1st Edition

Advances in Applied Social Psychology Volume 2

Edited By R. F. Kidd, M. J. Saks Copyright 1983
    284 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    First Published in 1983. This volume is the second in a series of volumes on applied social psychology. The contents of the contributions represent the richly diverse approaches and settings in which social psychology is being used. In preparing their chapters, the contributors were asked to focus on how social psychologists,' as scientists and advocates, could contribute to the resolution of the debates that often surround important social problems. Each author was asked to place his or her attempts to use social psychological knowledge in the context of his or her own specific problem. If one consistent theme emerges from this collection, it is the emphasis on employing social psychology to enlighten and understand decisions at the level of public policy. This book is a vital display of how existing literature and methods in the field can work to illuminate and inform issues of national and even international importance.

    Chapter 1 1 Teenage Pregnancy: Science and Ideology in Applied Social Psychology, Kurt W.Back; Chapter 2 2 The Doctor-Patient Relationship: A Social Psychological Analysis, EdwardKrupat; Chapter 3 3 Social Psychology and International Negotiations: Processes and Influences, DanielDruckman; Chapter 4 4 Emergency Evacuations During Fires: Psychological Considerations, Keating John P., Loftus Elizabeth F., Manber Michele; Chapter 5 5 Public Reaction to Nuclear Power: The Case of Offshore Nuclear Power Plants, Stephen G.West, Earl J.Baker; Chapter 6 6 People, Clinical Episodes, and Mental Hospitalization: A Multiple-Source Method of Estimation, Charles A.Kiesler, Amy E.Sibulkin; Chapter 7 7Psychology and Public Policy, N. DickonReppucci, Robert HarryKirk; Chapter 8 8 Involving Citizens in Research, AbrahamWandersman, DavidChavis, PaulStucky; Chapter 9 9 Utilizing Social Science Information in the Policy Process: Can Psychologists Help?, Phillip M.Massad, Bruce Dennis Sales, Enrique Acosta; Chapter 10 10 The Perspective of Social Psychology: Toward a Viable Model for Application, Leonard SaxeIndex; Subject Index;


    ROBERT F. KIDD Boston University, MICHAEL J. SAKS Boston College