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Advances in Emerging Markets and Business Operations

About the Series

This series hosts key debates on themes, issues and advancements taking place in emerging markets and new ways of handling challenges in operating businesses in emerging markets. It explores doing business in emerging markets from multidisciplinary and multinational geographic perspectives based on fresh theoretical and empirical research, qualitative and quantitative reviews, data and case studies. The series aims to cover a wide range of aspects in business and operations, including opportunities and progress, with a focus on emerging markets and economies:

  • Comparison of Traditional versus Modern Business Models used by firms from developed economies and emerging economies; entrepreneurial innovations; digitalization; technology and businesses strategies for sustainable development; service innovation and management; mergers and acquisitions.
  • Advancement in Business Practices including general practices within finance; human resource management; marketing; international business; information technology; operations; and specific practices such as product & service development; investments; governance and policies; role of government.
  • Doing Business in sectors such as manufacturing; services; retail; B2B; supply chain and distribution; transportation; cross-culture; consumer and market behaviour; automation and technology; retail and luxury; human capital; emerging brands; selecting and investing in emerging markets; benefits and challenges; foreign direct investment; growing business sectors.
  • Operational Aspects in supply and demand chain management and logistics; manufacturing processes optimization; project management and scheduling; total quality management; transportation and logistics management.
  • Methodological Progress in Research and Business Education such as industry disruptions and role of analytics; impact of analytics on culture and business environment; decision sciences; operations research; business intelligence tools and applications; multi-criteria decision-making; scientific and software-based research (big data, soft computing, artificial intelligence, neural networks, fuzzy logic, evolutionary algorithms); and business curriculum, pedagogy, and accreditations of business schools.

The series offers a comprehensive understanding of management and its allied domains within the context of emerging markets and economies, especially international business, economics, marketing, finance, operations and supply chain management, human resources and governance. It will be useful to both scholars and practitioners interested in interdisciplinary research on emerging markets, business analytics, business models, consultancy and policy.

New proposals may be addressed to the series editors: Avinash K Shrivastava at [email protected] and Sudhir Rana at [email protected]. Manuscript submission guidelines are available at

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Emerging Trends in Decision Sciences and Business Operations

Emerging Trends in Decision Sciences and Business Operations

1st Edition

Edited By Avinash K Shrivastava, Sudhir Rana
May 27, 2024

This volume analyzes the rising inclusion of new and emerging technologies in business. It measures the effectiveness and challenges of these tools in various aspects of strategy and decision making within small and big businesses. Businesses in the competitive market must be agile and innovative ...

Promotional Practices and Perspectives from Emerging Markets

Promotional Practices and Perspectives from Emerging Markets

1st Edition

Edited By Sudhir Rana, Avinash K Shrivastava, Sachin Kumar Raut
May 27, 2024

This volume explores the dynamic nature of emerging markets, which constitute a major share of global GDP, with a focus on the opportunities for growth and the challenges for businesses in meeting the needs of a diverse set of consumers. With the objective to ensure sustainable growth, there is a ...

Doing Business in Emerging Markets Progress and Promises

Doing Business in Emerging Markets: Progress and Promises

1st Edition

Edited By Sudhir Rana, Avinash K. Shrivastava
September 25, 2023

This volume presents a comprehensive analysis of the business, financial and economic aspects of emerging markets. Using case studies from India, Turkey, Bangladesh and Africa, it discusses themes such as megaprojects, infrastructure and sustainability; cross-border mergers and acquisitions; a new ...

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