1st Edition

Advances and Trends in Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Computation

Edited By Alphose Zingoni Copyright 2010

    Advances and Trends in Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Computation features over 300 papers classified into 21 sections, which were presented at the Fourth International Conference on Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Computation (SEMC 2010, Cape Town, South Africa, 6-8 September 2010). The SEMC conferences have been held every 3 years in Cape Town, and since then brought together academics, researchers and practitioners active in structural mechanics, associated computation and structural engineering.  The main purpose of the conferences was to review recent achievements in the advancement of knowledge and understanding in these areas, share the latest developments, and address the challenges that the present and the future pose.

    All major aspects of structural mechanics, associated computation and structural engineering are addressed in the present volume, including: structural mechanics (dynamics, vibration, impact, buckling, seismic response, fluid-structure interaction, soil-structure interaction); mechanics of materials (plasticity, fracture, fatigue, creep, shrinkage, damage, deterioration); numerical/computational modelling (numerical methods, formulations, finite-element modelling, structural modelling, material modelling, simulations); structural engineering and construction in the various materials (steel, concrete, timber, masonry, glass, steel-concrete composite, fibre-reinforced composite, laminated composite); design, construction and operational considerations (fire resistance, seismic resistance, loading, safety and reliability, codification, design optimisation, construction, assembly, monitoring, maintenance, repair, retrofitting). The structures dealt with include all sorts of buildings, sports facilities, bridges, viaducts, tunnels, underground structures, foundation structures, coastal structures, dams,  industrial towers and masts, containment structures (silos, tanks and pressure vessels), ship and aircraft structures, motor-vehicle structures, mechanical components and biological structures.

    Advances and Trends in Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Computation is published as a book of extended abstracts, and an accompanying CD-ROM with the full papers, and will be much of interest to engineers, academics and researchers in civil, structural, mechanical and aerospace engineering, and to those concerned with the analysis, design, construction and maintenance of engineering structures.



    1. Keynotes

    Challenges and advances in the analysis of structures
    K.J. Bathe

    Recent developments in structural control research and applications in China
    H.N. Li & L.S. Huo

    South African Stadium Projects: Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town
    K. Göppert

    Life-cycle performance, reliability, redundancy and optimal management of infrastructure systems: Applications to bridges and naval ships
    D.M. Frangopol & N.M. Okasha

    The use of Eurocode 3 “Design of Steel Structures” in the design and verification of joints
    F.S.K. Bijlaar

    Design life of thin-walled concrete domes
    E. Hamed, M.A. Bradford, R.I. Gilbert & Z.-T. Chang

    2. Dynamic analysis, vibration analysis, vibration control

    Structural dynamics research and applications (Invited Paper)
    D. Thambiratnam

    Dynamic response of large primary structures to wind loads: Experimental tests in wind tunnel (Invited Paper)
    C. Borri, P. Biagini & C. Mannini

    On space-time isogeometric analysis of panel flutter
    H. Netuzhylov &A. Zilian

    Computation method for the prediction of gust-induced vibrations for permeable membrane cladding elements
    F. Kemper, M. Feldmann & J. Kuck

    Aerodynamic force coefficients for rain-wind induced vibrations from full-scale measurements
    M. Clobes, O. Steiln & U. Peil

    Shape modifications of bridge cables for aerodynamic vibration control
    K. Kleissl & C.T. Georgakis

    Pedestrian induced vertical vibrations: Response to running using the Response Spectrum Method
    G. Matteoni & C.T. Georgakis

    Human induced vibrations of lightweight floor systems supported by cold-formed steel joists
    W. Rack & J. Lange

    A new method for evaluation and assessment of floor vibration
    Ch. Heinemeyer, M. Feldmann & F. Galanti

    Dynamic testing of bracing patterns of a demountable grandstand
    S. Nhleko, A. Blakeborough, M.S.Williams & J. Whittle

    Asymptotic results for highly anisotropic spinning disks
    C.D. Coman

    Modelling and verifying of an anthropomorphic passenger dummy model using multibody dynamics
    F. Möller, A. Gessler & M. Feldmann

    Transmissibility of whole-body vibration experienced by off-road vehicle operators based on ISO 2631-1 and ISO 2631-5
    S.A. Aye & P.S. Heyns

    Dynamic behaviour of soil-steel bridges
    Z. Manko & D. Beben

    The stick-slip joint effect on dynamics behaviour of nonlinear beam
    S.A. Karim, A. Dafnis & H.-G. Reimerdes

    Algorithms for time-domain transformations to treat wave propagation in soil
    J. Bochert

    Effect of variable geometric piezoelectric patches on vibration of FG plate under constant electric charge
    S.M.R. Khalili, H. Zoohor, H. Pourrostami & N.S. Viliani

    Effects of rotation and thermoelastic/pyroelectric couplings on the dispersion of acoustic surface waves in a piezothermoelastic half-space
    M. Sanbi, E. Essoufi, L.A. Faik & M. Rahmoune

    Thermoelastic and pyroelectric coupling effects on dynamics and active control of smart structures using finite element method with localized thermopiezoelectric elements
    M. Sanbi, L.A. Faik & M. Rahmoune

    3. Seismic response, seismic design

    Towards earthquake resistant design of steel buildings for uniform ductility demands (Invited Paper)
    M.T. Kyrkos & S.A. Anagnostopoulos

    Early observations from the magnitude Mw 7.0 January 12, 2010 Haiti earthquake (Invited Paper)
    A.S. Elnashai &A. Lewis

    Vulnerability of buildings due to far-field effects of earthquakes (Invited Paper)
    T. Balendra & Z.J. Li

    Time delay effects of earthquake excitation on responses in high-rise buildings
    D.S. Li, H.N. Li & L. Ren

    The L’Aquila earthquake of April 6th 2009: Seismic response of the hospital facilities
    C. Casarotti, S. Peloso &A. Pavese

    Development of Performance Based Tsunami Engineering (PBTE)
    I.N. Robertson

    Seismic behaviour of prefabricated concrete sandwich panels
    D.A. Bournas, A. Pavese & S. Peloso

    Relationship between seismic index of structure and seismic response of retrofitted RC structure
    T. Takatani & M. Mori

    Definition of conservative design values of the residuals of seismic response parameters of RC frames
    A. D’Ambrisi & M. Mezzi

    Seismic analysis method of structure with passive energy dissipation devices
    G. Li, H.N. Li &Y.G. Li

    An experimental investigation of the seismic behaviour of semi-supported steel shear walls
    A. Jahanpour, J. Jönsson & H. Moharrami

    Stiffness and damping aspects of fiber reinforced elastomeric bearings
    U. Gerhaher, A. Strauss & K. Bergmeister

    The design, experiment and application of coupling beam dampers
    J. Teng, B.-T. Ma,W.-H. Li, D.X. Cao, H. Zhang, B.Wu, Z.Wang & D.R. Zhou

    Different seismic behaviour of RC frame structures modeled with and without masonry infills
    T. Trombetti, L. Landi, S. Silvestri, G. Gasparini & I. Ricci

    Nonlinear seismic response reduction of different types of structures using two types dampers
    J.T. Qu & H.N. Li

    Parametric study on structural behaviour of shear walled systems
    F.G. Gülay, A.E. Toprak & F. Doˇgan

    Seismic assessment of a gravity-load designed R/C frame with masonry infills
    M. Valente

    Response analysis of base isolated railway bridges
    B. Del Principe, L. Di Sarno, L. Evangelista & E. Cosenza

    A predictive FE model for a simple precast concrete panel wall subjected to moderate shaking
    F.A. Malhas & H.H. Nassif

    Maximum seismic rotational response of multi-storey structures
    S. Silvestri, G. Gasparini &T. Trombetti

    3D time history analysis of RC structures versus commercial methods with attention to the modeling of floor slabs and near versus far-fault earthquakes
    A. Mortezaei & H.R. Ronagh

    Modeling and design issues of non load-bearing permanent shuttering systems with concrete under seismic loads
    S. Peloso, I. Lanese, A. Pavese &A. Zanardi

    Effect of shear wall and steel bracing as lateral load resisting system on a ten storey building
    S.V. Venkatesh, H. Sharada Bai & R. Rajeshwari

    Distribution of peak inter-story drift for estimating non-structural elements vulnerability
    I. Mahmoodzadeh-kani, A.D.R. Abadi &A. Taghaveekanee

    Suppression of wind induced vibration using elevated service reservoir as tuned mass damper
    N. Chetia & S. Talukdar

    Evaluation of damping matrix for buildings
    A. Hemmati & M. Gerami

    4. Material modelling, numerical methods, numerical formulations, FEM modelling

    Particle dynamic methods for microsystem applications (Invited Paper)
    J.G. Korvink, D. Kauzlaric, D.Weiß, J. Lienemann, A. Greiner, O. Liba &Y. Hanein

    Introduction of multi-scale modeling techniques for the analysis of long span FRP composite bridges (Invited Paper)
    M.S. Cheung, B.Y.B. Chan & H.H. Almansour

    High-performance finite element and coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian simulations of pile installation processes (Invited Paper)
    J. Grabe & S. Henke

    Identification of material properties for a unified visco-plasticity model and application to isothermal and anisothermal experimental data
    C.J. Hyde,W. Sun, T.H. Hyde &Y.P. Gong

    A nonlinear micropolar continuum theory for initial plasticity
    I. Münch & P. Neff

    A new material model for concrete within microplane framework. Part I: Constitutive formulation and computational algorithm
    J. Li & N.V. Tue

    A new material model for concrete within microplane framework. Part II: Numerical validation and application to structural analysis
    J. Li & N.V. Tue

    A micromorphic theory and its application to elastic size-scale effects
    S. Braun, S. Skatulla, H.-D. Beushausen & C. Sansour

    Nonlinear analysis of large concrete structures using a finite element shell model
    J.Wasner &V. Sigrist

    Compact RC structures with textile strengthening: Computational models and application
    F. Steinigen,W. Graf & M. Kaliske

    Isogeometrical analysis of functionally graded materials in plane elasticity problems
    B. Hassani & N.Z. Moghaddam

    Investigation and modeling of the glued steel-glass connection used in hybrid beam
    M. Netusil & M. Eliasova

    Coupled hygro-mechanical stress analysis on adhesive material under hot/wet environments
    X. Jiang, H. Kolstein & F.S.K. Bijlaard

    A Genetic Algorithm based procedure for the constitutive characterization of composite plates using dispersive guided waves data
    A. Marzani, M. Mazzotti, E. Viola, L. De Marchi, N. Speciale & P. Rizzo

    A viscoplastic constitutive equation for the modelling of tailings heaps consisting of rock salt
    S.Wachter & R. Katzenbach

    Advances in strongly-coupled fluid-structure interaction by space-time finite elements
    A. Zilian & S. Reinstädler

    Tools for modeling fluid-structure interaction via Lagrangian FEM
    D. Krybus & B. Patzak

    Simulation of permeation tests on articular cartilage under different testing conditions
    G. Spatafora, F. Gervaso & F. Boschetti

    A posterior error estimation in the isogeometrical analysis method
    B. Hassani, A. Ganjali & M. Tavakkoli

    Numerical design of geothermal projects
    U. Arslan & H. Huber

    Numerical modeling of the behaviour of multiple-cable-pylon cap joint in a cable roof structure
    W.A. Salah Khalil, M.A. Gizejowski & S.Wierzbicki

    A “simple beam” revisited
    R.P. Prukl

    Finite element analysis modelling of full scale 5-ton electric overhead travelling crane and the crane supporting structure
    T.N. Haas, P.E. Dunaiski & P. Mainçon

    Numerical models of lightweight roof structures
    J. Re˛bielak

    5. Damage mechanics, fracture, fatigue, blast, impact,damage modelling

    A thermodynamic approach to nonlocal strain damage
    F.M. de Sciarra

    Fracture mechanical based assessment of partial penetration welds in T- and cross joints
    B. Eichler & M. Feldmann

    Fracture criterion for all concretes: Normal, lightweight, high- and ultra-high-performance concrete
    K. Speck & M. Curbach

    Fracture mechanics test specimen design for cementitious composites
    J. Zatloukal, R. Sovják & P. Konvalinka

    Perturbation problems for interfacial cracks
    A. Piccolroaz, G. Mishuris &A.B. Movchan

    Fatigue performance of pre-stressed and reinforced concrete
    M. Foglar

    High frequency hammer peening: Enhancement of lifetime of fatigue loaded steel structures
    T. Ummenhofer & R. Puthli

    Steel frame structures under blast loading
    J. Mediavilla & F. Soetens

    Performance of reinforced concrete columns under vehicular impacts
    T. Gurbuz, D. Thambiratnam, N. Perera &A. Ilki

    Spatial statistical analyses for time-dependent corroded surfaces of carbon steel plates in various corrosive environments
    S. Kainuma, Y. Mukaigawa, Y. Itoh, Y. Jeong & I.T. Kim

    Prediction of whole process of concrete cracking under combined steel corrosion and service load
    S.-T. Yang, C.-Q. Li & O. Harireche

    6. Loading on structures, structural analysis, testing, practical structural design

    Probabilistic basis of present codes of practice (Invited Paper)
    M. Holicky & J.V. Retief

    Application of computational mechanics in design of tall buildings (Invited Paper)
    K. Kayvani

    Impact of engineering seismicity and cyclic load on a prefabricated planar structure of a multi-storey building (Invited Paper)
    J.Witzany, T. Cˇejka & R. Zigler

    A beam element for the analysis of framed structures with multiple discontinuities (Invited Paper)
    S. Caddemi, I. Caliò, M. Marletta & D. Rapicavoli

    Design of sport stadia:Wind action perspective
    A.M. Goliger, M. Gizejowski, M. C´wik & J. Mahachi

    Numerical method for live load distribution in road bridges
    J. Hołowaty

    The computational estimating of safety load factors and silo wall strength according to experimental and theoretical loads of pressure of bulk materials
    M. Kaminski & M. Maj

    Comparative study of wind loads on gable roof buildings with and without attached canopies
    R. Goyal &A.K. Ahuja

    An ACS algorithm for the formation of subminimal-suboptimal cycle bases
    A. Kaveh & M. Jahanshahi

    Excel for advanced structural analysis
    R. Barker

    Theory for large complicated space bar structures with algorithms and programs
    J.B. Obre˛bski

    Design assisted by testing: A tool for the design resistance determination
    M. Karmazínová & J.J. Melcher

    Design, construction and shake table testing of a full-scale seven-story apartment building
    J.W. van de Lindt, S.E. Pryor & S. Pei

    Gautrain Southern Viaducts designed to Eurocode
    W.J. Martin

    Buitengragt structural steel pedestrian bridge: A continuous asymmetrical box girder
    J.R.B. Anderson

    Study of the structural behaviour of low/medium/high rise reinforced concrete residential buildings in Kuwait
    T.A. Awida

    Design of the Nasrec Transportation Hub roof
    N. Featherston & D. Middleton

    On the calculation of Eurocode 3 buckling interaction factors for combined bending and axial compression
    D. Green &A. Zingoni

    7. Plates, shells, pipes, laminated composites, sandwich structures

    Finite rotation finite element analysis of layered composite plates and shells (Invited Paper)
    R. Schmidt, S. Tiranasavasdi &T.D. Vu

    Hybrid active-passive laminated structures: Modeling, optimization and identification (Invited Paper)
    A.L. Araújo, C.M. Mota Soares, C.A. Mota Soares & J. Herskovits

    Stability of sandwich barrelled shell under pressure (Invited Paper)
    K. Magnucki & P. Jasion

    Power towers: On structural engineering problems of solar updraft chimneys (Invited Paper)
    W.B. Kraetzig, R. Harte, U. Montag & M. Graffmann

    Structural optimization of solar towers to minimize wind induced effects
    C. Borri, F. Lupi & H.-J. Niemann

    New direction of cooling towers monitoring and diagnostics
    J. Bydzovsky, Z. Snirch &A. Dufka

    Application of sandwich-structures in steel bridges
    S. Möller, M. Feldmann & G. Sedlacek

    Optimum design of a composite morphing leading edge for high lift wing
    R. Morishima & S. Guo

    Localized buckling in sandwich beam-columns
    S. Yiatros & M.A.Wadee

    Application of generalized differential quadrature method to bending analysis of laminated thick plates with mixed boundary conditions
    S. Fazeli, M. Salehi, A. Zamani & F. Zamani

    Stress wave propagation in shape memory alloy reinforced rectangular composite plates
    M. Salehi & H. Akharatdoost

    Residual capacities of uniaxially compressed composite panels under buckling driven delamination
    C. Völlmecke & M.A.Wadee

    Effect of distributed attached patches on fundamental natural frequency of thick cylindrical and spherical shells using higher-order shell theory
    S.M.R. Khalili, S. Tafazoli & K. Malekzadeh

    A new triangular buckling pattern of twisted inextensible sheets
    A.P. Korte & G.H.M. van der Heijden

    Initial curvature effects on the behaviour of cylindrical shell structures
    E. Viola, N. Fantuzzi & L. Rossetti

    Effect of varying thickness on the buckling and post-buckling behaviour of thin-walled cylindrical steel shells subjected to combined external pressure and

    axial compression
    H. Shahbazifard & K. Abedi

    Cylindrical bending of thick isotropic plates using trigonometric shear deformation theory
    Y.M. Ghugal & J.T. George

    Free vibration of thick isotropic plates using trigonometric shear deformation theory
    Y.M. Ghugal & J.T. George

    Dynamic response of a circular plate resting on a tensionless Vlasov foundation
    A. Tekin & ˙I. Co¸skun

    Leakage evaluation in longitudinally cracked pressurized pipes
    S. de Miranda, L. Molari, G. Scalet & F. Ubertini

    8. Thin-walled sections, steel structures, steel connections, steel-concrete composite structures

    The mechanics of post-local buckling and overall bending interaction in thin-walled I-section compression members (Invited Paper)
    J. Loughlan & N. Yidris

    Restrained distortional buckling and postbuckling behaviour of steel-concrete composite beams under hogging bending (Invited Paper)
    M.A. Gizejowski &W.A. Salah Khalil

    Reliability-based methodology for the design of support formwork systems by advanced structural analysis (Invited Paper)
    T. Chandrangsu, K.J.R. Rasmussen & H. Zhang

    Own theory for thin-walled straight bars: Development and investigations (Invited Paper)
    J.B. Obre˛bski

    Iterative inelastic buckling method for estimating collapse loads of steel cable-stayed bridges
    D.H. Choi, H.S. Na, H. Yoo &A. Elvin

    Local buckling of cold-formed thin-walled channel beams with drop flange
    P. Paczos & K. Magnucki

    Performance of K-braced cold-formed steel shear walls subjected to lateral cyclic loading
    M.Z. Dastjerdi & H.R. Ronagh

    The coupled post-local buckling and overall bending interaction mechanics of thin-walled plain channel columns
    J. Loughlan & N. Yidris

    Compressed steel members with combined cross-sections
    P. Juhás & M. Al Ali

    Behaviour of curved hybrid steel girders
    K. Matongo &A. Masarira

    Experimental investigation of lateral deflection of columns with intermediate slenderness submitted to axial compressive loads
    S. Imiełowski &A. Ziółkowski

    A genetic algorithm-based regression to predict resistance of plate girders subjected to patch loading
    F. Shahabian, H. Rajabi Mashhadi & J. Farzaneh

    Behaviour of non-prismatic steel members
    D. Ochan &A. Masarira

    Drilling hole effect on tensile properties of stainless steel 316L
    M. Benachour, A. Hadjoui, N. Benachour, F.Z. Seriari & F. Hadjoui

    Assessment of robustness in the design of steel structures
    M. Jacobsohn, J.V. Retief & P.E. Dunaiski

    M-N interaction in beam-to-column joints: Development of a design model
    J.-F. Demonceau & J.-P. Jaspart

    Stability design criteria for steel column splices in non-sway frames
    A.M. Girão Coelho, F.S.K. Bijlaard & P.D. Simão

    Modeling of HSS endplate connections: Achievements and perspectives
    X. Qiang, F.S.K. Bijlaard, H. Kolstein & L. Twilt

    Effect of bolt tension variation on the seismic response of cold-formed steel–special bolted moment frame
    A. Sato & C.M. Uang

    Residual stresses of high strength bolts with large diameters
    F. Marten & P. Schaumann

    Compactness requirements of RBS connections
    A. Vasseghi & S.G. Shahidi

    The problems of the action of high strength steel elements in structures
    M. Šmak

    Composite beams with innovative shear connection
    S. Rauscher & J. Hegger

    Modeling of composite slab failure in steel-concrete multistory buildings
    L. Kwasniewski & M. Gizejowski

    Finite element modelling of shear connection behaviour in a push test using profiled sheeting
    J. Qureshi, D. Lam & J. Ye

    9. Behaviour of structures in fire, design for fire resistance

    Fire-induced collapses in structures: Basis of the analysis and design (Invited Paper)
    F. Bontempi & F. Petrini

    Fire – material – structure: A holistic approach towards analysis of underground infrastructure (Invited Paper)
    M. Zeiml, A. Amouzandeh, A. Galek, H. Moser, T. Ring, S. Shrestha, H.A. Mang & R. Lackner

    Calculation of restraint axial forces of concrete cylinders under transient temperature conditions (Invited Paper)
    U. Schneider & M. Schneider

    Different approaches of European regulations for fire design of steel structural elements
    L. Giuliani & I. Budny

    Performance based investigations of structural systems under fire
    F. Gentili, C. Crosti & L. Giuliani

    Numerical analyses for Performance-Based Fire Engineering (PBFE)
    F. Petrini

    Fire safety assessment of long tunnels
    F. Gentili, C. Crosti & K. Gkoumas

    Measures for tunnel fire safety
    K. Gkoumas

    When a bridge becomes a tunnel: Fire design of a steel-concrete composite bridge
    Ch. Heinemeyer & M. Feldmann

    Behaviour of masonry walls subjected to fire: Experimental tests and analytical model
    M. Andreini & M. Sassu

    Simplified analytical model for centrically and eccentrically loaded steel columns in fire
    D. Somaini, M. Knobloch & M. Fontana

    Experimental and analytical investigation of component column web in shear under bending and axial force at elevated temperature
    M. Strejˇcek & F.Wald

    Stub column tests on square and rectangular hollow steel sections at elevated temperatures
    J. Pauli, M. Knobloch & M. Fontana

    Interaction diagrams for heated concrete sections using the tangent stiffness matrix
    A.H. Law & M. Gillie

    Calculation of temperature development on concrete members during tunnel fires by CFD modelling
    M. Schneider & U. Schneider

    Estimation about the residual working life of concrete structural members after fire
    Y.P. Song & H.L.Wang

    10. Reinforced and prestressed concrete structures

    Finite element design of concrete structures: Differences between theory and practice (Invited Paper)
    G.A. Rombach & M. Kohl

    Strength and ductility of two-way slabs containing welded wire fabric (Invited Paper)
    R.I. Gilbert & Z.I. Sakka

    Global resistance factors for reinforced concrete structures
    M. Holicky & M. Sykora

    Reliability analysis of concrete structures applied to strut-and-tie model
    J.C. Pantoja, T.G. Pecin, L.E. Vaz & L.F. Martha

    Strut-and-tie model for waffle slabs
    M.K. Rahman, S.K.G. Pillai & M.H. Baluch

    Experimental research on reinforced concrete beams under pure torsion and torsion with shear
    M. Kaminski &W. Pawlak

    Shear strength of reinforced concrete beams without web reinforcement
    Y. Che, L. Yu &Y.P. Song

    Shear reinforced beams in autoclaved aerated concrete
    T. Cornelius

    Influence of rebar straightening on bond properties between steel and concrete
    C. Bosco, G. Mancini & F. Tondolo

    Combined concrete-bond failure of a steel bonded anchor
    J. Barnat & M. Bajer

    Bond between corroded steel rebar and concrete: Experimental tests and finite element analyses
    M. Valente

    Behaviour of screw anchors in normal strength concrete at pullout failure
    C. Kontzi

    Prediction of ultimate stress in unbonded tendon for post-tensioned concrete beams
    H.H. Nassif, O. Ozkul & F.A. Malhas

    Long-term behaviour of GFRP tendon
    J. Forn°usek, R. Sovják, P. Máca, P. Konvalinka & J.L. Vítek

    Special charges for thin-walled structures demolition
    T. Pokorny

    Modelling of the surface of fair-face concrete structures
    O. Steger & M. Popenkova

    Computer application of yield line theory in the analysis of solid slabs
    J.O. Akinyele

    11. Fibre-reinforced concrete, high-strength concrete, high-performance concrete

    Ultra high performance concrete structures: Recent developments in research and practice (Invited Paper)
    E. Fehling, T. Leutbecher & S. Stuerwald

    Nanotechnology: A new approach for high performance concretes and sustainable concrete structures (Invited Paper)
    M. Schmidt & D. Stephan

    Cracking behaviour of fibre reinforced concrete beams containing longitudinal reinforcement
    L. Vandewalle & B. Parmentier

    Numerical analysis of concrete beams reinforced with steel fibres
    K. Holschemacher, V. Gribniak, G. Kaklauskas & D. Bacinskas

    Efficiency of steel fibres regarding the shear carrying capacity of UHPC beams
    G. Bertram & J. Hegger

    Long-term investigation of concrete elements with FRP
    R. Sovják, J. Forn°usek, P. Máca, P. Konvalinka & J.L. Vítek

    Advantages of textile reinforced concrete applied to a pedestrian bridge
    J. Hegger, C. Kulas & C. Goralski

    Slender façade structure made of textile reinforced concrete
    J. Hegger, C. Kulas & M. Horstmann

    Modeling compressive strength of high-performance concrete with multiple regression
    A. Kapelko, M. Kapelko & R. Kapelko

    12. Durability, creep, shrinkage and transport processes in concrete

    Effects of creep and shrinkage of concrete on composite structures
    R. Šafáˇr, P. Bouška & M. Vokáˇc

    Effect of shrinkage on the time-dependent deflection of reinforced concrete slabs
    H.Q.Wu & R.I. Gilbert

    Creep and shrinkage prediction models for concrete water retaining structures in South Africa
    E.S.D. Mucambe & G.P.A.G. van Zijl

    Investigation of plastic shrinkage cracking in concrete
    R. Combrinck &W.P. Boshoff

    Numerical time-dependent analysis of prestress losses affected by rheology phenomena and nonlinear structural performance
    L. Vráblík, J. Loško &V. Kˇrístek

    Performance characteristics of concrete wall panels under long-term loads
    G. Sossou

    Durability and long-term performance of concrete railway sleepers: Structural analysis and practice
    K. Giannakos

    The experimental research and analyses on usability of sulphur polymer composite for corrosion protection of reinforcing steel in concrete
    M. Ksia˛˙zek

    Modeling University of Cape Town Chloride Conduction Test for Concrete
    M.A. Shazali, M.K. Rahman & M.H. Baluch

    Conductivity of moisture in non stationary state
    J. Skramlik, M. Novotny & O. Fuciman

    13. Construction materials, construction methods, building performance

    Appropriate constructions and materials for new lightweight building methods (Invited Paper)
    B. Baier

    Innovative concrete structures using fabric formwork
    J.J. Orr, T.J. Ibell &A.P. Darby

    A proposal of bamboo frameworks for low-cost constructions in seismic areas
    M. Andreini, M. Sassu & I. Ngoma

    Testing shotcrete in accordance with new European standards
    A. Hubacek & R. Hela

    Influence of selected hydrophobic agents on some properties of autoclaving cellular concrete used in building engineering
    D. Beben & Z. Manko

    Impact of indoor materials on indoor air quality
    I. Senitková &T. Tomˇcík

    Analysis of durability-based design performance of coarse aggregates used for RC structures in corrosive environments
    S.A. Alghamdi, S. Ahmad & M.O. Yusuf

    Comparison of the properties of Portland cement and Portland-limestone cement
    A.L. Mrema

    Influence of crushed rock powder and fly ash on strength characteristics of concrete
    A. Sanjay Raj, Nagabhushana & H. Sharada Bai

    14. Timber structures, masonry structures, glass structures

    Analysis and modelling of the mechanical behaviour of structural steel and timber joints (Invited Paper)
    A. Bouchaïr, B. Xu &A. Abidelah

    Design of interconnected timber-concrete constructions
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    Self-supporting glass roof as transparent space grid structure
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    Transparent mullions and transoms in facades
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    Polymers transfer significant compression forces into glass edges
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    15. Structural safety, structural reliability, risk assessment

    An inverse reliability analysis based on stochastic simulation and artificial neural network
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    Reliability differentiation in the Eurocodes
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    Towards sound assessment and improvement of robustness of structures: Treatment of structural robustness in European standards
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    Risk analysis of construction projects: From risk identification to contingency timetable
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    A new approach for time dependent risk assessment of coastal structures
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    Risk-based bridge inspection
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    16. Structural optimization

    Optimum design of structures: Design, fabrication and economy (Invited Paper)
    K. Jármai

    Ant colony algorithms for nonlinear analyses, simultaneous analysis-design, and optimal design of structures (Invited Paper)
    A. Kaveh & M. Hassani

    An improved lower bound limit state optimisation algorithm
    C. Frier & L. Damkilde

    Multicriterion approach to minimum compliance topology optimization of trusses with comparison to stress-constrained minimum weight design
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    Optimum design of tubular trusses for displacement constraint
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    Shakedown design of structures under dynamic loading
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    Advanced high performance vehicle frame design by means of topology optimization
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    Sport car space-frame chassis design in view of weight reduction
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    Optimum design of a rack and pinion gear pair using the Taguchi method
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    Optimization of stiffened plates for steel bridges based on Eurocode 3 Part 1-5 using genetic algorithms
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    Optimum design of plate girders by genetic algorithm
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    The virtual work optimization method applied to structures: An investigation into cellular beams versus trusses
    R.S.Walls &A.A. Elvin

    Ant colony system for the formation of sparse flexibility matrices: Tetrahedron elements
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    A search algorithm for optimizing the grouping of members
    R.S.Walls &A.A. Elvin

    “SampleRecycling”: An adaptive DOE for response surfaces
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    Application of numerical optimization in geotechnics
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    17. Structural health monitoring, damage detection

    Use of optical fibre technology to measure structural performance (Invited Paper)
    L.F. Boswell

    Optical fiber grating sensors
    H.N. Li, L. Ren, Z.G. Jia & D.S. Li

    A multi-channel wireless transmission system for structural monitoring
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    Laser measurements of deformations of structure components
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    LMI based fault tolerant control of building structures
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    Urban disaster management system development focusing on predicting performance
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    Structural health monitoring (SHM): The state of the art
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    Monitoring aspects in a rotating tower
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    Probabilistic monitoring aspects and optimisation of a jointless bridge
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    Managing the structural health of concrete dams
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    Infrared thermography and ultrasound techniques for detecting FRP – concrete adhesion problems
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    Compressive damage detection in concrete by a nonlinear ultrasonic testing procedure
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    18. Structural failures, damage assessment, repair, strengthening, retrofitting

    Progressive debonding in RC beams shear-strengthened with FRP side strips (Invited Paper)
    J.F. Chen, G.M. Chen & J.G. Teng

    Structural failures and forensics (Invited Paper)
    Y. Liu & J. Dawe

    Computational aspects associated with the integrative lifetime assessment of engineering structures
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    Displacement-based seismic assessment procedure for multi-span reinforced concrete bridges
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    Causes of structural damage to low-rise buildings in Gauteng (South Africa)

    Parametric study on seismic performance of an existing RC building
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    Structural behaviour of deteriorated mining steel structures
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    Coordinating and directing whole building collapse investigations
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    Collapse of a multi-storey building at the final stages of construction
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    Investigation of partial collapse of a cylindrical roof
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    Shear strengthening of RC beams with PBO-FRCM composites
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    Rehabilitation or new structures: Potential of concrete-to-concrete bond
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    Local bond-slip relations of PBO-FRCM composites for strengthening RC members
    A. D’Ambrisi & F. Focacci

    Hybrid advisory system for the process of industrial flooring repairs
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    Experimental research on prestressed concrete main beams of road bridge strengthened by CFRP strips under static loads at different repair stages
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    Analysis of post-tensioned concrete road bridge beams strengthened by CFRP strips using FEM and field tests under static load
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    Torsional behaviour of concrete T-beams retrofitted with steel plates
    B.R. Niranjan &T.V. Sudha

    19. Sustainable construction, preservation, reconstruction

    Hybrid or composite constructions: A way to economic and sustainable structures (Invited Paper)
    J. Feix, D. Fleck & C. Cherubim

    On modelling of projects with utility assessment (Invited Paper)
    Cˇ . Jarský

    Adaptive floor slab systems as a contribution to sustainability
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    Numerical modeling of behaviour of an insulation block from recycled polymers
    J. Pˇenˇcík & L. Matˇejka

    Sustainable building experience
    S. Gampfer,W. Huss, J. von Grabe &A.Wolfrum

    Societal considerations in the design of sustainable concrete structures
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    Revitalizing health and safety in the concrete construction for oil and gas industry in Libya
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    Interface model for the nonlinear analysis of blocky structures of ancient Greek temples
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    Brunelleschi’s dome in Florence: The masterpiece of a genius
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    Preservation of historical buildings in connection with underground constructions
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    Reconstruction of the “Berolinahaus” in Berlin: Use-dominated structural design for construction in existing buildings
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    Structural assessment and consolidation of an historical cupola
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    20. Soil-structure interaction, tunnels, underground structures, foundations

    Effect of soil structure interaction on internal forces in integral bridges
    D. Peri´c, A. Esmaeily &V.K. Tadikamalla

    Parametric study of influence of subbase height to the contact stress distribution in buried vaults
    J. Pˇenˇcík & M. Štˇepánek

    The influence of the installation method on soil plugging in open-ended piles
    S. Henke

    Comparative analysis of simulation and field monitoring on the metro pit constructing safety
    J.H. Shi, L. He, C.L. Shi & M.H. Zhong

    Bearing behaviour of embedded piles due to cyclic and dynamic lateral head loads
    M. Pulsfort &T.Welskopf

    1g model tests with foundations in sand
    S. Krabbenhoft, L. Damkilde & J. Clausen

    Free slip plane analysis of a strip footing using a genetic algorithm
    R. van der Meij

    Diverse design approaches to slope stabilization
    A. Borowiec &A. Maj

    Vibration of infinite medium which includes two cylindrical cavities when partially subjected to harmonic inner pressure
    H.F. Kara & H. Engin

    Dynamic response of an infinite medium with two materials including twin cavities
    A. Özmutlu & H. Engin

    On the displacement of pipelines due to adjacent trench excavations
    M.F. Ahlinhan & M. Achmus

    A review of basic soil-structure interaction models for geotechnical problems
    R. Chauhan, S. Mittal & R. Goyal

    21. Structural engineering education

    Bologna Process: Friend or foe? Experience between change and tradition
    U. Quapp & K. Holschemacher

    SDC software for teaching Structural Mechanics
    G. Faraggiana & F. Algostino


    Zingoni, Alphose