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Advances in Criminological Theory

About the Series

The Advances in Criminological Theory Series is the first series exclusively dedicated to the dissemination of original work on criminological theory. It was created to overcome the neglect of theory construction and validation in existing publications, as well as to further the free exchange of ideas, to broaden the discourse on traditional theories, and to explore new insights that challenge old ways of explaining crime. The series ranges widely, covering theoretical growth from postulates to logically derived hypotheses to testing and analysis with particular emphasis on reformations and new applications of existing paradigms. It is a rich collection that delves into the history of the discipline, organizes past and emerging knowledge, explores the current status of theoretical development, and opens pathways for future exploration.

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Revitalizing Victimization Theory Revisions, Applications, and New Directions

Revitalizing Victimization Theory: Revisions, Applications, and New Directions

1st Edition


Travis C. Pratt, Jillian J. Turanovic
February 20, 2021

Revitalizing Victimization Theory: Revisions, Applications, and New Directions revises some of the major perspectives in victimization theory, applies theoretical perspectives to the victimization of vulnerable populations, and carves out new theoretical territory that is clearly needed but has yet...

Building a Black Criminology, Volume 24 Race, Theory, and Crime

Building a Black Criminology, Volume 24: Race, Theory, and Crime

1st Edition

James D. Unnever, Shaun L. Gabbidon, Cecilia Chouhy
February 25, 2020

In light of the Black Lives Matter movement and protests in many cities, race plays an ever more salient role in crime and justice. Within theoretical criminology, however, race has oddly remained on the periphery. It is often introduced as a control variable in tests of theories and is rarely ...

Criminal Justice Theory, Volume 26 Explanations and Effects

Criminal Justice Theory, Volume 26: Explanations and Effects

1st Edition

Cecilia Chouhy, Joshua C. Cochran, Cheryl Lero Jonson
February 17, 2020

Criminal Justice Theory: Explanations and Effects undertakes a systematic study of theories of the criminal justice system, which historically have received very little attention from scholars. This is a glaring omission given the risk of mass imprisonment, the increasing presence of police in ...

Fifty Years of Causes of Delinquency, Volume 25 The Criminology of Travis Hirschi

Fifty Years of Causes of Delinquency, Volume 25: The Criminology of Travis Hirschi

1st Edition

James C. Oleson, Barbara J. Costello
November 20, 2019

This volume marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of Travis Hirschi’s seminal work Causes of Delinquency. The influence of Hirschi’s book, and the theory of social control it described, can scarcely be overstated. Social control theory has been empirically tested or commented on by hundreds...

Deterrence, Choice, and Crime, Volume 23 Contemporary Perspectives

Deterrence, Choice, and Crime, Volume 23: Contemporary Perspectives

1st Edition

Daniel S. Nagin, Francis T. Cullen, Cheryl Lero Jonson
April 19, 2018

Deterrence, Choice, and Crime explores the various dimensions of modern deterrence theory, relevant research, and practical applications. Beginning with the classical roots of deterrence theory in Cesare Beccaria’s profoundly important contributions to modern criminological thought, the book draws ...

Unraveling the Crime-Place Connection, Volume 22 New Directions in Theory and Policy

Unraveling the Crime-Place Connection, Volume 22: New Directions in Theory and Policy

1st Edition

David Weisburd, John E. Eck
November 20, 2017

Unraveling the Crime-Place Connection examines in a new light how places enhance our understanding of crime and its control. While there has been much work in this area focused on policy, few have examined the underlying theories that inform this work. Theory has played a secondary role in the "...

Social Learning Theory and the Explanation of Crime

Social Learning Theory and the Explanation of Crime

1st Edition

Gary Jensen
March 15, 2007

Social learning theory has been called the dominant theory of crime and delinquency in the United States, yet it is often misrepresented. This latest volume in the distinguished Advances in Criminological Theory series explores the impact of this theory. Some equate it with differential association...

Delinquency and Drift Revisited, Volume 21 The Criminology of David Matza and Beyond

Delinquency and Drift Revisited, Volume 21: The Criminology of David Matza and Beyond

1st Edition

Thomas G. Blomberg, Francis T. Cullen, Christoffer Carlsson, Cheryl Lero Jonson
August 14, 2017

Fifty years ago, David Matza wrote Delinquency and Drift, challenging the ways people thought about the development of criminals. Today, Delinquency and Drift Revisited reminds criminologists that they ignore Matza’s writings at their own intellectual peril. Matza’s work shows his insights on a ...

Qualitative Research in Criminology Advances in Criminological Theory

Qualitative Research in Criminology: Advances in Criminological Theory

1st Edition

Wilson R. Palacios
August 30, 2015

This volume investigates the significant role qualitative research plays in expanding and refining our understandings of crime and justice. It features seventeen original essays that discuss the relationship between methodology and theory. The result is a theoretically engaged volume that explores ...

Challenging Criminological Theory The Legacy of Ruth Rosner Kornhauser

Challenging Criminological Theory: The Legacy of Ruth Rosner Kornhauser

1st Edition

Francis T. Cullen
April 30, 2015

This volume is divided into five sections that, when taken together, offer an informative account of the impact of Ruth Rosner Kornhauser's Social Sources of Delinquency on the development of American criminological thought. This classic book was her major contribution to the field.Section I tells ...

Labeling Theory Empirical Tests

Labeling Theory: Empirical Tests

1st Edition

Joseph Murray
November 30, 2013

Labeling theory has been an extremely important and influential development in criminology, but its recent advances have been largely neglected. This volume aims to reinvigorate labeling theory by presenting a comprehensive range of its modern applications.In the first section, Ross Matsueda ...

Measuring Crime and Criminality

Measuring Crime and Criminality

1st Edition

John MacDonald
October 30, 2011

Measuring Crime and Criminality focuses on how different approaches to measuring crime and criminality are used to test existing criminological theories. Each chapter reviews a key approach for measuring criminal behavior and discusses its strengths or weaknesses for explaining the facts of crime ...

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