Advances in Applied Digital Human Modeling  book cover
1st Edition

Advances in Applied Digital Human Modeling

Edited By

Vincent Duffy

ISBN 9781138116122
Published May 31, 2017 by CRC Press
662 Pages

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Book Description

This volume is concerned with digital human modeling. The utility of this area of research is to aid the design of systems that are benefitted from reducing the need for physical prototyping and incorporating ergonomics and human factors earlier in design processes. Digital human models are representations of some aspects of a human that can be inserted into simulations or virtual environments to facilitate prediction of safety, satisfaction, usability and performance.

These representations may consider the physical, physiological, cognitive, behavioral or emotional aspects. They are typically represented by some visualization with the math and science computed in the background. Explicitly, the book covers the following subject areas:

I. Applications
II. Mobility and Universal Access
III. Physical and Physiological Aspects
IV. Product and Process Design
V. Motion Analysis
VI. Cognitive Aspects
VII. Human Response and Behavioral Aspects
VIII. Novel Systems Approaches

This book is of special value to those researchers and practitioners involved in various aspects of product, process and system design worldwide. Engineers, ergonomists and human factors specialists will see a broad spectrum of applications for this research, especially in the automotive and manufacturing industries, military, aerospace and service industries such as healthcare.

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Table of Contents

A Method for Positioning Digital Human Models in Airplane Passenger Seats, R.F. Green and J. Hudson
On the Creation of 3D Libraries for F-16 Pilots in their Crew Station: Method Development, Library Creation and Validation, A. Oudenhuijzen, G. Zehner, J. Hudson, and H. Choi
Modeling Foot Trajectories for Heavy Truck Ingress Smulation, M. Reed, S. Ebert, and S. Hoffman
Occupant Model Validation, J. Pellettiere and T. Knox
Experiments Under Water: Preliminary Findings on Individual Neutral Postures, T. Dirlich
The Analysis of Human Capabilities through Human Capital Assessment for Covert, Clandestine and Denied Organizations, M. Weber and W. Reynolds
Trust and Reliance in HSCB Models, M. Farry, J. Pfautz, E. Carlson, and D. Koelle

Mobility and Universal Access
Are Force Dynamics Determined by Hand Posture During Hand Brake Manipulation?, K. Li and V. Duffy
Human Behaviour Analysis and Modelling: A Mixed Method Approach, G. Andreoni, L. Anselmi, F. Costa, M. Mazzola, E. Preatoni, M. Romero, and B. Simionato
Vehicle Layout Conception Considering Trunk Loading and Unloading, A. Mueller and T. Maier
Modeling and Simulation of Under-Knee Amputee Climbing Task, Y. Fu, S. Li, and B. Yueqing
Assessment of Dynamic Reaching Tasks through a Novel Ergonomical Index, E. Preatoni, M. Mazzola and G. Andreoni
Fast and Frugal Heuristics Conquer the Airport, C. Möhlenbrink and E. Schnieder
Capability Test for a Digital Cognitive Flight Crew Model, A. Luedtke, J.-P. Osterloh, T. Mioch, and J. Janssen
Development and Evaluation of Task Based Digital Human Modelling for Inclusive Design, R. Marshall, S. Summerskill, K. Case, D. Gyi, and R. Sims

Physical and Physiological Aspects
Anthropometrics and Ergonomics Assessment in the IMMA Manikin, E. Svensson, E. Bertilsson, D. Högberg, and L. Hanson
Dynamic Foot Scanning. Prospects and Limitations of Using Synchronized 3D Scanners to Capture Complete Human Foot Shape While Walking, T. Schmeltzpfenning, C. Plank, I. Krauss, P. Aswendt, and S. Grau
The Effects of Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Glove Pressure on Hand Strength, M. Mesloh, S. England, L. Benson, S. Thompson, and S. Rajulu
Physically-Based Grasp Posture Generation for Virtual Ergonomic Assessment Using Digital Hand, Y. Endo, N. Miyata, M. Kouchi, M. Mochimaru, and S. Kanai
The Geriatric 3D Foot Shape, A. Luximon, Y. Luximon, D. W.-C. Wong, and M. Zhang
Relationship between Arrangement of Functional Joint Rotation Centers and Body Dimensions, K. Aoki, M. Kouchi, and M. Mochimaru
Modeling the Impact of Space Suit Components and Anthropometry on the Center of Mass of a Seated Crewmember, C. Blackledge, S. Margerum, M. Ferrer, R. Morency, and S. Rajulu
4D Anthropometry: Measurement and Modeling of Whole Body Surface Deformation for Sports Garment Design, M. Mochimaru and S.-I. Park
Simulation of Body Shape after Weight Changes for Health-Care Services, M. Kouchi and M. Mochimaru
EARS: Toward Fast Analysis of 3D Human Scans, X. Yin, B. Corner, and A. Razdan
Comparison of Anthropometry Obtained from a First Production Millimeter Wave Three-Dimensional Whole Body Scanner to Standard Direct Body Measurements, B. Corner, P. Li, M. Coyne, S. Paquette, and D. McMakin
Creating an Average Shoulder Model from Three-Dimensional Surface Scans, P. Li, B. Corner, and S. Paquette
Skeleton Extraction from 3D Dynamic meshes, W. Wu, A. Hao, and Z. Yongtao

Product and Process Design
Hand Posture Estimation for the Disposition Design of Controls on an Automobile Steering Wheel, N. Miyata and M. Mochimaru
Potential Improvements to the Occupant Accommodation Design Process in Vehicles Using Digital Human Mmodelling, S. Summerskill, R. Marshall, and K. Case
Determining Weights of Joint Displacement Function in Direct Optimization-Based Posture Prediction-A Pilot Study, Q. Zou, Q. Zhang, and J. Yang
Toward a New Digital Pregnant Woman Model and Kinematic Posture Prediction, B. Howard, J. Yang, and J. Gragg
Toward High Fidelity Headform and Respirator Models, Z. Lei and J. Yang
Controls-Based Motion Prediction in the Presence of External Forces, K. Sheth, F. Goussous, R. Bhatt, S. Dasgupta, and K. Abdel-Malek
The Virtual Profiler: Capturing Profiling Expertise for Behavioral Modeling, M. Weber and W. Reynolds
New Developments with Collision Avoidance for Posture Prediction, R. Johnson, C. Fruehan, M. Schikore, T. Marler, and K. Abdel-Malek
Optimization-Based Collision Avoidance Using Spheres, Finite Cylinders and Finite Planes, M. Hariri, R. Bhatt, J. Arora, and K. Abdel-Malek
A Study of the Dynamic Model in the Analysis of Whole Body Vibration in Manufacturing Environments, A. Mohammadi

Motion Analysis
A Data-Based Approach for Predicting Variation Range of Hand and Foot Maximum Force on a Control: Application to Hand Brake, X. Wang, C. Barelle, R. Pannetier, J. Numa, and T. Chapuis
Human Simulation Under Anosognosia and Neglect in Stroke Patients, N. Ticó-Falguera and E. Peña-Pitarch
Flashpoint Organizational Profiling: Structured, Theory-Driven Morphological Analysis of Insurgent Networks, W. Reynolds, M. Weber, and J. Holden-Rhodes
Human Shape Modeling in Various Poses, Z. Cheng, J. Smith, J. Parakkat, H. Cheng, and K. Robinette
Experimental Research on the Confirmation of Human Body Surface Reachable Grade, D. Dong, L. Wang, and X. Yuan
Human Jumping Motion Analysis and Simulation-A Literature Review, B. Ozsoy, J. Yang, and R. Boros

Cognitive Aspects
Mixture-of-Behaviors and Levels-of-Expertise in a Bayesian Autonomous Driver Model, C. Möbus and M. Eilers
Learning of a Bayesian Autonomous Driver Mixture-of-Behaviours (BAD-MoB) Model, M. Eilers and C. Möbus
Modelling Lateral and Longitudinal Control of Human Drivers with Multiple Linear Regression Models, J. Lenk and C. Möbus
A Unified Theoretical Bayesian Model of Speech Communication, C. Moulin-Frier, J.-L. Schwartz, J. Diard, and P. Bessiere
Bayesian Modeling of Human Performance in a Visual Processing Training Software, J. Diard, M. Lobier, and S. Valdois
A Theoretical Multi-Tasking Executive Function for the Information Processing Model of the Human Brain, J. Kasser

Human Response and Behavioral Aspects
Modelling Human Response Magnitude for Electronic Message Stimulation, K. Jach and M. Kulinski
Modelling Online Buyers' Preferences Related to Webpages Layout: Methodology and Preliminary Results, M. Kulinski, K. Jach, R. Michalski, and J. Grobelny
Human Preference Modeling in Usability of Graphical Interfaces, J. Grobelny and R. Michalski
Investigating Preattentive Features for Modelling Human Behaviour During Visual Search, R. Michalski, J. Grobelny, M. Kulinski, and K. Jach
Occupant Response in Mine Blast Using Different Dummies from Two Commercial FE Codes, K. Irde, K.-A. Lou, T. Wilhelm, and W. Perciballi
Modeling Medication Impairment and Driving Safety, V. G. Duffy

Novel Systems Approaches
Modeling Effective and Ineffective Knowledge Communication and Learning Discourses in CSCL with Hidden Markov Models, T. Berwe, M. Oehl, and H.-R. Pfister
IMMA-Intelligently Moving Manikin - Project Status, L. Hanson, D. Hogberg, R. Bohlin, and J. Carlson
Digital Human Model Module and Work Process for Considering Anthropometric Diversity, E. Bertilsson, D. Hogberg, and L. Hanson
Large-Scale Data Based Modeling in Everyday Life for Service Engineering, Y. Motomura
A Social System that Circulates Safety Knowledge for Injury Prevention, Y. Nishida, Y. Motomura, K. Kitamura, and T. Yamanaka
A System for Presenting Potential High-Risk Situation by Integrating Biomechanical, Injury, Child Behavior Model, Y. Koizumi, Y. Nishida, Y. Motomura, Y. Miyazaki, and H. Mizoguchi
A Method of Evidence-Based Risk Assessment through Modeling Infant Behavior and Injury, K. Nomori, Y. Nishida, Y. Motomura, T. Yomanaka, and A. Komatsubara
Childhood Injury Modeling Based on Injury Data Collected Using Bodygraphic Injury Surveillance System, K. Kitamura, Y. Nishida, and Y. Motomura
New Capabilities for Vision-Based Posture Prediction, L. Knake, A. Mathai, T. Marler, K. Farrell, R. Johnson, and K. Abdel-Malek
ABMiner: A Scalable Data Mining Framework to Support Human Performance Analysis, K. Tang, X. Liu, Y. Tang, V. Manikonda, J. Buhrman, and H. Cheng

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