1st Edition

Advances in Civil Engineering and Building Materials IV Selected papers from the 2014 4th International Conference on Civil Engineering and Building Materials (CEBM 2014), 15-16 November 2014, Hong Kong

    Covering a wide range of topics, Advances in Civil Engineering and Building Materials IV presents the latest developments in:
    - Structural Engineering
    - Road & Bridge Engineering
    - Geotechnical Engineering
    - Architecture & Urban Planning
    - Transportation Engineering
    - Hydraulic Engineering
    - Engineering Management
    - Computational Mechanics
    - Construction Technology
    - Building Materials
    - Environmental Engineering
    - Computer Simulation
    - CAD/CAE
    Emphasis was put on basic methodologies, scientific development and engineering applications. Advances in Civil Engineering and Building Materials IV will be useful to professionals, academics, and Ph.D. students interested in the above-mentioned fields.

    Sponsors and Committees


    Intervention construction techniques in monumental rammed earth architecture in Spain through ministry archives (1980–2013)
    L. García-Soriano, C. Mileto & F.V. López-Manzanares

    New methods and development trend of modern Lingnan architectural creation
    C. Chen

    New concepts in modern Lingnan architecture creation
    C. Chen

    A study of the inheritance lineage of regional architectural culture in the modern architectural creation of China
    C. Chen, D. Xiao & J. Tao

    Bridge engineering

    The effects of moisture content fluctuation on a dynamic resilient modulus of compacted clay
    D. Li & Z. Sun

    Research on seismic response and fragility of lock-up device
    Z. Tang, J. Liu, X. Xie, Y. Jin & Y.Wang

    A study on the deterioration of hangers with corroded wires
    X. Pan, X. Xie, X. Li & H. Zhu

    A method of hanger tension identification of an arch bridge considering the effect of boundaries
    T. Zhang, X. Xie & X. Li

    Dynamic responses of an aluminium alloy footbridge under stochastic crowd loading
    J. Zhong & X. Xie

    Effects of lateral loading patterns on seismic responses of reinforced concrete bridge piers
    S. Zhang & X.Wang

    Dynamic analysis of a PC composite box girder bridge with corrugated steel webs
    B. Shi & X. Kong

    Building materials performance analysis

    Mechanism analysis of different ageing road asphalt by RTFOT and IR methods
    Y. Nie, J. Ding & D. Li

    Prediction of chloride diffusivity of concrete with different coarse aggregates using artificial neural network
    L.J. Kong & X.Y. Chen

    A mix design and strength analysis of basic magnesium sulphate cement concrete
    X. Zeng, H. Yu & C.Wu

    A strength developing law for an epoxy asphalt mixture for airport runways
    J. Ling, E. Kong & H. Zhao

    Research on the low-temperature cracking resistance of epoxy asphalt mixtures for airport runways
    J. Ling, Z. Gu, G. Liang & E. Kong

    Comparative performance of two commercially available superplasticizers on the flow behaviour of cement paste incorporating mineral admixtures
    J. Chakkamalayath, M. Abdulsalam, S. Al-Bahar & F. Al-Fahad

    An assessment of sand quarrying waste in Kuwait
    S.B. Al-Fadala, M. Abdulsalam, O. Hamadah & S. Ahmed

    Evaluation of concrete treated with a migrating corrosion inhibitor
    S. Abdulsalam, A. Husain, R. Al-Foraih &A. Abdul Jaleel

    Numerical models of end-plate assembling bolt connections of CHS profiles
    A. Jurˇcíková, P. Paˇrenica & M. Rosmanit

    The application analysis of fly ash in magnesium phosphate cement
    R. Huang & X. Kong

    Building materials preparation

    Potential use of natural Pozzolana as a mineral admixture in concrete
    S. Al-Bahar, J. Chakkamalayath, M. Abdulsalam &A. Al-Aibani

    Design of asphalt Reclaimed Concrete Aggregate (RCA) mixtures based on performance evaluation of refusal density and moisture
    A. Al-Aibani, S. Al-Fadala & A. Al-Arbeed

    Preparation of CIP/ZnO composites and design of λ/4 type EMWA coating in X-band
    Z.L. Zhang, M.M. Ming, Z.J. Xin, G.Y. Hou, L. Fan & W.J. Hao

    Design of high performance EMWA coating made of FeSiAl/PANI composites in S-band
    Z.J. Xin, M.M. Ming, Z.L. Zhang, G.Y. Hou, L. Fan & W.J. Hao

    Coastal engineering

    Risk evaluation of the navigational environment ofYingongzhou channel based on a single dimensional normal cloud model
    Y. Tian & L. Huang

    Development of a reflection coefficient diagram considering the effects of wave energy reduction due to riprap shapes and arrangement
    H. Kim, I. Yu, K. Kim & S. Jeong

    Computer simulation and CAD/CAE

    Analysis of a construction scheme for neighborhood metro tunnels with two different inner sections
    X. Kong

    Simulation of the vibratory soil compaction under the action of periodically changing elliptic external force
    V.V. Mikheyev & S.V. Saveliev

    Construction technology

    A study of the propagation behavior of CFRP-concrete interfacial cracks under fatigue loading
    K. Li, S. Cao & X.Wang

    Full-scale investigations of civil engineering structures using GPS
    T. Chmielewski & P. Górski

    A study of the static performance of a single-layer hyperbolic latticed shell structure
    X.Wang & Z.L.Wang

    The benefits of Ubiquitous Sensor Network (USN) application in monitoring temporary construction structures
    S. Moon, B. Yang & E. Choi

    Numerical study of blind-bolted moment connections of hollow sections
    P.K. Kosmidou, Ch.N. Kalfas & D.T. Pachoumis

    Detection of building materials

    Tests and simplified behavioural model for steel fibrous concrete under compression
    C.E. Chalioris & F.A. Liotoglou

    Use of the maturity method to predict compressive and flexural strengths in high strength concrete in Kuwait
    F. Al-Fahad, J. Chakkamalayath & A. Al-Aibani

    An electrochemical impedance spectroscopy monitor for concrete with coated rebars and admixtures
    A. Husain, S. Abdulsalam & S. Al-Bahar

    Reliability of visual inspection, an example of timber structure in Valencia, Spain
    M. Diodato, C. Mileto & F.V. López-Manzanares

    The systematic application of non-destructive testing techniques for ancient wood buildings
    W. Qian, J. Dai, X. Li & L.H. Chang

    Engineering management

    Risk of megaprojects in transport infrastructure
    V. Hromádka, J. Korytárová, L. Kozumplíková, P. Adlofová, D. Bárt°u & M. Špiroch

    Airfield pavement maintenance and rehabilitation management: Case study of Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
    J.-M. Ling, Z.-M. Du, J. Yuan & L. Tang

    A fuzzy evaluation of investment risk in China’s green building project
    J. Liu

    The efficiency and risks of megaprojects in the Czech Republic
    V. Hromádka, T. Hanák, J. Korytárová & E. Vítková

    Geotechnical engineering

    Research on the prediction method of Gompertz model for high subgrade settlement
    X. Kong

    An analysis of tunnel monitoring results based on modulus maxima method of wavelet transform
    X. Kong

    Fuzzy modelling of runoff and outflow of permeable pavements
    R. Ramirez, H. Kim, H. Jeong & J. Ahn

    A review of test beds and performance criteria for permeable pavements
    H. Jeong, H. Kim, B. Teodosio, R. Ramirez & J. Ahn

    Analysis of the influential factors of organic matter in soil
    B. Shi & X. Kong

    Analysis and review of consolidation test of bentonite
    B. Shi & X. Kong

    Analysis and review of the rheological theory of soft soil
    B. Shi & X. Kong

    Review and analysis of the basic features of organic matter in soil
    R. Huang & X. Kong

    Analysis of the soil organic matter influence on the physical and mechanical properties
    R. Huang & X. Kong

    Hydraulic engineering

    The parameter sensitivity of the Duncan-Chang model for the simulation of a concrete faced rockfill dam
    L. Chen, F. Tong, N. Xi & G. Liu

    Effects of a crescent rib on the water flow in a bifurcated pipe
    Y. Li

    Analysis of the dam foundation with vacuum preloading
    B. Shi & X. Kong


    Development and use of a finite element with twenty four degrees of freedom
    G.I. Sidorenko

    An energy audit of kindergartens to improve the energy efficiency
    N. Vatin, O. Gamayunova & D. Nemova

    A risk assessment and monitoring system using a total risk index
    J.K. Lee, K.-W. Lee, Y. Lee & S.H. Han

    The time-fractional diffusion equation for woven composite
    H. Yu & C. Zhou

    Effect of external shading system based on coefficient outside residence of Hangzhou
    G. Ji & W. Zhu

    Study of shaft mud film effect and final pile installation pressure estimation for a jacked pile 323
    Y. Hu, L. Tang, H. Sang & Z. Li

    Road engineering

    Prediction of subgrade settlement based on a fuzzy self-adaptable method of artificial intelligence
    X. Kong

    Research and application on the prediction method of the Pearl model of high filling subgrade settlement
    X. Kong

    Research on thermoelectrics transducers for harvesting energy from asphalt pavement based on seebeck effects
    G. Liang & P. Li

    The effect of granular BRA modifier binder on the stiffness modulus of modified asphalt
    M. Karami & H. Nikraz

    Structural engineering

    Experimental study of the ductility of prestressed concrete frame beams
    F. Gao & S. Zhang

    The transfer matrix method for the analysis of the steady-state forced vibrations of pier-pile-foundation systems
    Y. Li & M. Yang

    Cable truss topology optimization for prestressed long-span structure
    V. Goremikins, K. Rocens, D. Serdjuks, L. Pakrastins & N. Vatin

    Investigation of the behaviour of beam-to-column pinned connections of H-beams with corrugated webs
    X. Fan, J.Y. Sun & M. Li

    A probability assessment of the carrying capacity of round timber joints
    A. Lokaj & K. Klajmonová

    A two-step unconditionally stable explicit method with controllable numerical dissipation for structural dynamics
    S.-Y. Chang & N.-C. Tran

    Progressive collapse analysis of space steel frames considering influence of joint rotational stiffness
    H. Yang & L.Wang

    Sectional curvature computational analysis on a prestressed steel reinforced concrete frame beam
    F. Gao & S. Zhang

    The foundation bearing capacity test of different forms of pipe pile based on PFC2D simulation
    R. Huang & X. Kong

    Transportation engineering

    A mode choice behaviour study of bicycle travelling
    L. Yang, Y.Wang & C. Li

    Urban expressway density analysis based on the cusp catastrophe theory
    J. Gu & S. Chen

    An evolution model of a navigation system
    Z. Liu, J.-X. Liu, Y.-Q.Wen, J. Zhu, Y.-K. Fang & R.W. Liu

    Research on early-warning of navigation adaption under complex weather in the Three Gorges Reservoir area
    D. Jiang, L. Huang & G. Hao

    The response characteristics of a buried pipeline under moving constant load of vehicles
    Y. Chen, D. Liu & X. Liu

    Database design of expressway electronic toll collection system
    F. Yu, J. Guo & B. Zhao

    Road design problems solved by affine arithmetic
    G. Bosurgi, O. Pellegrino & G. Sollazzo

    Urban planning

    Research on age-friendly community planning based on aging in place
    X. Li

    Application of the interaction of design philosophy into landscape design
    D. Chu &W. Huo

    A study on the public participation willingness of community development planning inWuhan
    H. Zou & Q. Kang

    Relative analysis of factors of place attachment – Case study in the Tokushima urban area
    S. Tsujioka, A. Kondo & K.Watanabe

    A study of an integrated ICET system and its impact on an architectural planning and design
    R. Hendarti

    The creative movement of ‘Park(ing) Day’ in Jakarta
    A. Prawata

    Parametric urban design: Shaping the neighbourhood by optimizing the urban density and considering Road Service Level
    M.I. Djimantoro & F.U. Sjarifudin

    Experimental studies of the outlet tube of a pump power plant model with a horizontal capsular unit
    S.V. Artsiamchuk & G.I. Sidorenko

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    Shuenn-Yih Chang, Suad Khalid Al Bahar, Adel Abdulmajeed M. Husain, Jingying Zhao