1st Edition

Advances in Biomaterials

By Stuart M. Lee Copyright 1987

    This book discusses advanced instrumental techniques for the rapid bioassay of toxic materials, creep analysis of Delrin stents in cardiac bioprosthesis devices using finite element analysis, and the potential use of electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis for study of biomaterial surface.

    Part I: Analysis 1. A Rapid Bioassay for Assessing the Toxicity of Chemical Extracted from Medical Grade Plastics 2. Creep Analysis of Delrin Stents for Cardiac Bioprosthesis Devices 3. ESCA: Biomedical Studies 4. Characterization of Porous Coatings 5. Gel Permeation Chromatography as a Quality Control Tool in the Medical Plastic Industry 6. Recent Advances in Medical Plastics Analysis 7. Property Changes of UHMW Polyethylene during Implantation – First Hints for the Development of an Alternative Polyethylene Part II: New Materials 8. Rationale for Biological Fixation of Prosthetic Devices 9. New Material Concepts in Orthopedics 10. Influence of Mixing Technique on Some Properties of PMMA Bone Cement – Clinical Practice, Procedure’s Advice, Material Investigations, Improvements 11. Advances in Biomedical Adhesives and Sealants 12. High Performance Tecoflex Polyurethanes in Biomedical Applications 13. Artificial Skin: A Fifth Route to Organ Repair and Replacement 14. Synthesis and properties of Biomedical Graft Copolymers 15. High Performance Medical Grade Silicon Elastomer 16. Materials of Ligament Replacement 17. Machining Bioglass® Implants 18. Advanced UV-Curable Polyurethanes for Wound Dressings 19. High Molecular Weight Citric Acid Esters as Effective Plasticizers for Medical-Grade PVC 20. Visible Light Cured Biomaterials 21. Silicon Contact Lenses 22. Titanium Alloy Alumina Ceramics and UHMWPE Use in Total Joint Replacement Part III: Testing 23. The Biostability of Various Polyether Polyurethanes under Stress 24. Testing Methods in Biomaterials 25. Evaluating Dental Restorative Materials with an Automated Servohydraulic Test System and Artificial Oral Environment Part IV: Reliability 26. Durability Prediction and Testing of Elastomeric Biomaterials 27. Implantable Titanium Feedthrough Reliability


    Stuart M. Lee