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Advances in Energy, Environment and Materials Science
Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Energy, Environment and Materials Science (EEMS 2016), July 29-31, 2016, Singapore

ISBN 9781138036000
Published December 7, 2016 by CRC Press
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The 2016 International Conference on Energy, Environment and Materials Science (EEMS 2016) took place on July 29-31, 2016 in Singapore. EEMS 2016 has been a meeting place for innovative academics and industrial experts in the field of energy and environment research. The primary goal of the conference is to promote research and developmental activities in energy and environment research and further to promote scientific information exchange between researchers, developers, engineers, students, and practitioners working all around the world. The conference will be organized every year making it an ideal platform for people to share views and experiences in energy, environment and materials science and related areas.

Table of Contents

Energy science and energy technology

A study on the new energy-saving logistics container and its calculation of cooling capacity
G.F. Xu, N.N. Zhang, L. Wang & H.F. Yu

Empirical analysis of the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) refueling behaviors
Y. Li, D.C. Jin, Z.B. Bao, H. Jin, J.W. Guo, Y.L. Zhao, J. Shao & D. Yang

An overview of the inspection technique and requirement of the nuclear power plant’s high energy piping system
G.Z. Zhou

A discussion on the inspection and test technology of the post-irradiation fuel assembly
Y.C. Tao & G.Z. Zhou

Research on nonlinear control for bi-directional DC/DC converters in energy storage systems
S.L. Ma, M.X. Chen, L. Huang, J.W. Wu & P. Wang

System analysis of scale pig breeding and biogas energy development
B.B. Leng, C. Chen & Q. Hu

Experimental research on the influence of the excess air coefficient on boiler heat loss
Q. Cai

Dynamics analysis on bearingless motorized spindle based on transfer matrix method
J. Meng, J.J. Tian, Z.L. Li & Z.Z. Lei

Short-term load forecasting model for electric vehicles considering the forgetting function and cross entropy
R.S. Long, W.X. Liu, J.H. Zhang, Y. Liu, H. Hu, T. Tan & Y. Meng

A quick and practical method for history matching of numerical simulation
J. Xia, L. Kuang & L.Y. Zheng

Direct radiation prediction method for the power generation capacity simulation of an optical thermal power station
B.X. Yu, H. Ding & Z.J. Wang

A study on the external power demand and scale of a UHV synchronous power grid
M.X. Xu, L. Zhao, Y. Meng, J.H. Zhang, Y. Liu, H. Hu, T. Tan & R.S. Long

Research on a predictive maintenance system of coal washing equipment
D. Li & M.Y. Ren

Study on the method to realize the automatic compensation of power factor in situ using equivalent variable capacitor
S.F. Mao, X.L. Li, X. Han & Z. Chen

Responses due to hot fluid injection into a cross-anisotropic thermoelastic full space
J.C.-C. Lu & F.-T. Lin

Identification of oil spill by gas chromatography-isotopic ratio mass spectrometry
H.X. Wang, Y. Liu, W.J. Chen & J.X. Xu

Research on the simulation and application of a spray quenching system of 1 million kW nuclear power rotor
Z.J. Wang, X.Y. Zhang & X.J. Li

An overview of the mechanism and analysis method for power oscillation of large-scale wind power transmission
Y.H. Gao, H.J. Wang, L.L. Wu & J.A. Zhang

Effect of carbon sources on the denitrifying phosphorus removal electrogenesis system
L.C. Zhang & J.L. Sun

Transient analysis of the cooling system for coal-fired plants
D. Wang

Research on the key technologies of a biomass briquette-fueled curing barn heating system
Y. Guo, X.H. Zhao, F. Wang, D.X. Hu, D.B. Zhang & Y. Cao

A study on the thermodynamic characteristics of coal in temperature variation desorption in a closed system
T.T. Cai, D. Zhao & Z.C. Feng

A comparative experiment on the curing effect of different heating energy sources of bulk tobacco-curing barn
S.B. Lan, Z. Lu, Y. Ma, W.L. Chen, F. Wang, D.B. Zhang & Y. Cao

The design and study of a composite box-type heat exchanger used in biomass stoves
S.B. Lan, F. Wang, Y. Ma, W.L. Chen, D.B. Zhang, Y. Cao & H. Hu

Experimental research on the denitration of the simulated flue gas by strong ionization dielectric barrier discharge coordinating with ozone
P. Li, C.W. Yi, J. Wang, J. Li, Y. Zhu & S. Wang

Measurement of data centers’ energy efficiency: A data envelopment analysis approach
C.G. Yu & L.P. Lai

The temperature control of planar blackbody radiation source based on nonlinear PID
D.X. Huang, J.H. Wang & Z.G. Wang

Closed-form solutions of a transversely isotropic half space subjected to hot fluid injection
J.C.-C. Lu & F.-T. Lin

Environmental science and environmental engineering

An analysis of the low-carbon consumption mode in Beijing
R. Liu & M.H. Li

Validation of scientificity of meteorological proverbs by statistical analysis
F. Qian, Y.H. Zhang & S.A. Xu

An analysis of an asphalt layer’s shear stress distribution under a large longitudinal slope
M. Luo & L. Cheng

Research status and prospect of rock wool in China
P.Q. Wang, L. He, D.J. Tan & Y. Wang

Characteristics of the particle number concentration during the heating period in Harbin
L.K. Huang

A study on the distribution characteristics of atmospheric particulates during a dust period in Harbin
L.K. Huang

3D ore grade estimation using artificial intelligence approach
L.S. Han, D.H. Zhang, G.H. Fan, J.F. Fu & Z.Q. Ren

Evaluation study on the environmental bearing capacity of China’s scale pig breeding
B.B. Leng, Y.F. Xu & Q. Hu

The development of integrated management of water and fertilizer
L.M. Chuan, H.G. Zheng, J.J. Zhao, S.F. Sun & J.F. Zhang

An integrated approach to analyze satisfaction on post-disaster recovery: A comparative study between Nanba Town, China, and Greensburg, US
M.M. Shi, S.N. Yang, S.S. Li, J.Y. Fang, W.P. Wang & W.H. Zhang

A compilation method of greenhouse gas emission inventory in ports of China
X. Guo, G.Y. Li & L.L. Liu

Grey relational theory analysis of factors affecting haze pollution in Beijing City
A.X. Tao

Effects of humus soil on pollutant removal and activated sludge sedimentation of the SBR process
Y.T. Zhang, K. Zhao, Z.L. Lu, N. Cao & K.Q. Duan

Influence of temperature on the decontamination efficiency and microbial community of the humus soil SBR process
K. Zhao, Z.L. Lu, Y.T. Zhang, L.Z. Chen & C.Y. Sun

Use of multi-oxidants produced by deep seawater brine for postharvest storage of custard apples (Annona squamosa L.)
J.X. Liu, C.H. Yen, C.H. Chen, H.C. Huang, Y.Y. Li, Y.H. Hsieh & C.Y. Chang

A non-intrusive load identification method based on transient event detection
F.F. Gan, B. Yin & Y.P. Cong

Combining recency of ordering time and different sources from upstream manufacturers to predict the materials demand of downstream manufacturers
H.H. Huang

Material science and engineering

The influence of rectangular grooved labyrinth seals on the flow characteristics of valve spools
W.H. Jia, C.B. Yin, G. Li & M.H. Sun

Experimental and simulation study on the interlaminate properties of fiber reinforced thermoplastic resin composites
S.C. Zhao, Z.Q. Wang & B. Yang

The lubrication state analysis of automobile drive axles
Y.C. Wang, Y.K. Zhang & Y.H. Lu

Electrocatalytic dechlorination of 2,3,6-trichlorophenol in aqueous solution on graphene modified palladium electrode
J.W. Zhang & Z.R. Sun

Research on the technology of preparation of modified starch with a high degree of substitution
Y.J. Tan, H. Wang, J. Ma, S.R. Liu, Q. Huo & W.Y. Li

Study of Shen-625 block underground string anti-corrosion technology under reduced oxygen air drive
F. Yan

A model of calculating radon and its daughters’ concentrations in the chamber stope of underground uranium mines
Y.J. Ye, X.T. Dai & D.X. Ding

The structure and thermal properties of Nd and Ce-doped Gd2Zr2O7 pyrochlore for nuclear waste forms
S.Z. Chen, D. Huang, L. Fan, X.R. Lu, D.S. Ma, W. Ren & L. Bian

Based on nanofiltration membrane separation of monovalent salt and divalent salt performance study
D.Y. Hu, J.H. Ma, Y. Liu, X.J. Kang, K. Zhang & F. Bian

Research progress in the application of nanomaterials for the adsorption of heavy metal ions in wastewater
J.W. Gao

A study on the adsorption characteristics of straw semi-char
R.R. Xiao, W. Yang & G.S. Yu

Decomposition of azo dye brilliant red B by radio frequency discharge plasma in aqueous solution
J.X. Wang, S.L. Zhang & L. Wang

Denitrification characters of an aerobic heterotrophic nitrification-denitrification Bacterium, Pseudomonas pseudoalcaligenes YY24
J.H. Sun, G.J. Wang, J.H. Sun, M.M. Sun, J.H. Li, C.X. Chen, S.J. Zhou & X.T. Qiao

An efficient thermo- and electrochemical method to produce hydrogen from coal using a molten NaOH reactor
L.Y. Zhu, B.H. Wang, H.J. Wu, L.N. Zhu & Y. Jiang

Preparation and performance of Buton rock-modified asphalt waterproof coating
S. Zhao, Q. Wu, F. Yu, P. Ma & D.J. Guo

Pilot-scale hybrid biological fixed-film process for treating PVC wastewater
J.B. Zhou, Y. Liu & Z.J. Zhang

A study on the process of preparing dehydrated instant rice by enzymatic hydrolysis
C.Y. Xi, M.N. Cui & W.Y. Zhang

Effects of controlled release and stabilized fertilizers application on soil nitrogen nutrition and related enzyme activities of Bougainvillea glabra cultivation
Y. Shi, M. Zhao & M. Li

Ultraviolet light–assisted synthesis of reduced graphene oxide–Bi2WO6 composites with enhanced photocatalytic water oxidation activity
J. Liu, Y. Li & J. Ke

Improved sulfur resistance of cathode in PEMFC by the addition of Pd to the Pt/C catalyst
Y. Zhang, J. Fu & Z.X. Wang

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Yeping Wang, born in Jiangsu province, China, obtained a master's degree at the Mechanics department of Shanghai Jiaotong University in 1986. After graduation, he taught at Tongji University's School of Mechanical Engineering, and in December 2000 obtained professorship. Prof. Wang is mainly engaged in mechanic design and fabrication, tribology related education, science research and social work. In April 2014, he served as assistant dean and member of academic committee in school of mechanical engineering, Tongji University. At present, he has over 100 EI indexed papers and 23 SCI indexed papers .

Shiquan Zhou was born in Zhuozi, Inner Mongolia in 1965. He has long been engaged in the research of oil and gas exploitation and sustainable development. He has published more than 50 papers in various domestic and foreign academic journals, 19 of which are published by core academic journals, 3 of which are indexed by EI.