected words, structures, settings, and literary devices incorporated in the novels. This guide includes specific literary analysis activities suitable for the six types of fiction presented and offers annotated lists of recommended advanced-level books of each type, including those recommended in the CCSS. The guide also supports the social and emotional issues of early adolescents, offering specific works suitable for a range of common topics such as identity, friendships, high expectations, and feelings of isolation.

    Grades 6-8

    Acknowledgments/Dedication Overview CHAPTER 1 Introduction to the Novel Approach CHAPTER 2 The Gifted Reader CHAPTER 3 The Art of Questioning CHAPTER 4 Thoughtful Discussion CHAPTER 5 Building Concepts and Vocabulary CHAPTER 6 The Elements of a Novel CHAPTER 7 The Realistic Novel CHAPTER 8 The Historical Novel CHAPTER 9 The Mystery Novel CHAPTER 10 The Science Fiction Novel CHAPTER 11 The Fantasy Novel CHAPTER 12 The Graphic Novel CHAPTER 13 Developmental Bibliotherapy: Supporting Advanced Readers CHAPTER 14 Technology, Students, and Novels:A Powerful Combination References About the Author Common Core State Standards Alignment


    Janice I. Robbins, Ph.D., is an instructor in gifted education at the College of William and Mary. She was formerly Curriculum Chief for the Department of Defense Schools worldwide as well as a district gifted coordinator, principal, and teacher.