1st Edition

Advances in Chemical Propulsion Science to Technology

Edited By Gabriel D. Roy Copyright 2001

    Written by the scientists who performed the research, this book reports on the progress achieved by the outstanding team of researchers participating in the ONR Propulsion Program. It covers all aspects of the combustion process, from chemical synthesis, reaction pathways of the fuel, and combustor performance to the reduction of emissions, thrust vectoring, and control. The chapter authors discuss the relevant issues, describe their approach and results, and explain how the findings can be extended to practical applications. Richly illustrated and carefully edited for clarity, uniformity, and readability, this book offers a comprehensive survey of the field, from pre- to post-combustion.

    Advanced Fuel Synthesis and Characterization. Fundamental Combustion Issues. Control of Combustion. Emissions and Plumes. Conclusion. Index.


    Gabriel D. Roy