1st Edition

Advanced Studies in Multi-Criteria Decision Making

    276 Pages 96 B/W Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

    274 Pages 96 B/W Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

    274 Pages 96 B/W Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

    With contributions from some of the top academics and scientists in the field, Advanced Studies in Multi-Criteria Decision Making presents an updated view of the landscape of Decision Sciences, current research topics, the interaction with other sciences and fields, as well as the prospects and challenges at an international level.

    Given that Decision Sciences are recognized today as indispensable for confronting the major societal challenges in science and technology, this book would be of interest to decision-makers, managers, and researchers from academia, and industrial/services companies that would like a fresh insight into MCDM.


    • Integrates a wide range of scientific fields with a general reader approach, including applied researchers from the social, business, enterprise sciences

    • Suitable for academics and professionals

    • Presents a broad coverage of MCDM tools either in industry or in services companies and systems

    • Provides a fresh overview on MCDM studies promoted by prestigious R&D institutions

    Chapter 1: Implications of World Mega Trends for MCDM Research
    Hannele Wallenius and Jyrki Wallenius

    Chapter 2: MCDA/M in Telecommunication Networks - challenges and trends
    João Clímaco and José Craveirinha

    Chapter 3: SISTI: a multicriteria approach to structure complex decision problems
    Maria Franca Norese

    Chapter 4: Applying Intangible Criteria in Multiple Criteria Optimization Problems: Challenges and Solutions
    Marina V. Polyashuk

    Chapter 5: Some methods and algorithms for constructing smart city rankings
    Esther Dopazo and Maria L. Martínez-Cespedes

    Chapter 6: Agricultural Supply Chains Prioritization for Development of affected areas by the Columbian conflict
    Eduar Aguirre and Pablo Manyoma

    Chapter 7: Decision Making and Robust Optimization for Medicines Shortages in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chains
    João Luís de Miranda, Mariana Nagy and Miguel Casquilho

    Chapter 8: Using spatial decision models for rank ordering chocolates
    Valérie Brison, Claudia Delbaere, Marc Pirlot, and Koen Dewettinck

    Chapter 9: Multicriteria Decision Planning with Anticipatory Networks to Ensuring the Sustanaibality of a Digital Knowledge Platform
    Andrzej M.J. Skulimowski

    Chapter 10: A Robust Approach for Course-of-Action Comparison and Selection in Operation Planning Process
    Ahmet Kandakoglu and Sarah Ben Amor

    Chapter 11: Analysis of Relation Between Human Development and Competitiveness Using Fuzzy ANP and DEA*
    Hakan Kiliç, Özgür Kabak


    Sarah Ben Amor holds an MSc and a PhD in Business Administration, specialising in operations and decision support. Her research is focused on multi-criteria decision making. It looks mainly at uncertainty modelling, information imperfections and how they are treated in multi-criteria decision analysis. Her expertise in model building and uncertainties associated with multi-criteria analysis has benefited various R&D projects for Defence R&D Canada – Valcartier, particularly with regard to risk analysis. She also has numerous applications in different fields such as finance, innovation and healthcare systems.

    João Luís de Miranda is Adjunct Professor (Tenure Nomination) at College of Technology and Management (Portalegre Polytechnics Institute, Portugal) and researcher in Optimization methods and Process Systems Engineering (PSE) at CERENA (Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa). He has been teaching for about two decades in the Mathematics group (mainly: Calculus, Operations Research, Numerical Analysis, Quantitative Methods, Multivariate Analysis) and he is Author/Editor of several publications in Optimization, PSE, and Education subjects in Engineering and OR/MS contexts. He is also interested in strength the referred subjects through international cooperation in multidisciplinary frameworks.

    Emel Aktas holds a Chair of Supply Chain Analytics and Professor at Cranfield School of Management. She specialises in mathematical modelling, simulation, decision support systems, and statistical analysis to address supply chains problems, specifically in transport, retail, and manufacturing sectors. Her recent research focuses on food supply chain management, with one project (SAFE-Q) on minimising the waste in food supply chains and another (U-TURN) on logistics collaboration practises for distribution of food in the cities. Her work has appeared in European Journal of Operational Research, Interfaces, International Journal of Production Economics, and Computers and Human Behaviour.

    Adiel Teixeira de Almeida is Full Professor of management engineering at Universidade Federal de Pernambuco and founding coordinator of the CDSID (Center for Decision Systems and Information Development). He holds a PhD in management engineering from The University of Birmingham, UK. His main interests are in decision-making related to multiple objectives and group decision problems, which includes methodological issues and applications. Also, he has been working as a consultant and with R&D projects for private and public organizations, where he has applied decision models in many contexts, such as: risk analysis, reliability and maintenance, project portfolio, R&D project portfolio, project management, strategic modeling, outsourcing, information systems, supply chain, and water management. He has authored or co-author over 120 scientific papers in reviewed journals related to a variety of topics such as: Operational Research, Group Decision and Negotiation (GDN), Decision Systems, MCDM/A (Multicriteria Decision Making and Aid), Risk, Reliability, Maintenance, Safety, Quality, and Water Resources and serves on the editorial board of some scholarly journals, including: GDN Journal, IMA Journal of Management Mathematics, International Journal of Decision Support System Technology and EURO Journal on Decision Processes. He has been an active member of the main societies related to Operational Research, Group Decision, MCDM/A topics. Currently, he serves the GDN Section of INFORMS as Vice-President and served, until 2019, the council of the MCDM Section of INFORMS and the Executive Committee of the International Society on Multiple Criteria Decision Making. He is an Associate Research Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (FIMA). He also received in 2017 the INFORMS GDN Section Award.