1st Edition

Advances in Criminological Theory Volume 1

Edited By William S. Laufer, Freda Adler Copyright 1989

    Criminology has developed strong methodological tools over the past decades, establishing itself as a competitive and sophisticated social science. Despite and perhaps because of its emphasis on matters of design, methodology, and quantitative analysis, criminology has had few significant advances in theory. Advances in Criminological Theory is the first publication exclusively dedicated to the dissemination of original work on criminological theory. It was created to overcome the neglect of theory construction and validation in existing criminological publications, as well as to further the free exchange of ideas, propositions, and postulates. This first volume of the series meets this challenge.

    1: Criminological Theories: The Truth as Told by Mark Twain; 2: Notes on Criminology and Terrorism; 3: The Poverty of Theory in Corporate Crime Research; 4: A Propensity-Event Theory of Crime; 5: An Interdisciplinary Theory of Criminal Behavior; 6: Personality and Criminality: A Dispositional Analysis; 7: Japan: A Country with Safe Streets; 8: Theory, Pseudotheory, and Metatheory


    William S. Laufer, Freda Adler