1st Edition

Advanced Sales Management Handbook and Cases Analytical, Applied, and Relevant

By Linda Orr Copyright 2012
    216 Pages 25 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    216 Pages 25 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Advanced Sales Management Handbook and Cases: Analytical, Applied, and Relevant will fill the need in the market for a solid case work, role play, and activity book. It has been written by sales teaching professionals and sales executives. The life experiences of professionals with varied experiences will provide students with a solid foundation for learning. This will give college professors from around the world a better opportunity to ensure quality of learning. The book is intended to be supplemental to any other sales management text on the market, but could be used alone in an advanced sales management or marketing analytics course in which the students already have the base theoretical knowledge.

    The various cases, role plays, and experiential exercises in this book will follow the same topical structure of other sales management texts so that any sales management instructor can readily adopt this supplemental book. For many of the cases, actual data has been given so that students are required to use and understand analytical software.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: Introduction to Sales Management

    What is Sales Management and how does it relate to Other Aspects of Marketing?

    The Complexities of Sales Management Today

    Sales Management Trends

    Changing Corporate Cultures

    Changing Customers

    Changing Needs of Sales Managers

    Aspects of Effective Sales Management

    Case 1.1: The Low Price Gets the Job!

    Case 1.2: The Growth of the CPO

    Case 1.3: High Turnover in High Fashion

    Chapter 2: Review of Professional Selling

    Types of Selling: Moving Towards Selling Models of Today

    The Sales Process

    Prospecting and Qualifying

    Research and Planning


    Needs Discovery

    Linking Solutions to Needs: The Presentation

    Handling Concerns

    Establishing Commitment

    Adding Value and Follow-Up

    Concluding Remarks on the Sales Process

    Case 2.1: Trip Report for Prince Corporation - November 13-16

    Case 2.2 – SolNow Sales Training Results – What’s a sales manager to do?

    Case 2.3: Avalon Personal Care Sales Call Role Play

    Chapter 3: Changing Buyer Needs and the Effect on Sales Management

    Customer Needs for Greater Salesperson Knowledge

    Customer Needs for Better Communication

    Customer Needs for Customer Focused Products

    Case 3.1: Smith & Alvarez – Selling in an industry with diverse and demanding buyers

    Case 3.2 Parker Pottery and Challenges with Reverse Logistics

    Case 3.3: Staying Out of the Distribution Trap

    Chapter 4: Ethical and Legal Issues in Sales Management

    Development of Moral Reasoning

    Creating and Ethical Climate

    Case 4.1: Sexual Harassment in the Pharmaceutical Industry

    Case 4.2: Troubles with Alcoholism

    Case 4.3: Ethical Behavior at Limited Supply, Inc.

    Chapter 5: Sales Force Technology

    An Initial Perspective on Sales Technology: What is it?

    The Business Challenge: Why Invest in Sales Technology?

    Reasons to encourage the use of SFA

    Sales force automation failures

    Assigned Responsibilities for SFA Vary.

    The Importance of Communicating the Value of SFA to Sales.

    SFA Effectiveness Can Be Hampered by Technology Itself.

    SFA Training is lacking.

    Organizational Goals for SFA Differ

    Emerging Sales technologies – looking forward towards greater productivity

    Case 5.1: Nationwide - Delivering an On Your Side® Experience

    Case 5.2 Alexander Technical Resources

    Chapter 6: Sales Strategy, Organizational Integration, and Sales Processes

    The Components and Benefits of Strategy Planning

    Strategic Organizational Integration

    Formal Sales Processes

    Steps to Create Sales Processes

    Case 6.1: Halloway Corporation and the reactive manager

    Case 6.2: Successful Staffing, LLC: Working with an underperforming salesperson

    Case 6.3: Sales Processes at Bruno Builders

    Chapter 7: Sales Forecasting, Quota Setting, and Budgeting

    Qualitative Forecasting Techniques

    Quantitative Forecasting Methods

    Setting Quotas

    Step 1: Establish parameters for developing quotas

    Step 2: Add a growth expectation

    Step 3: Adapt the quotas to each sales rep

    Step 4: Get buy-in from the sales team

    Step 5: Adapt quotas to market realities

    Establishing Sales Budgets

    Case 7.1: Forecasting at Snake River Industrial

    Case 7.2: Fun Spirit, LLC – Forecasting and Budgeting

    Case 7.3: Setting Quotas at Havannah Polymer Solutions


    Chapter 8: Territory Design and Customer Organization

    Organizing Customers and Markets

    Single Factor Models

    Portfolio Models

    Decision Models

    Other Factors to Consider

    Understand the Sales Cycle

    Workload Analysis

    Designing Territories

    Signs Indicating the Need for Territorial Revisions

    Outsourcing the Sales Force

    Case 8.1A: What is the most effective sales structure for future growth?

    Case 8.1B: Is under-performance because the territory can’t give up the number or the rep is a poor talent?

    Case 8.2: Bill’s Restaurant Supply

    Case 8.3: Play at Home – Restructuring Customer Strategies

    Case 8.4: Allegheny Steel and James Douglas Industries

    Chapter 9: Recruitment, Selection, and Continual Improvement of the Workforce

    Challenges of Hiring Today

    The Costs of a Bad Hire

    Strategic Recruitment and Selection

    Continual Improvement through Training and Development

    Unfortunate Facts about Current Training

    Steps of Good Training

    Continual Accounting and Evaluation of Training

    Case 9.1: Down Home Molding, LLC

    Case 9.2: Pre-hire sales representative testing at Tremlon Tool

    Case 9.3: Training and Employee Development

    Chapter 10: Sales Leadership, Motivation, and Compensation


    Motivation and Compensation

    Types of Rewards

    Does money motivate people?

    How to set up a compensation plan

    Current Trends in Compensation

    Case 10.1: Leadership and Compensation at National Finance Masters

    Case 10.2: Leadership Issues at MedPlus

    Case 10.3: Communications Specialists

    Chapter 11: Comprehensive Cases

    Case 11.1: MedEx Medical Services

    Case 11.2: Mary’s Beauty in an Emerging Market

    Case 11.3: People Connections, LLC

    Case 11.4: Eagle Home products


    Dr. Linda M. Orr is an Assistant Professor of Marketing and the Director of the Fisher Institute for Professional Selling at the University of Akron. She is a co-editor of two books, "Direct Marketing in Action: Cutting Edge Strategies for Finding and Keeping your Best Customers," Finalist for the American Marketing Association’s Berry Book Prize for the Best Book in Marketing, and "Marketing in the 21st Century: Volume 3: Company and Customer Relations."